It is time… (Week 38)

Hi from Monday!

I slept okay last night. Until 430, then I woke up. I stayed in bed with my eyes closed, hoping to fall asleep again, but I was unsuccessful. Fiks didn’t have a good night sleep either. Poor guy only got like an hour before he had to go into work so he called out sick.

I eventually moved out to the sofa and grabbed a bowl of cereal and turned on M*A*S*H. I ended up dozing for a little while, so that was nice. When it was close to time I went and got dressed for dog training and said hi to Fiks. He still hadn’t gotten any more sleep, poor guy.

My Sister picked me up and then we headed down to the park. We got there early, like we planned, but Poppa forgot the new collar, so he gave us Lumi and turned back to go home and grab it. So my Sister decided to take Lumi for a walk around one of the buildings at the park. I was nervous about doing this tho. But then the dog trainer showed up, and then Poppa showed back up. I put on his collar and then the lesson started.

We started with loading and unloading in the car. He has to figure out on his own to sit before he exits the car, and then sit after we unload him and stand on his leash. We did this 4 or 5 time before we moved onto walking like a good normal dog. That we had some issues with. But he and Poppa tried their hardest, so you can’t really complain about that.

We went to my parents house and while we waited for Poppa and Lumi to show up I went over and said hi to Gucci. I explained to him I was very sorry I didn’t have any cookies, but I did see a slice of watermelon to give him.

He took the whole thing and then he spat it back out. I offered it to him again and he didn’t want it. So I put it back in the baggie for later. There was a carrot waiting for him on the lid, so I gave him that and he seemed happy with that.

Poppa and Lumi showed up and we did some more training. Like he wasn’t allowed out of the car until he sat on his own. It took him a couple minutes to figure that out, but he did. We did it a couple more times and then my Sister walked him around the property, changing directions whenever he pulled the other way. Took quite a while to get into the house.

Mom was up when we went inside. We put Lumi in his kennel and then we all had some cookies for breakfast. My Sister started looking for dryers for my Mom, because her current one is dying. Its been limping along for a couple of months now.

So she worked on that and I flopped on the sofa for a while. After a while Poppa and I went and pasted Gucci, who was a very good boy. Even though he did stick his nose in the hay bag to avoid getting pasted. Then we made up his buckets for the next few days. When Poppa and I went back inside my Sister was ready to leave. So we said goodbye and drove home.

I helped my sister break into/open her new safe. Man, that took a lot of muscles. We had to cheat and use the key to open the door, because I couldn’t get it to budge after moving the handle. But we got it open! So that’s the important thing.

I came home afterwards and worked on my class that opened up today. I did the modules and the reading. Did the discussions and submitted my first assignment. I don’t know how I did yet, but I’m sure I’ll find out. So I’ve gotten everything done for the first week. Our new assignments get handed out on Thursdays nights. But getting my brain back into school mode is interesting. I’ve been away for so long, I’m having a hard time expressing myself properly.

I get to go and pick up and original model Spirit in a little while. I can’t find the original anywhere, and she’s only asking $10 for it, can’t really pass that up. He’s got a little scratch/chip on his jaw, but that doesn’t really matter to me.

The handoff went well, and now I am finally an owner of an Original Spirit Breyer horse. He’s not bad looking for being an 18 year old toy/model.

After getting Spirit I went and got my truck washed for the first time in forever. There were 2 cars a head of me, but it wasn’t too long of a wait.

Afterwards I came home and put the garbage cans away and moved the laundry around. I stuffed my Stitch Fix clothes that I didn’t like into the mail box. Then I flopped on the sofa and watched some Downton Abby. I moved the laundry once and then I ended up falling asleep on the sofa for a little while.

I woke up when Fiks sent a text telling me he was coming home. So my plan of cooking dinner didn’t really work considering it’d take roughly an hour. He did Chinese and I did left over garlic burger (nom!). Fiks joined his other role playing group and I just was a blob on the sofa. When it was time I went and got cleaned up and crawled into bed. I slept until 330 then I just tossed and turned. I think I managed to fall asleep when Fiks was getting ready for work.

I got up and had my bowl of cereal (finishing off the milk), and I turned on M*A*S*H. I managed to doze for a little while and then I got up and got dressed for work. When I got to my parents house I went over and said hi to Gucci and gave him his hello treats.

I went into his stall and took of his blanket and Lumi came bounding up on the end of his leash with Mom on the other end. She gave him carrots while I was inside and then I put on his fly mask. I took over walking Lumi because he was bouncing around and we went back inside. Poppa was busy shaving when I showed up, so when he was done he said he was going to get cleaned up and then we’d do dog training.

I went out and walked Gucci, who was very happy to get out. He was moving nice and forward, just like he did when he was younger. We did the laps and then we went and walked down to and around the ‘mountain’. Afterwards I went back inside and then it was soon Mom’s turn for a shower. So Poppa and I went and did the dog training.

We started off with the car training. Making him sit down under his own free will before he gets outside the car. We did that a couple times and then he and Poppa did some laps on the driveway. Then we moved into the back yard and put some toys down as a distraction. He sniffed, but he didn’t stop. They did this a few times and then Poppa wanted to see if Lumi would walk by without taking a treat. He failed, so I had to buzz him. He reluctantly let it go, then he avoided it on the next couple of passes. We gave Lumi the treat when we were done.

Afterwards we did sandwiches for lunch and then Poppa and I went and pasted Gucci for the day. Then we just sat and watched some Dr Pol until it was time for me to leave.

While I was at my parents house I got my grades back on my assignments. I’m so far running at 100% on all my assignments, quizzes, and discussions. But its hard getting my brain back in school mode, which I think I’ve already complained about this week.

But when it was time I left for work and got there on time and even got a good parking spot. I sat and read my book and listened to the radio while I was waiting for my shift to start. My shift wasn’t too bad. Wasn’t really busy but I was left manning the door again. I didn’t get to listen to a lot of my podcasts.

I came home after work was done and turned on the oven so it would get to temperature while I was busy getting cleaned up. I called Mom and asked her for help on a couple things and then I started cooking. I think I did good considering I was flying solo. I forgot to take a picture tho.

Fiks came home after he was done with work. He grabbed his dinner and then he sat down and started doing more module work on his computer. He has a very tight deadline to get things done, and he’s worried that he won’t complete it in time. Fingers crossed that he will succeed.

I continued to watch Downton Abby until it was bedtime. I didn’t sleep that great last night. I had a hard time falling asleep, so I put on M*A*S*H and then I ended falling asleep until 3ish. But I was able to fall back to sleep so that was nice. I woke up with Fiks and got ready to go to the grocery store.

I had a problem with my headset and my phone connecting, so I rebooted the phone while I was walking around. Then it started working. It was busy today, so it was weird. They opened up a second check out lane because there were so many of us.

After getting checked out I headed over to my parents house. Poppa and Lumi were in the field and Lumi started barking at me. Gucci was staring down the driveway and spun around and cantered into his stall. He started tossing his head and prancing in place. It was nice to see him so active.

I gave Gucci a hello carrot for him to munch on, and then Poppa and Lumi came around the barn. I said hi to them both, and then Poppa and I gave Gucci breakfast. I gave Gucci his bucket and Poppa gave him his flake of hay. He calmed down after getting his bucket.

We all went back inside and turned on the news. Mom came down after a little while and then I got a call from the vet, saying that she had an emergency call, and could I reschedule. I said yes without checking my calendar and hung up. Then I realized once the phone call was done I forgot to order some medicine, so I called her back and ordered the medicine. The vet is going to bring it out tomorrow.

Poppa and I took Lumi out for some training. So we started with the car training again. Loading up, waiting for him to sit, unload him when he does sit, stepping on his leash and waiting for him to sit again. Poppa did a few walking laps with him, and he didn’t do as well as yesterday, but he still did well. We took him into the back yard with the toys and the treats to see if he’d walk by with picking anything up. He did okay with the toys. He had a hard time with the treats.

After walking and training the dog I went and took Gucci for a walk, because he was banging the gate while we were out with Lumi.

I had to tell him to “Stand majestically” for a photo after those duds he gave me over breakfast. We did our laps and he was really good, and then we walked down the field to the ‘mountain’, and he turned into a total stubborn brat. He had to eat at all the dead grass and a new weed I didn’t recognize so I wouldn’t let him eat it. Then he just became more stubborn and sighed at me every time I asked him to move forward. I eventually got him back to his stall where I fly sprayed him and put his fly mask on.

Mom helped me paste him because Poppa was having problems on the computer. We hung out for a little bit and watched some Dr Pol and then I made my way home.

My Home Chef box had already been delivered, so that was nice. So I was able to put all my cold groceries away at the same time. We have shrimp, chicken, and steak dishes this week. After putting the stuff away I turned on Downton Abby and watched that for a little bit and worked on this until it was time for international movie night.

We did our hellos and then we started the movie. I was bad and ended up dozing through part of it, sorry C. But I woke up and we started chatting again, and then Poppa asked for help at my sisters house. So I went over there and we moved her new dishwasher in and her old dishwasher out and into the back of the truck.

I started going through my textbooks and saw that there was a bad photo of horse anatomy. I am going to look for a better photo in my horse books and upload it for the class. But all of my anatomy books are at my parents house. Then I started at looking what kind of injections horses can get in their knees, because I want to put one in Gucci’s bad knee. There are a few knew ones that I haven’t heard of, but they sound like what my vet was talking about a while ago. So I’ll have questions tomorrow.

I told Poppa when it was time to leave for him to get home to take Mom to NitWits. I spent the rest of my afternoon working on this and doing some checking of the assignments. I kept Downton Abby on so I’d have some background noise and something to watch.

I’m working on this from Saturday, so I’m not really sure what we did for dinner. But we watched some YouTube videos and when it was time I went to bed.

I had a hard time sleeping. I woke up and jumped on my phone and tried to do the discussions for school and moved to the sofa for a while and turned on M*A*S*H. I remember waking up back in bed, and asking Fiks what time it was. “Early, go back to sleep”. So I did for a little while. Then I got dressed for work and took off for my parents house.

I got there after breakfast and said hi to Gucci, who seemed happy to see me. I went inside and said hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi, and soon after I showed up my Sister. She was going to take Lumi for a beach walk but her shoulder hurt so we did dog training instead. We did in and out of the car and some walking. Then when we went to do distraction training the vet showed up (early!) so I ran and got Gucci out.

I brought him out and I was very confused because they started pulling out the teeth floating stuff. I said that I didn’t think his teeth done, just his fall shots and his sheath. The vets inspected and agreed that he didn’t need them done. So they moved onto the sheath cleaning. At first he did fine, then he started kicking at the vet. So she gave him some tranquilizer and then asked me to hold his knee.

I picked up his bad one so he wouldn’t be balancing on it, but he wouldn’t stand properly for me. But if I kept my hand on the back of his knee before the vet started reaching for his sheath he wouldn’t kick. If she did get there before I did he’d just kick at her. After a little while she got the cleaning done and got the beans out, and he was happy. But the tranquilizer had also kicked in so he did some big snorty breaths to tell me he was drunk. So I took at his food away from him just to be sure he wouldn’t accidently choke on anything.

After I had taken everything away I went inside and asked them to give it back to him in an hour or so. I went on my way to go get my hair cut. I got there early but there was no one at the salon. So I waited until my hair stylist got there. Then we got to work. We cut 3-3.5 inches off my hair, but it still goes into a pony tail, yay! Then we colored it red and I cooked for a little while and then we washed it out and flat ironed it after blowing it dry.

When it was done I left and headed to work. I had a while ahead of me so I ran into World Market and looked for something to drink and ended up getting a whole lot of chocolate. Too bad it later melted in the truck 😦 But I had a good lunch, so that’s what matters.

The shift went fine. There was someone at the door for most of the shift. He likes being at the door too, and he’s really nice and easy to talk to for most of the time. He’s a part time student at the local college, so we talk online school stuff.

After work I went over to my Sister’s really quick to get some dinner and show them my hair cut. They really liked it. They gave me a bowl of pasta to take home. I came home and got changed and logged into class. It was the last class of the session, and we only had 22 people show up. When the class started it was over 70 people.

While I was in class I didn’t really pay attention. I wanted to work on my stuff for my vet class, so I logged in there and worked on that homework and assignments. I got 2 of them done. I have to wait for a reply to get one assignment fully done, and I’m not sure on how I want to proceed with the third. But I’ll get it done before its due, so that’ll be nice.

Fiks came home while I’m still in class and he made himself dinner. We switched computers when I was done. He worked on his management stuff and I flopped on the sofa and I think we watched a couple episodes of Korra. When it was time I went to bed.

I slept okay last night. I only woke up once and was able to roll over and go back to sleep. I woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep so I just got dressed for work, made my breakfast and packed my lunch and headed over to my parents house. I got there and gave Gucci his 2 cookies and then Poppa gave him his bucket and his hay. I took Lumi inside with me and we watched the news for a little while until Mom came down.

After Mom came down we kept watching the news until around 8, then Poppa and I went and pasted Gucci who was a pretty good boy for it. Then we went back inside. Poppa went upstairs to go get cleaned up and I left for work.

I got to work on time and got my parking spot. I sat and read my book for a while and then I got dressed and headed into work. The day went fine, lots of people using the coin machine today. But no near fights or yelling matches or anything with anyone today, so that was nice. Neither people who were the greeters were super chatty today. Until the end of the day, then we talked about me going back to school and how I was feeling burned out and how he was feeling burned out too, but he wasn’t sure what he’d do next.

I came home and got cleaned up and then started working on dinner. Shrimp Penne casserole. I got the pasta cooking and most of the prep done while Fiks was on his was home, and he helped me with the shrimp. It turned out really good.

I got some sad news from my parents while dinner was cooking. The man who worked on their new kitchen and living room passed away while on his fishing trip. I was really upset when I got the news because I would interact with him every weekend still. I’m going to miss him and his sense of humor.

For dinner we watched more Korra and then when it was time I went to bed. I slept fairly well last night, only waking up a couple of times but I was able to roll over and go back to sleep. I snoozed my alarm once without realizing it. So I got up with the second alarm and woke Fiks up with me. I got ready for work and into my uniform, and then I went and made up my breakfast and packed my lunch. I kissed Fiks goodbye while he was waiting for his tea water to boil, and I took off.

I got to work early, and got my stuff together and headed into my little booth. I got myself settled in and read my book and listened to my podcasts. I logged people in and lifted up the gate, and didn’t have anyone run in to it today. Makes the day so much easier when that happens. I finished one book and switched to another that I got really into really quick, so it made the afternoon go by.

After work I went over to my parents to say hi to Gucci. He wanted his cookies but wouldn’t give me a nice face, so we get a grumpy one instead.

Of course when I put the phone away I got his ears forward. Poppa was outside puttering so we went in together and I said hi to Mom and Lumi. Poppa and I went and pasted Gucci pretty quickly, and then we went and made up his buckets for the next couple of days.

I said my goodbyes and made my way home and beat Fiks here. It was really warm so I turned on the A/C on and watched and episode of Downton Abby. After the episode I went and got cleaned up, then I cleaned up the kitchen. Fiks texted me and told me he was on his way home, so once he got home we ordered pizza for dinner and waited for gaming to start.

Gaming went fine, it was fun. Apparently there was an argument after I left to go to bed, but yeah, when I was playing I was having fun. I got to bed a little late, but I managed to sleep thought the night! I SLEPT! I ACTUALLY SLEPT! Until 6am, then I just tossed and turned until my alarm went off. Then I got up and dressed for work, kissed Fiks goodbye and got my breakfast made and packed my lunch and took it off for work.

I got to work right on time. I settled myself in and read my book and listened to my podcasts for a while. I worked on a rough draft for a response for part of my homework, and once I was happy with it I typed it up on my phone. But I logged vehicles in between typing it in.

The day went fine. Nothing happened minus finishing my book then starting the next one. Oh, and I figured out the crappy little A/C unit they gave us. But I spent the last hour or so watching Downton Abby. I went over to my parents house afterwards and said hi to Gucci. Again, it wasn’t another good photo day.

I went in and said hi to Mom and Lumi, and then to Poppa who came out from his computer. He helped me paste Gucci and then we gave him his dinner with a carrot. I went back inside with Poppa and Mom gave me a tub filled with pasta salad. Nom. And we won’t have to cook while its 95+ degrees outside.

I came home and got cleaned up, then I worked on some class stuff and then we did dinner. We did pyes for dinner and watched and finished The Legend of Korra. I liked the ending, and Fiks told me it was a fight for it. Then we saw that there was a new episode of The Great British Bake Off, so that’s what’s on right now.

We have more stuff to do. Mostly adulting. Laundry and garbage. But we’ll do that after Bake Off.


See you next week

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