I rushed it at the end… (Week 39)

Hi from Monday!

I slept okay last night, I woke up once around 3 but I was able to get back to sleep. I woke up around 7 and unwillingly left the bed and went and got a bowl of cereal and turned on a episode or two of M*A*S*H.

Then I got cleaned up and dressed to go to dog training with Poppa. He beat me to the park, which is fine. We did a little door work and then we waited for the trainer to show up. Dog training went well, we had a lot of cars go by us so we had a lot of practice with cars. He only really flipped out at one car and one dog. So a marked improvement. I had to remind Poppa to take deep breaths and relax, that the car isn’t a big deal.

Then we went back to my parents house and I ran over and said hi to Gucci when I got there.

He was cute today begging for his cookies. Then Poppa came up with Lumi and we did the dog training in the car again. Once he sat we let him out then Poppa stood on his leash and waited for him to sit again. It took a few minutes but he eventually sat on his own. Then we went inside. We let him say hi to Mom and then he got some kennel time to calm down. Mom and Poppa had breakfast and we watched a bit of the news and then we moved onto some Dr. Pol.

During Dr. Pol I went and took Gucci for a walk. We did 2 laps before Mom came out and spoiled him with some carrots. 3 to be precise. We did our 3rd lap and then we walked into the field and around the mountain again. He insisted on eating some dead grass for some reason he only knows why. Then I fly sprayed him and put some cream on his mane and tail. Then I put him away.

I watched a little more Dr. Pol with Mom and then I got up and made Gucci’s medicine and Poppa and I went out and pasted him. He did good for his pasting, so I can’t complain.

I came home soon afterwards and I turned on Downton Abbey for a bit. I made a couple of phone calls, one to a hay delivery service and the other to a website for some support logging back in. I got up to make some lunch and low and behold Fiks came walking through the door. So we watched some YouTube videos while he was here, and when he left I went back to Downton.

I fell asleep during a episode and received a call back for some help with a website login. They didn’t have my new proper name, and then I kept using the wrong thing to log in. But we figured it out in the end. So I can now access my account again, yay! I’m still waiting to hear back from the hay people tho.

I’m being lazy and avoiding bringing the last load of laundry up, but I probably should do it before I need to start cooking dinner. I didn’t get it before cooking dinner. I went from watching Downton to cooking dinner. It turned out pretty well. I think I had the pan too hot for the sauce but I just added more water and it seemed to turn out fine.

The chicken was nice and juicy, the corn bread was nice and… bready, even if it did have bacon on it. Bacon doesn’t agree with me as much as I like it to. I went back to watching Downton while eating, and when Fiks came home I ran down and grabbed the laundry. He is currently gaming with his other group.

I got a phone call from the hay guy. Its 24 bales of hay minimum. So it’ll be pricy but maybe cheaper in the long run. I dunno, I’ll have to talk with Mom and Poppa about it. So I called and talked with Mom and I got an update on our Uncle who is in the Glass Fire zone and is safe right now. So that’s good. We’ve had a few friends who had to evacuate from their house. One of my favorite vineyards is on fire. I’m over this fire season and its only just beginning.

I called and talked to my Other Mother. She has a horse she wants me to come and ride. So we set up a day next week. All Other Mother wants her to do is walk and trot, and apparently she has a fast trot, so she wants to see if I can slow her down. We’ll see next Tuesday,

I slept okay last night, I don’t remember saying goodbye to Fiks this morning. I got up at 545 and he was gone and the light was on. I was so confused. I crawled back into bed and slept for a little while more. Then I made myself a bowl of cereal and turned on M*A*S*H.

When it was time I got dressed for work and swung by the feed store on my way down. I picked up something to give Gucci a bath with next week, and his senior feed. Then I made my way down the mountain. I showed up and gave Gucci his hello treats.

I went inside and took off his blanket then I went inside the house and said hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi. Mom was upstairs getting ready. I told her that I talked to Other Mother and that she wanted me to ride her horse next Tuesday. So we added it to Mom’s calendar. Then we watched some Dr. Pol for a while and then Poppa and I went outside and pasted Gucci who did really well for me.

After we went inside I made myself a sandwich and watched more Dr. Pol with Mom. Poppa played outside with Lumi for a while. Then it was time for me to go to work. I got there on time and was able to get a good parking spot so I sat and read for a while and then I went in and started my shift.

I was there for 5 minutes and another guard came in to work. I said that I needed the coverage next Tuesday, and he said fine and that he’d talk to our boss. I texted her to make sure I gave her the right date and I had, she just had mixed it up. But the rest of my shift went fine.

I came home and got cleaned up and watched an episode of Downton before going and started cooking. I called Mom asking her for help on how to mash potatoes without a potato smasher. She said just cook them like ranch potatoes not again. Then I saw how long it was going to take and how hungry I was, so I just had some left over pizza.

Fiks got home kind of late, and he had left over pizza as well. We watched some YouTube videos for a while and then I went to bed. I had a hard time falling to sleep and staying asleep. I remember waking up and getting up and ask when Fiks when he was coming to bed. Apparently it was only like 1130 or so.

After falling asleep I woke up wide awake at 530, and just as I was about to give up and go to the living room to watch something, Fiks’ alarms went off, so I got out of bed with him and got dressed for the day. We both had breakfast and sat down and watched the news for a little while, then we took off down the mountain.

I got to the grocery store early, earlier than normal. It was pretty empty, but brighter. So I think that they are adding more lights to the store. I managed to find almost everything and got checked out and made my way to my parents house. I got out and said hi to Gucci with 2 cookies.

I went and grabbed his bucket and saw that there were no carrots for him, so I ran to the truck really quick and grabbed a couple from the bag I had just bought. Then I ran back and he came running back to the gate and took the carrot from the bucket in one bite. Monster Paint. I didn’t give him any more hay because he still had half a flake in there.

I grabbed my cold/frozen groceries and took them inside and put the what was frozen in the freezer, then rest in the fridge. I went and checked that the door to upstairs was closed before letting Lumi out of the kennel. I let him out back and then it was just him and me for 15-20 minutes. I watched Mysteries of the Abandoned. I like that show.

Poppa came down first and got Mom’s coffee all ready and going. Five minutes later Mom came down and poured herself coffee and we put it on the news. We watched the news for a while and then Mom went upstairs to get dressed for her nail appointment. Poppa and I ran outside and pasted Gucci and took off his blanket.

Poppa and I watched Mysteries of the Abandoned for a while, and then it was time for me to go. I came home and brought my groceries inside and put the cold and frozen stuff away. I fed Jack breakfast. He’s doing good, and he’s the only fish we’ve had that actually uses the leaf to rest.

I grabbed nibbles for the movie of the week and settled down.

We did the video chat at first, and then we messaged each other throughout the movie. I don’t think I’ve seen it since the plane on our honeymoon, so it was a massive improvement in screen size and sound. Afterwards I turned on Hamilton and started doing some classes for work.

I did a couple of classes and then I quit for the day. Its 95 at home. I ran outside to go to CVS. I got some more melatonin and some hand sanitizer for my truck so I always have some around. I came back home and finished watching Hamilton. Oh, I got new ear buds yesterday, my old head set was having problems with phone calls. I could hear everything perfect, but apparently whenever I spoke it came out all garbled. But here are my pretty new earbuds.

I wore one today at the grocery store and they are very comfortable, once you get them in your ear properly. But I like the sound on them, for media and for phone calls. I’ve yet to figure out the buttons properly, but that will come with time.

Fiks just texted me that he dropped at the station and was heading back out. I told him to let me know when he was going back to the station and then I’d start working on dinner, which I didn’t cook last night. I got hungry after a while and wanted dinner, so I started cooking. Everything turned out fine. The potatoes took a little more time to become roasties, I was going to stick them back in the oven and then I saw that the onions couldn’t take much more cooking.

The steak came out well, just a little more peppery than I usually like. But it didn’t stop me from eating it. Fiks came home while I was in the middle of dinner. I had his plate all wrapped up in foil so things could stay warm. I then put on a couple YouTube videos, and then we watched Criminal on Netfixs. Then it was time for me to get cleaned up and go to bed, because it was still stupid warm.

I slept okay last night, I only woke up once and then I woke up with Fiks’ alarm, but I was able to snuggle down and go back to sleep for a little while. Then I woke up and had my bowl of cereal and watched my M*A*S*H for a while. Then I got dressed and headed down to the feed store. I bought Gucci a new fly spray, shopped for gloves, and then I got 4 pallets for stacking the hay on.

I pulled up to my parents house and Gucci met me at the gate. I had my cookies to say hello and Poppa came out with a extra carrot.

I went inside and took off his blanket and put on his fly mask, and Poppa handed me the carrot to give to him. Then we went inside where I saw Mom was all dressed up and ready to go somewhere. She was going out with my former boss (who’s been her friend since they were kids) to go to a lawyer for some reason. I didn’t want to see her, I can’t deal with her and her mood swings. Its not healthy for me anymore. So Mom and I chatted for a while while she was waiting for her to show up. Once she did I got out of sight and Mom said her goodbyes and left. Lumi went bonkers barking. Then Poppa and I went and unloaded the pallets at the hay barn and we’ll reorganize it on Monday.

Poppa and I shared a sandwich and then we watched Mysteries of the Abandoned for the rest of the time that I was there. When it was time I left for work, but first I swung by the gas station and filled up. Then I got to work. I got there with time to spare and found a good parking spot and it wasn’t too busy today. It was busier than it has been but it wasn’t as bad as the first of the months have been.

I came home and got cleaned up then I started cooking dinner. Scallops and corn chowder. I followed everything the instructions said, but for me, minus the scallops, it was kind of bland and disappointing.

I watched Downton Abbey and waited for Fiks to get home. It was a late night for him, but he got home before I went to bed, so that was nice. He just came home and started working on more work stuff. Poor guy, but I’m proud of him for doing all this work and putting in the long hours for something that he really wants. I kissed him goodnight and went to bed.

I didn’t sleep well last night. Well, I had a hard time falling asleep. I went and jumped in the shower And then I ended up turning on the TV and turned M*A*S*H on to fall asleep too. I woke up and Fiks was in bed next to me and M*A*S*H was over. So I rolled back over and fell to sleep. I woke up with Fiks’ alarm and tried to doze through it and was unsuccessful. So I got up and dressed for work and made my breakfast and packed my lunch and took off to see Gucci.

Poppa was walking Lumi when I came up, and Lumi went bonkers. I walked over and said hi to Lumi, Popppa, and Gucci. Gucci was prancing back and forth in his stall because Lumi was going crazy.

I helped Poppa feed Gucci breakfast and then he took Lumi for his walk. I went inside and had my bagel and chatted with Mom and watched the news. And all they would talk about is how the president has COVID-19. I know I don’t get political, and I’m trying really hard not to, but that’s what you get for not wearing your damn mask!

When it was time I left for work. I got there on time but I didn’t get the good parking spot straight away. I had to wait until another car left to get my good parking spot. But the morning went fine. It wasn’t too busy, I’d say it was a nice and steady pace. I took my breaks and my lunch all without inccident.

I came back from lunch and I was back maybe 5 minutes and one of my supervisors shows up. He has paperwork for me to fill out, which was fine. I was nervous so my hands were kind of shaky. They’ve been kind of shaky lately because of the increase in one of my meds.

So I’m filling out the paperwork and asking questions when this woman comes in and enters the bank without a mask. The greeter stopped her from getting too far in (and she ignores the line) and she starts screaming at the top of her lungs. We’re being discriminatory and breaking the law by making people wear masks. We’re violating her rights. The Sherriff of LA county is in jail due to mask laws. She continues to try to come in and I excuse myself from my supervisor to deal with her. I tell her she’s not coming in without a mask and she needs to wait outside. She actually backs down from me. I don’t know if my supervisor backed me up or what, but she backs up and just keeps yelling. My supervisor calls me back to the paperwork. He said that I handled it really well, and that I could only have improved on was by saying its private property and they can use whatever rules they want.

I’m shaking at this point, and he’s telling me to breathe and just relax. She’s yelling at other members who are waiting to come inside. The greeter goes outside and tells her to stop harassing the members. The manager comes out and deals with her for her transaction. It was just a horrible situation with her yelling. When she finally left she was still going off in her car as she pulled away.

The other members at the bank and the tellers/FSO’s/greeters started talking about her and mocking her. I didn’t partake. Someone was useful and said that she does this every time she comes to the bank. Repeat offender, good to know. I now know how to deal with her. But the rest of the shift went well. Only time I talked about her to my coworkers was when I was writing my report for my boss.

I came home and got cleaned up and waited for Fiks to get home. He was finishing up his paperwork for the management job. So fingers crossed he gets called up for an interview. I went to bed a little while after Fiks came home.

I didn’t sleep really well last night. I woke up wide at like 2 and moved out to the sofa at 3 and turned on M*A*S*H and dozed to that. My alarm went off way too soon for my tastes, and then I went and got Fiks up since we both had to work this morning. I got dressed and went and made my lunch and packed my lunch and then we took off.

I got to work okay, not as early as I like to usually get there, more like being on time. But I got myself settled in and set everything up for me to enjoy my day.

The sky was smoky and the sun was red this morning.

My day was going great. People were stopping for the gate, no one was angry with me. Then half an hour before my shift finishes this bicyclist comes in behind a car and so I don’t see him so I don’t stop the gate from closing. So he peddles straight into it and doesn’t stop and breaks the gate. I’m just about to go after him when I see the gate is halfway off and in the road still and I have a line of cars. So I try and move the arm and couldn’t, so I have to guide everyone around the arm. I finally get the cars cleared out and get to work on the arm and then I go to find the guy. I drive around the lower loop, no one. Go do the upper loop, no one. God damn it! I bet he dived out of the property by the first house to the right. So I have to call the HOA lady and tell her what happened. She wasn’t happy with me, but she never is. I go and look one more time and he’s gone.

I gather up my stuff and take off to my parents house and say hi to Gucci.

I give him his hello cookies and then I went inside and said hi to Mom and Lumi. Mom and I go and paste the boy and then we give him his dinner bucket and I run and put a carrot in his bucket. We make our way inside and I sit down to have a cookie and a bottle of water. Poppa comes home and he gives Gucci some water and I take off to come home.

I beat Fiks home from work and get cleaned up and work on my time card and some of my homework for class. I think that we’re gaming tonight until I get a text from my Brother asking for confirmation that its cancelled. Fiks confirms this. So I’m in less of a hurry to order dinner now. and that’s sushi for the first time in forever. Fiks finally gets home from work and we order sushi and watch some YouTube videos as we wait for our order to be ready.

We pick it up and bring it home and then we watch some more YouTube, and then I turn on Netflix and put on Criminal. I find it an interesting show, but its very quiet. So I have the subtitles on to know what’s going on. Then when its time I go to bed.

I slept better last night, but not by much. I didn’t move out to the sofa, but I thought about it. I got up with my alarm and got ready for work. I kissed Fiks goodbye and move to the kitchen where I make my breakfast and pack my lunch. I feed Jack in the dark and then I take off to work. I got there early today. It was harder today with the gate broken. I did my best to log vehicles in and that’s all that I could do.

I went over to my parents house after work and said hi to Gucci.

I gave him his cookies and then I went inside where I woke up Lumi and Poppa who were both asleep. Mom was the only one up. So Poppa gets up and then we went and pasted Gucci. He did fine, and then we gave him his dinner bucket and some hay. We also made his breakfast bucket and then we went back inside. I say goodbye to go get some hay for tomorrow and then I got home.

I kissed Fiks who was playing Zelda: Into the Wild and then I went and got cleaned up for dinner at my Sisters house tonight. We go over to my Sisters house when it was time and had dinner, which was tacos. My brother came over and did some techy work for my Sister, then he takes off with 11 tacos for him and his family. Then when we are done with dinner we watch the first episode of the new Great British Bake Off. We watched the first episode last Sunday, so we weren’t totally invested in it.

We came home and I took my medicine and then we took out the garbage and recycling and did some of our adulting. Now we’re watching the second episode.

Alright, I’ll see you next week!

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