Enter something witty here…(Week 30)

Hello from Monday!

I slept last night. I slept and only woke up once or twice, I don’t even really remember Fiks leaving in the morning. I woke up with the garbage truck, so I moved outside and grabbed my bowl of cereal and started up Grey’s Anatomy.

After my bowl of cereal I dozed off and on during Grey’s. I got up and got cleaned up and dressed for my day. I headed to the feed store first thing and got all my feed and hay for the next couple of weeks. The person who we usually get the hay with isn’t ready to order more hay yet, so I’m going to do it bale by bale until they’re ready. After that I drive down the mountain to go see Gucci and say hi to my parents. Gucci was happy to see me, he even gave me a nice face for his photo today.

After giving Gucci his hello cookies I went inside and took off his blanket and put on his fly mask. Then I went inside and said hi to Poppa and Lumi. Poppa said that we better unload the feed, so I backed the truck up to the feed barn and we unloaded the bags, well, I did. And then we pulled out the bale of alf-alfa and placed it in its new home. Then we ran and filled up a couple of Home Depot buckets full of manure and then we put it in the truck.

We went back inside and Mom had worked her way downstairs. I asked if Poppa wanted a break from doing Gucci stuff and he said no, so we went and pasted him and he was really good. I thought for a moment he was going to freak out on me and we were going to need the halter, but we didn’t.

Inside Mom had it on the news, and Poppa ran and went to go shave and get cleaned up and put his eyeballs in. Mom and I sat and watched the news for a little bit and then Mom wanted something different, so I ended up putting it on Chopped and we watched that until it was time for her to leave for her haircut.

Once Mom and Poppa left I went and got Gucci out and took him for his walk/laps on the property. And of course I spoiled him with cookies because I’m a sucker like that. Once we were done walking I fly sprayed him and then I put him back into his stall.

He was good and seemed to enjoy his walk, so that made me happy. After I had put him away and convinced him to let me close the gate door I went back inside and watched some more of Chopped. Lumi was passed out on the sofa, I stayed for a little while longer and then I petted Lumi goodbye and ran and gave Gucci his goodbye cookies and then I left to come home.

As I was driving down the main street my parents live off of I saw Poppa coming home, so I waved at him. Then I swung by weekend work and dropped off the two Home Depot buckets of manure at the lady’s house. Then I swung by the doctors office and picked up my prescriptions, and then I came home.

PG&E were still installing the new pole when I came home, but thankfully my driveway wasn’t blocked so I was able to park after bringing in the garbage cans, then I moved the laundry into the dryer. I came upstairs and watched an episode of Grey’s and talked with my Cousin. She couldn’t go for a walk because it was pissing down rain over there, but she talked to me while I was walking, so that was good. I can’t blame her for not wanting to walk in the rain.

But it was a wonderful blue sky here, and I (accidentally) gave her a great shot of the sun. Had to remind her of what it looked like. But our talk was good and my walk was good. We said our goodbyes once I got home and then I watched more Grey’s. After a couple of episodes I went and got cleaned up. Of course this is when Fiks swings by and knocks on the door, but doesn’t come in. I didn’t see his text or the ring notification until I’m out of the shower and he’s gone.

I started watching the making of Frozen II again, because I was only on episode 3 of 6, because I wanted to watch something a little different. I continued and finished the series, and it was pretty cool to see the process that they shared. I made myself left over dinner while waiting to Fiks to get home. He got home late, but he got cleaned up and made himself dinner. Before I went to bed we watched a couple of YouTube videos.

I slept okay last night. Only woke up once or twice, but I woke up like a hour or two after falling asleep, so that was frustrating. I moved to the sofa and grabbed my bowl of cereal and watched some Grey’s. I was going to the DMV today so I decided to straighten my hair for the new photo. Poppa called while I was in the middle of the process saying that he was coming up to town and was going to swing by my place. I finished getting ready and waited for Poppa to show up.

I turned Grey’s back on while I was waiting for Poppa to show up. It didn’t seem to take to long and he showed up with cherry pie. Nom nom nom. I’m saving it for dessert. Then I helped him look for a piece of paper which (after calling and talking to Mom) he left behind at his house. After confirming it was there I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci.

I walked over and gave him his 2 hello cookies and a carrot that was lying in wait for him. I gave him some pets and love, and then I headed over towards the house. Lumi met me at the door, barking as usual. Mom came and met me at the door, and she had her breakfast while I went looking through Poppa’s desk for some paperwork I needed for the DMV. Found it fairly quickly.

I ran outside and pasted Gucci, who did really good, so he got some more pets and love from me. Then I went back inside and Mom went upstairs to get cleaned up while I was there and she wasn’t alone. She got cleaned up pretty quickly, bringing her hair stuff downstairs with her. Then it was time for me to leave for my appointment.

I got there okay, took a little adventurous route. I put on my mask and go walking up and stand in line for where the appointments wait. So I get to go inside and filled out some work on the computer and then I get my number and go and wait. There were maybe 8 or 9 chairs for people who were waiting. It was finally my turn and then I went to the window that I was called to and started pulling out my papers and my driver’s license. The woman who was helping me said that I’d just have to come back in December to renew my license, so I just packed up my stuff and left. I swung by Wendy’s and got lunch for Mom and I and then I started to eat it on my way to my parents house.

So good. I can’t remember the last time I had Wendy’s, let alone a frosty. I was so happy when I was back at my parents house and able to eat it, it was so good. Then Fiks texted me that he was in the same town I had been for the DMV and even went to the same place for lunch. If we had coordinated better we could have had lunch together. Oh well.

Mom was watching Doctor Zhivago when I showed up and so I sat with her and watched that for a while. The I went and took Gucci for a walk, spoiling him with carrots as we walked. I fly sprayed him and took off his sheet and put on his fly mask and then I put him back in his stall. I noticed that he needed some water so I ran I turned his water on and then I turned it off.

I told Mom that I had found a rain jacket that I liked, but it was expensive. She said I could order it, just couldn’t have it until my Birthday or Christmas. So happy dance. I’ve been looking for a nice rain jacket that I liked for like 2 years now. Its by Ariat, and its chocolate brown with a light pink interior. It looks really pretty. Afterwards I came home and flopped on the sofa for a while and watched Grey’s. Then I opened the box from BBC that Fiks dropped off yesterday.

I got a new bag and wallet, and some light up Adipose all for less then the original price of the bag. Yay for sales, huh? I spent the rest of the afternoon just flopped on the sofa watching Grey’s. Not very productive. I waited for Fiks to come home and helped cook dinner (skirt steak tips) and fries. I’m not comfortable to do steak yet, chicken and pork yes, steak not so much. While we were waiting for the oven to warm up Fiks went and got cleaned up.

After he was done I threw the fries in the oven and Fiks started the stove for the steak. It turned out really well, I was worried for a little while about how it would turn out. Then we sat down and watched some YouTube videos and then it was time for me to go to bed.

I slept okay. I had a hard time falling to sleep. I was having muscle spasms so I took my meds and jumped into a hot shower to make them stop. Then I crawled back into bed. I woke up at 2, like usual. At least I was able to get back to sleep. Apparently I was hard for Fiks to wake up this morning. Whoops. He left as I was still getting ready, but I wasn’t too far behind him.

I got to the store okay. Well first I went to the gas station and then I went to the grocery store. I listened to Spotify and they played a mix of songs from soundtracks, like from The Lion King. I was able to get everything I wanted for the week, so that was nice.

Afterwards I went to my parents house and to say hi to Gucci. I got out of my truck and got a huge whinny out of him. He was spinning and stomping his feet, asking where his breakfast was.

I gave him his 2 hello cookies and carrot, then I gave him his half flake of hay and his breakfast bucket. He seemed okay after that. I went inside and was met by Lumi and Mom, Lumi went bouncing away looking for a toy to play with. I put my cold and frozen groceries away and gave my Mom her bread that she asked for. Turned out she had another loaf on the counter by Gucci’s medicine.

I sat down with Mom and watched the news with her for a little while. After a while I wanted to go lie down and who do I find lying in my spot? Lumi. So I stole his sofa spot and lied down and he gave me the dirtiest look. Oh well, then I dozed on the sofa for a little while. Poppa came down around 9, so we ran out and pasted Gucci really quick, who did really good with his medicine today. I gave him some extra pats and love. We went back inside and Mom was eating her eggs, then she needed a lift to go to her nail lady. So I drove her there and came back to my parents for my truck and groceries.

I came home and put the cold and frozen groceries away and then I watched some Grey’s while waiting for my Cousin who messaged me and said that they were running behind. I told them no worries and not to rush, but they weren’t too far behind the scheduled time.

I forgot how much I enjoy this movie. I haven’t seen it in a while, so it was fun to watch. My Cousin and I kept messaging each other while the movie was on, like usual. Then it was time to go for a walk and she wasn’t able to make it today, so we’ll do it again next week. But the walk was good, it wasn’t too warm for me and there was a slight breeze. I listened to The Ralph Report while on my walk. I worked in the bedroom for a little while, going through my sock, underwear and jeans drawer and cleaning that up.

Afterwards I turned on Grey’s for a little while and managed to get a 30 minute nap, so that was nice. Then I got up and threw on my shoes and jumped in the truck and helped my Brother load up cement bags into the back of the truck. Well, I watched as the workers loaded the truck up, then we went over to my Brother’s house and unloaded the bags. 80lbs is over what I can lift right now, so I just moved the bags onto the tail gate and my Brother moved them to where he wanted.

After working up a sweat I came home and got cleaned up and started the oven for dinner. Pork and rice and broccoli. So I’m just waiting for everything to finish cooking. The rice, broccoli and pork turned out really well, just waiting for Fiks to get home. I already ate my dish tho. Just got done paying bills and other being an adult things. Fiks came home and ate his dinner, we watched some YouTube videos before I went to bed.

I slept okay last night, I had a hard time waking up this morning. I grabbed my bowl of cereal and watched some Grey’s. Well, slept through some of Grey’s. I got up and got dressed for work and headed over to Gucci. I got out and said hi to him and gave him his hello cookies and a carrot.

He was happy to see me. He took the cookies and the carrots and then as I was walking back to the house Mom let Lumi out. He came running towards me, and back to Mom, back and forth, back and forth, and then he runs to the road on the other side of the house. I start to chase him and try to call him back. He came running back and then I let him into the house. Mom had treats for him to try and get him to come back.

I sat down with Mom for a while and we watched some Dr Pol. She said I had missed Poppa by 10 minutes, he went up to my Brother’s house to help pour concrete. After the episode of Dr Pol I went and pasted Gucci really quick. He was a good boy for it, can’t complain. Then I went back inside; Mom went upstairs to take a shower and I made myself lunch and watched more Dr Pol.

When Mom was done she came back downstairs and sat down on the sofa to watch TV. I filled up my water bottle with ice and dropped a whole bunch on the floor. So I grabbed the dog bowl to throw the ice in, and then after I threw the ice in I spilled the water bowl.

When it was time I said goodbye to Mom and Lumi and then I ran outside and took off Gucci’s blanket and put on his fly spray. Then I took off to head to work.

I got a good parking spot and sat and read my book and listened to the radio. When it was time I got ready for work and started my shift. The day went pretty fine, I only had one rude person, and I wasn’t even really bugged by it. They were waiting in the door way and I asked them to move outside, the woman said that the gentleman was with her, I said I understood but I needed to them to go outside. So she grumbled some rude words at me, and then I turned and looked at the manager who standing behind me. I asked if I did something wrong, she said no, I handled everything fine. Then when the other manager came up the manager I talked to, the manager went “They were mean to her”. I smiled at her, and at him, but they couldn’t tell because I was wearing a mask. But the rest of the day went fine.

I went over to my sisters house and said hi to her kittens and to Mom and Poppa, and we watched an old Donald Duck cartoon before we said our goodbyes and then I went home and got cleaned up. I made steak nachos for dinner and watched some Grey’s. Fiks got home at a decent time tonight, so we watched some more YouTube videos before it was my bedtime. I also emailed my tattoo guy and we talked colors. Well, I talked colors and sent him these photos, and he said what I wanted was totally doable.

I slept okay last night, only waking up once or twice. I woke up when Fiks left for work and tossed and turned until it was almost time for my alarm to go off, so I got out of bed and started getting ready. I made my breakfast and packed my lunch and then I left and headed over to Gucci.

When I got there he was tossing his head and making one of his faces at me. I gave him his hello cookies and a carrot and saw that he hadn’t had breakfast yet, so I gave him his breakfast bucket and his half… well, 3/4 flake of hay and he was oh so happy to get it.

I went inside and saw Poppa was peddling and he waved me into the house. So I went in and was greeted by Lumi next to Poppa on the bike. We talked for a little bit and then I went and turned on the TV and turned on the news.

When Poppa was done peddling he went and woke up Mom and got her downstairs then he went to go and get cleaned up. Mom and I watched the news for a while and then I ran pasted Gucci by myself. He was so funny. He was super excited to see me again, then he saw the syringe and turned around and stuck his nose in his hay bag and took a big bite of hay. I put the syringe next to his mouth and he spat out the mouthful he had just taken and then I pasted him. He was great. I gave him some pets and love and took a photo of Poppa’s flowers (naked ladies), then I went back inside.

When it was time I said goodbye to Mom and Poppa who had just come back down.

I got to work and I got my parking spot, but I got there a little bit late. Didn’t have a lot of time to read my book and listen to music, so I browsed Facebook instead, oh, and got my podcasts organized. Then it was time to go inside.

The day went fine. The greeters for both shifts were people I like, so it made the day go by faster. But when I could I listened to my podcasts, didn’t get through too many, but that’s fine. I was enjoying myself chatting with my (co?) workers. I jumped in a couple times to help run the line and bring people inside. I guess the rules changed on Monday where they aren’t allowed to have anybody who isn’t working or with a teller or agent stand around in the bank.

I got off work on time and came home. I went and got cleaned up and then made myself some dinner and watched some Grey’s, waiting for Fiks to get home. I made myself more steak nachos for dinner because I couldn’t make up my mind, and I didn’t really want to cook. Fiks got home at somewhat of a decent time, he got cleaned up and then made himself dinner. We watched some YouTube videos and then I crawled into bed.

I slept okay last night, only waking up once, until Fiks’ alarm went off at 5 and disturbed both of us. I just tossed and turned until my alarm went off a little after 6. I got dressed, kissed Fiks good bye and made myself breakfast and lunch, then I left.

I got to work a little early, so that was nice. I wasn’t really rushed getting into my uniform or getting into the booth. I settled myself in, getting my book 47, and then I couldn’t focus on it so I moved onto book 49, and my podcasts ready and then I started logging in the vehicles. I had a couple of close calls with people running into the gate, so that was frustrating. People were just being jerks/entitled people for most of the day, so I was getting short with people towards the end of the day. But I did see this car with a cool license plate that made me wonder if we had either a huge fan (probably) or a star at the golf course.

After I was (finally) off work I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci. For some reason known only to him he was mad at me, even after two hello cookies and a carrot.

I went inside and said hi to Mom and Lumi, who were in the living room and who I both woke up. And then Poppa was down the hall in the bathroom shaving. So I waited for Poppa to finish shaving then we went out and pasted the boy. He did good for me. And then I looked in his water and he had mosquito larva swimming around in it. So Poppa and I lifted the bucket out and poured it over the ice plant, then I went and cleaned out the bucket. Gucci wondered around the field for a moment and then he followed Poppa back into his stall when he saw him with his dinner bucket and the hay.

When the bucket was clean I went and put it back in his stall and yelled for Poppa to turn the water on. Gucci watched his bucket get filled up, and I put his electrolytes in it. I gave him some pets and some love while his bucket was filling up. When it was time I yelled at Poppa to turn the water off, stopped about a inch below the top of the bucket.

I went back inside and said goodbye to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi and made my way home. I quickly got pissed off at other drivers, and I just wanted to get home to Fiks. I got home and said hi to him, watched a little bit of him playing his video game (Decent) and started to get motion sick (don’t laugh!), and went to go get cleaned up.

While I was getting cleaned up I had on Spotify and it played this amazing version of Break In, so I had to find it for here.

After listening to music and becoming hungry we decided to order pizza for dinner tonight, typical gaming food. Then I wanted to watch something, so I put on Secretariat.

It always a good movie for me. And Fiks likes it too. Food showed up while the movie was going on, so I paused it to get dinner. The movie finished 10 minutes before gaming was meant to start, so that was good timing. I got everything set up on my end for gaming and just waited for other people to show up. Then we got started. It was fun, I started to crash a little earlier than normal. I stayed up to my gaming bedtime, and then I called it and crawled into bed.

I slept good last night, I only woke up a couple of times. One time Fiks was talking really loud and it woke me up, so I came out to see what was going on and they were still gaming. I got another kiss goodnight and crawled into bed. I woke up once in the middle of the night and Fiks was in bed with me, so I just snuggled up next to him and fell asleep. Then my alarm went off. I went to go snooze it and saw that I already had (don’t remember doing that). So I got up and got dressed for work and kissed Fiks goodbye and then made my breakfast and packed my lunch and headed off to work.

I got there just in time, and I got myself settled into my booth and started logging cars. I would nod off every now and again, I guess I was still sleepy. I got settled with my book 50 and my podcasts and started logging people in when they would drive by. I started talking with my cousin to see if she wanted to do a walk again, she said yes, so we got that all sorted out. And then she sent me little videos of the Dragon splashing down and the astronauts coming out of it, so that was cool.

It was around 1230 when I had someone run into the arm at work. It was a resident who wasn’t paying attention and I wasn’t able to stop the arm in time. So I got her info and sent her on her way and called up the HOA lady and told her. Then I shut the gate off and logged the people who would stop for me, otherwise my day was quiet.

After I was done with work I went over and said hi to Gucci who was very happy to see me. He whinnied at me before I was even out of the truck.

I gave him his 2 hello cookies and a carrot, and some pets and love before heading into the house. Lumi met me at the door, Mom and Poppa were watching a movie on the Hallmark channel. I sat down and talked with them for a little bit before going and making Gucci’s medicine. Then Poppa came outside with me to help paste him, and he did really good, once we got on the correct side.

After pasting him we made his buckets for the next couple of days and I gave him his bucket and Poppa went and gave him his hay. Then we went back inside to Mom and Lumi. I said my goodbyes and made my way home. I called Fiks on my way so we could switch where the vehicles live in the garage so he can leave tomorrow. Then I went and got cleaned up and dressed cooly (it was 90 degrees again today) and moved int the air conditioned living room.

Fiks was on his computer, so I jumped on the little one and then I turned on some Grey’s. Then Fiks was awesome and got dinner started, BBQ steak and reheated kabobs that he made for lunch. It all turned out really well. We watched some Diecast Car racing, Sherpa’s day, and Binging with Babish. We still have things we need to do, like laundry, and taking out the garbage and recycling.

I think that’s going to be it for this week.

See you next week!

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