I need a title… (Week 37)

Hi from Monday!

I didn’t sleep really well last night. I couldn’t get to sleep when I went to bed, so after an hour of trying I came back out and watched another episode of Downton Abby. Then I tried going to bed again. I woke up at some point in the middle of the night and moved out to the sofa and started M*A*S*H. I fell asleep watching a couple episodes, then when I woke up I moved back to bed.

I think I woke up when Fiks kissed me goodbye, I don’t really remember. I woke up with my alarm and moved to the sofa with a bowl of cereal and turned M*A*S*H back on.

I didn’t want to wake up, I just wanted to stay dozing on the sofa. But I did get up and got myself dressed and ready for dog training. I grabbed the last load of dirty laundry and headed out and downstairs and started the last load as I was leaving.

I got to the park before anyone else, so I parked in the middle and waited for a few minutes before Poppa showed up with Lumi. We let him sniff around for a little bit and then after he went to the bathroom, I took a hold of Lumi and then cars started rolling by. I was doing fine until Lumi bit my stomach and the dog trainer showed up. I just didn’t know how bad until later.

The dog training went well, I think. It was a new environment with new things going on all around, like other dogs, people running, cars coming by. Poppa did really well with him, and I had the remote control for the E-collar so I would use the vibration function on him when the cars went by. They don’t like vibration, dogs, not the cars. We had him sitting and everything.

We went to leave and I jumped in the truck and Poppa was in his car. When I pulled the seat belt across my stomach it hurt, so I pulled up my shirt and yep, he’d bit me and broken skin. We cleaned it with some bedadine and then put some anti bacterial cream on it to stave off infection.

But I went and saw Gucci when I first got there. He was pretty happy to see me. His ears were forward when I approached. He kept them up until I lifted up the camera and tried to take his photo.

I went inside and said hi to Mom, who was watching the news. Then I had to be the bad guy and put Lumi in his kennel for half an hour for him to calm down and not tear the house apart. Mom was over the news so we started watching Downton Abby together, we got through 2 episodes before I felt tired enough I had to leave. But first Poppa and I pasted Gucci. I went inside and said bye to Mom, then I came back outside and looked for Poppa to say goodbye.

I came home and moved the laundry and put the garbage cans away and then I turned on Downton Abby again. I managed to take a nap while watching it, I just didn’t do it when I wanted.

Remember last week, when I showed you those mindfulness journals that I got? Well, I filled a couple pages out.

I jumped back and forth between Downton Abby and Grey’s Anatomy for the rest of the evening. Fiks came home and jumped on the computer to be with his second gaming group. I made dinner of macaroni which filled both of us up. I tried cooking the cookies that we had sitting in the fridge, they turned out burnt and hard as rocks. They weren’t cooking properly, still really squishy all around even after the time had gone. I can normally bake fine, I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time with it lately.

When it was time I went and got cleaned up for bed and kissed Fiks goodnight. I read my book for a little while and then I managed to fall asleep. I slept okay for a while. Woke up wide awake at 2, moved to the sofa and watched M*A*S*H for a bit and then when I started to fall asleep I crawled back into bed.

I begrudgingly woke up around 7, grabbed my bowl of cereal and turned M*A*S*H back on. I watched that for a little while and then I went and grabbed the clean clothes out of the dryer and brought them up. I got dressed for work and waited for my doctors appointment. It went fine.

I left to go to my parents house after feed Union Jack some breakfast. I swung by my Friday bank and handed the phone back over. Then I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci, who was waiting for me at the gate.

I gave him his hello treats and then I went in and took off his blanket and put on his fly mask. I saw that his water was really low and dirty, Poppa and I were going to have to change it today. I got inside and get met by Lumi barking at me, and Mom was watching Dr Pol. I asked where Poppa was and she said he’d gone to the doctor for the thing on the back of his neck. I told Mom about Gucci’s water, and she said she’d help me with it, so she ran upstairs to get dressed.

When she came back downstairs we went out and took care of Gucci’s water. We poured it on the tree on the driveway then we took it over to the house to clean it out. After getting the bucket clean we put it back into his stall. Mom stayed with him and I turned the water on. I tried to play with Lumi but he just kept running away with his toy, and I wasn’t in the mood to play that game.

When we were done with Gucci I made myself a sandwich and then sat down and watched Dr Pol. I called the vet up to make an appointment for Gucci to get his fall shots and his sheath cleaned next week. He’ll love me for that. But I want to get more information about the shots for his bad knee. We watched Dr Pol until it was time for me to leave for work. I said goodbye to Mom, Lumi and Gucci and headed down to work.

I got there fine, even got a good parking spot. I sat and read my book and listened to music until it was time to head in for my shift. It was a busy day, never not a time when we didn’t have a line, and I was the one letting people into the branch again. It made it a short shift since it was just go go go all day. I was sure we wouldn’t be able to shut the doors on time with the line that we had, but we were. We still had people inside the branch, but that’s it.

I came home and got cleaned up and waited for Fiks to get home. We were talking about cooking steaks tonight but it didn’t work out. Fiks needed to get home and work on his management program stuff. So that’s what he’s doing right now while I work on this and watch Downton.

When it was time I went to bed and read my book. I fell asleep for about 1-2 hours, then I was up for 3, crawled back into bed and tried to sleep. That didn’t work so I moved out to the sofa and dozed watching M*A*S*H. I woke up when Fiks came through the living room. I went and got dressed and ready for the very long day I was about to have. We sat and watched the news for a little bit and then we took off down the mountain.

When I got to the grocery store I turned on some Steve Martin music and went shopping. There were lots of cars in the parking lot, and there was a crew there, I think they were doing something with the ceiling because there were ceiling panels on the ground. I walked around and got our stuff for the week, and then I checked out.

I went over to my parents house to say hi to Gucci. Lumi started running after the truck and so Poppa grabbed onto him and started doing some of the training stuff we learned about on Monday. I went and grabbed a couple carrots out of the truck and walked over and said hi to Gucci, who stopped eating breakfast to say hi.

I then grabbed the groceries for Mom and Poppa and took them inside the house. I said hi to Mom who was watching the news, and then Poppa came running in after Poppa took him for his walk. We sat and watched the news for a while, and then Mom went and got dressed. Poppa and I ran outside and pasted Gucci and made up his buckets for the next couple of days.

We went into the backyard to give Gucci his water and we played with Lumi for a while. I started getting tired so I waited for Mom to come down to say goodbye, then I went and said goodbye to Poppa. He said he wanted to do some training again, so he did that as I drove away after saying goodbye to Poppa.

I came home and unloaded the groceries and flopped on the sofa for a while watching an episode of Downton. Then I moved over to Disney+ for the international movie of the week, Cinderella.

We did our video chat and they had a bonus person of Mum, so I said hi to Mum, and then we did the count down to pressing play. My Cousin and I messaged each other throughout the movie, and then we kind of fell off afterwards.

I called the doctors office asking for help from a clinical pharmacist, but none were available. So the lady took my number down for me to get a call back. I turned Downton back on and finally started to fall asleep and then my doctors office called. There isn’t much we can do with my medicine, I’m on my max dose on most of them. We’re staggering the medicine on one of them, so hopefully I’ll be able to sleep until Monday, when I talk to my doctor.

I remained flopped on the sofa for most of the rest of the day. I puttered around on Facebook for a bit, updating my profile and cover photo. Nothing important, just something fun. I finished putting the groceries away and then I just flopped on the sofa again. I’m so tired, I just want to sleep.

When Fiks got home I asked him if he had time to BBQ tonight, and although he wanted to he didn’t have the time. He needed to get work stuff done. So I cooked dinner while he was busy getting cleaned up after work. I’d say dinner turned out pretty successful. Teriyaki steak with broccoli and onions.

We sat and watched some YouTube videos while we ate dinner. When it was time I went to bed and took the medicine increase that we talked about and was able to pass the f out.

I slept. I actually slept last night. No waking up in the middle of the night. Rolling over and seeing that its 6 am and hearing Fiks’ alarm go off was the first time I have slept a whole night through since… God… I don’t even know when. Its been that long of waking up in the middle of the night. After Fiks kissed me goodbye I tossed and turned the rest of the morning, so I decided to get up and have my bowl of cereal as I watched M*A*S*H. I dozed again while watching M*A*S*H. I called Mom and talked to her for a little bit, before hanging up so I could get dressed for work.

I swung by the feed store on the way to my parents house and picked up the bags of feed we needed and a couple of bales of alfalfa. Oh, and a bag of his favorite horse cookies. Then I headed down to my parents house. When I pulled up my sister was already there, joy of joys. I went and said hi to Gucci first, and took off his blanket and put on his fly mask. Then I went inside the house.

Mom and my Sister were talking when I walked in. Lumi came bouncing over to me to say hi, then he went back to doing what whatever he was doing. My Sister had brought my parents cookies (galore!), 3 different kinds. I had a cookie or two when they were offered up. I said hi to Poppa, who said he’d help me back the truck up to unload the hay and feed. We grabbed some carrots to spoil the boy with.

Once I was backed up and we were unloading my Sister let Lumi out to chase ball for a little while. Mom came over and gave Gucci a carrot or two and we talked about rearranging the hay barn to get 20 bales inside. I think we can do it, we just have to move things about and get another couple of pallets to keep the hay off the ground.

We all went back inside and then Poppa and I pasted Gucci who did very well for it. Then I helped Poppa with some computer things, and my Sister left shortly after. I made myself and Poppa a sandwich and turned on the TV to Dr. Pol. Mom and I watched that until it was time for me to leave for work.

I got to work on time so I was able to sit and read my book while I listened to music for a while. Then when it was time I went into the bank and started my shift. It wasn’t too bad today, not nearly as crazy as Tuesday. So there was down time between members and I wasn’t in charge of the door the whole day. Yay!

When work was done I came home and got changed and ready for class. I jumped onto the laptop because I figured Fiks would need the big one for his work stuff. He came home a little bit before halfway with my class. We didn’t really have any dinner in the house besides the meals, and I still had another hour of class to go. So he was awesome and ordered Chinese for dinner. So once I was done with class I ate that. Then it was time for me to take a shower and go to bed.

I slept again last night, not nearly as well as the night before, but I slept. And again, it was glorious. I was kind of groggy when I woke up and got ready for work. But I managed to make my breakfast and pack my lunch and get out on time. So I couldn’t have been too groggy.

When I got to my parents house Gucci had just gotten breakfast and Poppa had to run and catch Lumi before he chased my car. He did what the trainer said to do while Lumi was going bonkers. I went over and said hi to Gucci, who stopped eating his breakfast to say hi to me.

Poppa had taken Lumi into the field for a walk to get him away from my truck. I went inside and said hi to Mom and sat down and had my bagel for breakfast. Poppa and Lumi came back inside and visited with us for a while. Then Poppa and I went outside to paste Gucci, who did really good. We took off his blanket and put on his fly mask, and then we went back inside.

Mom went upstairs to get dressed while we had gone out to take care of Gucci. So I went up and said goodbye to her when it was time and I said goodbye to Poppa and Lumi. I went and said goodbye to Gucci who took some cookies from me.

I got to work on time and I sat and read my book and listened to music until it was time for me to start my shift. I waked in and filled up my mug with hot water (and burned myself a little bit), and regretted adding the sugar with this particular tea blend. It was sweet enough, it didn’t need any sugar. But the day went well, even though I did get attacked by a vicious….

Leaf! on my lunch. Oh, there was a yelling match between a kid and a older biker dude about wearing a mask. The biker guy came inside and asked for a mask because he had forgotten one, so the greeter gave him a mask. Then the yelling started. So I went outside and usually that’s enough to calm people down, but it didn’t in this situation. And I didn’t know what to do to calm it down for some reason. My brain just went blank.

Then we almost had an accident in the parking lot. It was another case of I wasn’t out there to see what started it. I came out to the laying of a horn and woman screaming out of her window “You stupid bitch!” and then burning rubber and taking off. But the rest of the shift went fine if I remember properly.

Oh! My teacher opened my class early, so we are able to browse around and introduce ourselves before class. I am super excited about this. I was reading over class stuff on my lunch and my break, and even a little during work, only when it was slow.

Very exciting. I came home and got cleaned up and then I jumped on the computer and did some of the stuff for class. Like I read through the class syllabus and took the quiz (10/10)!, and did the little introduction about myself and my animals and a couple other things.

I’ve got to read through the modules before Monday, which isn’t that hard. Monday is just the official first day of class and that’s when the quizzes open up. I need to get in the habit of checking everyday and participating as much as I can. Fiks came home while I was working on reading the modules, so I ran and pulled the truck out of the garage so he could back his car into the garage so I’d be the first one out in the morning.

We did Chinese left overs for dinner tonight. Fiks jumped onto his computer and I turned on The Legend of Korra.

So we watched a couple of Korra and then when it was time I headed to bed. I sat and read my book for a while and then I started to fall asleep. It felt like as soon as I turned off my light Fiks came to bed. Then I started having leg spasms, so I went and soaked in the tub for a little bit. I tried going back to sleep but I couldn’t get there without my legs spasming and I didn’t want to wake Fiks up so I moved to the sofa and watched some M*A*S*H and slept there for a while.

I eventually moved back to bed and slept the rest of the night there in relative peace, until my evil alarm clock went off. I didn’t want it to be that time already, but I made my way out of bed and got dressed for work. I kissed Fiks goodbye and then I made myself breakfast and lunch and went off to work.

The offramp for my freeway exit was shut, so I had to go all the way down the mountain and turn around and get it from the North Bound side. I’m glad I left early because I still wasn’t late for work after the detour. I got dressed and into my booth on time and settled myself in and waited. There was a ‘tournament?’ on the calendar for today. I didn’t get any golfers until 10 am, then they started rolling in.

The day went fairly well, I sat and finished my book and listened to my podcasts. I couldn’t make up my mind on what to read after I finished my book so I watched an episode of Downton Abby while I waited for my shift to finish.

When it was time I left for Gucci and he seemed happy to see me. He had entertainment all afternoon though, the neighbor next door was doing some grading on his hill.

Little did I know that Mom, Poppa and Lumi had just gotten home 5 minutes before I showed up. Poppa was getting ready for church, so Mom helped me paste the boy. Then I made up a couple of buckets and gave him one along with his flake of hay. Mom said I had to put the blanket on before I left, so I just did it while I was in there. I wasn’t going to hand out for too much longer. I walked her inside and worked on something Poppa wanted me to work on before I made my way home.

I got home and Fiks was on the computer, he showed me the new trailer for the new Dune movie (very cool looking) and then I went and got cleaned up. Once I was cleaned up I asked what we were doing for dinner, and we decided to do one of our meals. Mini pork pesto pizzas. We had a hick up along the way, but we got it all made. And it turned out really well.

I then flopped on the sofa and turned on some Korra as I worked on the computer for a little while before gaming starts. Then I noticed that my Sitch Fix box had showed up, so I went and opened it up and I got my LBD, and another nice dress. I think I’m going to send the shirts and the pants back, I’m not really fond of them. My Fix(er)? does a really good job for me, but she’s get to hit the mark for me taking the whole box, gotten really close once, but no.

I showed Fiks my LBD and he really liked it. I went and tried on the second dress and came out to show him and he was holding his head like it hurt. He went and flopped on the sofa to close his eyes for a while. I turned Downton back on and started goofing around on the computer again. I woke him up close to gaming and asked if he wanted me to cancel gaming. We ended up doing that. We watched some videos until it was time for me to go to bed.

I slept last night. Until 430. I slept. I woke up for a little bit but I was able to go back to sleep until my alarm went off at 615. I snoozed it for 5 and then I got up and got dressed for work. I kissed Fiks goodbye and moved into the kitchen where I made my breakfast and packed my lunch. Then I was off to work.

I got there early today, even by my standards. But that’s okay. I got myself settled in with my podcasts and my book. I had a hard time focusing on my book. I went to the Disney dress shop and ordered a new dress for me, I’m really excited. I never showed you the pretty rose my coworker picked/received during the week.

My day was fairly uneventful. No one was angry with me today, so that was nice. I turned on Downton Abby after lunch, just totally unable to focus on my book. I wasn’t retaining what I was reading, thankfully it was for fun and not for school. I still have school work I have to do…

Anyway, when it was time I headed over to my parents house to take care of Gucci. I went over to say hi and Poppa came outside and met me at Gucci.

I gave him his hello treats and then Poppa and I went inside to make up his medicine. He was really good for pasting, and then we gave him a bucket and his flake of hay. We put Lumi in his kennel and off to my sister’s house we went. Well, I dropped him off at my sisters and then came home and took a shower and got into my second dress from my Fix. When I showed up at my sisters they were like ‘someone got all dressed up’ “All my shorts are in the wash” (It was 93 at my sisters house), and I wanted to be cool.

We did garlic burgers for dinner, and my whole family was there. Including my brother and his little family. It was my niece’s first time cooking s’mores, didn’t get any golden browning over my sisters gas BBQ, but they still got hot so that is all that matters. It was nice seeing everyone at the same time again.

Alright, I’m going to call it a night. We still have adulting to do (laundry, garbage, ect), but we’ll do that later.

See you next week

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