Still I Rise… (Week 29)

Hi from Monday!

I slept better last night then I did the night before, so yay! I woke up once or twice in the night. I woke up when Fiks kissed me goodbye and then I was happily snoozing when the neighbor with the muscle car decided to rev their engine and scared the crap out of me, and I was unable to get back to sleep. I went and got my bowl of cereal and turned on Grey’s Anatomy.

So I watched/snoozed my way through a couple of episodes then I got up and got dressed for my day. I swung by the vet’s office first and got my different size syringes for Gucci. Then I swung by the work bank and dropped off the phone that made it home in my pocket on Friday, but at least I know it’s charged for this week. Then I swung by my bank and pulled out some cash, then I went to my parents house and saw Gucci.

He was much happier today than he was yesterday, so that was nice. I gave him his hello cookies and a carrot, gave him some pets and some love and then I went inside. Mom and Poppa were up, Lumi greeted me at the door. Mom wasn’t feeling to well today, so that was sad. She needed a pain pill when I got there, so I traded playing with Lumi with Poppa so he could give her her medicine.

After playing with Lumi for a little while we went back inside and put on some Incredible Dr Pol, and I sat and watched an episode with Mom. Then I got up and made Gucci’s medicine and went outside and gave it to him. He wasn’t the best for the pasting, but he wasn’t the worst he’s been. Then I realized that he needed to go for his walk, so we went and did his laps. Poppa was out in the field, so we went and said hi and went around the mountain of dirt, where he found some still green grass. So we had to stop and graze for a couple of minutes, then we went back towards his stall and I took off his blanket and fly sprayed him then put him away.

Poppa and I went inside and I sat down with Mom for a while, and then it was time for my appointment. My tattoo appointment. :: Happy dance ::

I go and find parking and then I walk over to the tattoo parlor and knock on the door and go inside. Inside is my artist and he shows me the beautiful art that is going to be my Phoenix. It is huge, and amazing, and I can’t wait because it has actual movement in it (which is something I was worried about) .

The last time my arm will be this naked. So he drops his picture down my 10% and then he tapes the pieces together then cuts them out and places it on my arm. Its huge but I’m happy with it,

Next he puts them through the transfer machine, so that he’s able to place the stencil on my skin in one piece, and that takes awhile. More cutting and stitching together. But it goes on and then its time to sit down and get to work.

I watch him with the tattoo gun, hear the noise, and then I feel the slight bit of pressure as he places the needle(s?) against my skin and gets to work. I watch him as he draws and follows the lines. It helps take the pain away by watching, I know, it sounds counter intuitive, but it does. I’m one of those silly people who can watch her blood getting drawn and getting shots and likes it.

I fidget between the times that the gun is up against my skin, but I don’t move while the gun is there. I clench my fist when it hurts, and man, I didn’t know how much it hurt until he got to certain spots. But I can breathe through most of what I am going through, and I listen to the music that I don’t know but seem to like. After about 2 hours we take a break, and then he pulls out the table and asks me to lie down on my back. He does the stuff on the inside of my arm, and everything is going fine until he gets to the part that is almost to my armpit. Man, that hurt.

Next he has me fold my arm across my chest and hold my arm in place with my other hand as he does part of my arm. Then we go to the elbow. Man, that was worse then the armpit. I had to keep focusing on my breathing and not crying. Under my mask I keep saying ow ow ow. I swear he worked on my elbow for half a hour, but it was probably less, just the pain made it seem longer. The he has me lift my arm up above my head, and then he notices that I’m watching, and we talk for a little bit while he’s tattooing my inner arm.

Next he has me get up and lie down on my stomach so he could get to the back of my arm again. I’m able to close my eyes and I just act like I’m on my tummy like when I’m sleeping, and that helped with the pain. But I started whimpering apparently, because he said I was doing good and he only had 2 feathers left. My skin and arm were just angry and sore at that point, so I do my best to lie and be still.

Then we’re done. 31/2 hours later and were done. He cleans me up and then places lotion on my skin and then wraps me in plastic wrap and tapes me down. Tells me to take it off in 1-3 hours, but no longer then 3. I came home and submitted my time card super late, because I was halfway through the tattoo when I realized I didn’t do it over the weekend. Then I sit down and watch some Grey’s while I wait for Fiks to come home. And I also stuff my face because I was dumb and didn’t eat before I went and got my tattoo done.

When Fiks gets home he’s super excited to see my tattoo and then he helps me take photos of it. To use his words “It looks like its whispering secrets to you.”

Fiks goes and gets cleaned up and I continue to watch Grey’s until he’s done, and the episode is done. Then I put it on the last episode Fiks was watching of Mystery Science Theater 3000 which has a very young David Hasselhoff in it.

He jumps into a Amtgard meeting and I watch a couple of YouTube videos while he’s in it. We watch one that is in England (<3) and in it they come across a snake, and then we wonder if snakes are native to England. Adders are (Fucking Duh; Black Adder)

I have Fiks lotion up my arm before I go to bed and then I sit and read my book 45 and start book 46.

I slept okay last night. I woke up a couple of times with my arm hurting. One time, around 5 I gout out of bed and hunted down some lotion to rub on the fresh tattoo and then I was able to get back to sleep. I remember waking up to say goodbye to Fiks and then I fell back to sleep for a little bit longer. I woke up and grabbed my bowl of cereal and turned on Grey’s and dozed off and on during that.

When it was time I got up and ready for work. I headed over to see Gucci and gave him his two hello cookies.

I walk inside and say hi to Poppa and Lumi. Poppa is having breakfast so I sit down with him and I tell him I got a new tattoo. He inspects it and asks what it is, and I saw a Phoenix. He says it looks nothing like Arizona. Ha ha. I tell him I might need help telling Mom because she’s not super happy about me getting tattoo’s.

He goes upstairs to check on Mom and Lumi and I stay downstairs watching… something. I can’t remember. Then Poppa comes down and tells me Mom isn’t feeling well and if I want to see her to go upstairs. So I went upstairs and braced myself for a fight over the tattoo. She said “Let me see?” and “Does it make you happy?” and that was that. I flopped on the bed next to her, then Lumi came upstairs and was quickly followed by Poppa. Apparently Lumi had gotten away from him.

So we all stayed upstairs, Mom and I petted Lumi and Poppa worked on the laundry. He took the dirty basket down and I stayed up for a little longer, then I had to leave for work. So I grabbed Gucci’s cookies and said goodbye and then I went off to work.

I got there okay, and I sat and read my book and listened to music on the radio until it was time to go in. I’ve trained myself not to look at the people in line when I cut in front of them so I can be let in the back to get ready. I stayed inside and listened to my podcasts for most of the day. I did do a couple laps outside tho, one for my steps and two to cool down because it was warm inside the bank.

The day went okay. We had a couple of people come in and complain that Bank Of America in town was closed. No explanation as to why, to members or other banks. The check cashing place next door was closed too, but its closed on Tuesday so that was nothing new. So people were understandably upset because they couldn’t get money or were afraid to deposit money in the ATM’s.

Afterwards I came home and got cleaned up. I used the tattoo soap in the shower and got that mess cleaned up, so that was good. It looks a lot better after the shower, and I’m enjoying that. I waited for Fiks to get home from work, but I started getting hungry so I made myself a quick lazy dinner as I kept watching Grey’s.

Fiks butt dialed me around 8 o’clock. I said Hi love and he said hold on, then he talked to his coworkers for a little while. Then he said something else and I responded, and he laughed. Then I said I love him and no response, that was when I realized he butt dialed me. So I hung up. He got home later and went and got cleaned up. I stayed up with him for a little while and then I was too tired and went to bed.

I didn’t sleep the greatest last night. I remember waking up and tossing and turning a lot. I managed to sleep through Fiks’ alarm, but not him getting his clothes, weird, right? So I got up with him and got dressed and then we had a quick breakfast while he made his tea, and then we finished getting ready and headed down the mountain.

I went to the grocery store and Fiks went to work. The grocery store was fine. I listened to Spotify again, listening to a different station this time. It kept playing songs from plays and such, which I didn’t mind too much. I managed to get everything on the list, and a few things more. Because I’m bad like that.

After the grocery store I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci, who was eagerly awaiting his breakfast. So I grabbed his cookies and a couple of carrots and headed over his way. I gave him his hello cookies and then I got his bucket and went inside his stall to give it to him.

Poppa and Lumi came out and greeted me as I was feeding him breakfast. Poppa handed me some carrots and took Lumi for his morning walk. I gave Gucci his flake of hay then I closed the gate. I grabbed my and their groceries out of the truck and ran them inside. I pulled the non cold stuff out, and put the cold and frozen stuff away.

Poppa and Lumi came in a couple minutes later, and I had put it on an episode of M*A*S*H that was on TV. It was the one about the long johns (long underwear).

Afterwards we put it on something on the Discovery channel, something about the US Navy and UFO’s. It was weird… yet interesting. Mom came downstairs and we turned on her coffee and let her put it on what she wanted. We did the news for a little while and then we put it on Dr Oakly, Youkon vet. Then it was Dr Pol. During Dr Pol Poppa and I went and pasted Gucci, who ran away from us. We had to go and put the halter on him to give him his medicine. Jerk. I mean once we caught him he was fine, but the catching of him was a little silly.

My Sister called and talked to Poppa, wanting some paperwork so she could go adopt a new kitten. Then she got Poppa all riled up over people wanting to change the local community college name. Then they put it on this weird news channel and that was my cue to leave. I grabbed my groceries and Gucci’s cookies and went and said goodbye for the day to him and then I came home.

I unloaded the groceries and then I parked the truck and brought the groceries inside the house, and put the cold and frozen stuff away. I went and got the movie of the week ready, Finding Dory, and then I went over to Netflix and put on Unsolved Mysteries. I finished the episode that I was trying to watch over the past 3 days, finally. Then I went back to Finding Dory.

I talked with my Cousin and then we did the countdown and started the movie. We talked throughout, as usual. It was fun. Then we went for our walk and got caught up over Facebook Messenger, once we both got disconnected from the WiFi at our houses. There was a little fender bender on my walk, so we stopped and talked while I made sure there wasn’t a brawl once people got out of their cars. There wasn’t, so I walked home.

We said our goodbyes and then I flopped on the sofa and watched more of Grey’s Anatomy for a while. I turned on the oven then I went and got cleaned up, and then when I got back out in the kitchen the oven was ready so I could throw the marinated chicken into the oven. I watched The Areonauts while I was cooking and eating dinner.

I enjoyed it. It didn’t hold my attention entirely, but it was good. It was almost bedtime by the time Fiks got home tonight. He got cleaned up and I crawled into bed and then he kissed me goodnight and went to go have dinner and I fell asleep.

I didn’t sleep super well last night, I remember tossing and turning a lot and hearing a lot of the audio book. I grabbed my bowl of cereal and moved to the sofa and dozed while watching Grey’s. Then I got up and dressed for work and made my way to see Gucci. I kind of rushed there because I knew Mom had a dr’s appointment but I couldn’t remember what time, and I wanted to say hi to them before they left. I went over and gave Gucci his hello cookies and a carrot, and he seemed pretty happy to see me.

Mom let loony Lumi out and he came running at me. He did a couple laps and then he ran inside and we shut the door on him. Mom wasn’t feeling too well so she went and sat back down. We watched some Dr Pol and then Poppa came downstairs and we ran out and pasted Gucci really quick before they had to leave for Mom’s Dr’s appointment.

After they left I made myself lunch and watched Dr Pol until it was time to leave for work. I gave Gucci his goodbye cookies and then I left for work. I got there okay, and I found a fairly good parking spot. I sat and read my book for a while and listened to music on the radio. Once it was time I went inside and got ready for my shift.

My shift went fine. There was a rush when I first got there that lasted for about an hour. Then it slowed down for a awhile. We had another rush that wasn’t nearly as bad as the one when I first started. We closed on a quiet note and was able to get out of there on time.

I came home and got cleaned up and then I watched some Grey’s until I got a text from my sister saying she got another kitten. I know, I think it’s quick too. But he’s cute. He’s black and white and looks like he’ll be a long haired kitty, oh, and he has ear tuffs! I had a slice of pizza and played with the kittens for a while, then I came home and took my medicine and watched some more Grey’s. Fiks texted me to tell me he was on his way home, and I ran out to say bye to Mom and Poppa. That’s when Fiks pulled up. Then we did the same as last night. He got cleaned up and I crawled into bed. He kissed me goodnight and I fell asleep.

I woke up reluctantly with my alarm, got ready for work and kissed Fiks goodbye and told him what time it was. He told me he had an alarm set, so I didn’t have to worry about him missing his big Amtgard meeting. I made my breakfast and my lunch and then I left for work. I got there just at the right time to punch in.

I settled myself in with my book 46 and my podcasts and started logging vehicles in as they came. It was busy today, until about 1330, then it died down. But nothing happened, no crazies, no one running into gates, though I did have a few close calls. My tattoo is at the itchy peeling stage right now, and I’m a picker, I do it consciously and subconsciously, so sometime I found myself picking at the skin (which is bad for your tattoo’s healing, don’t do it) and other times I would just go to pick off one piece and then I would just keep going.

After work I went over to my parents house to say hi to Gucci. He was in a good mood today it seemed. He was happy to see me at least, so that’s always a good thing.

I ran inside and said hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi. Lumi was a little bonkers when I went in, I guess he was asleep on the sofa and only heard me after I closed the front door, so that’s when he started barking. Mom was taking it easy and watching something on the Hallmark channel. Poppa helped me paste Gucci, who was pretty good for it. We didn’t have to chase him down… much. But he took it really well, so I gave him some more love, praise, and pats for being such a good boy.

Poppa and I then gave him his dinner bucket (with a carrot) and a flake of hay for dinner and put his blanket on. Poppa wasn’t sure when he was going to get back, and apparently Gucci’s having a hard time seeing in the dark (common thing to happen in older horses), so better to do it in the day light. We then made up Gucci’s buckets. I’ll have to swing by the feed store on Monday.

I came home and tried to say hi to Fiks, who was busy in his Amtgard meeting. So I got changed for going on a walk and waved goodbye as I was heading out the door. My walk was good, I listened to Spotify which played me Shinedown, Halestorm, Hinder, My Darkest Days, Royal Bliss and a few bands that I didn’t know. I talked with Fiks and my Sister on my walk. Fiks said he’d be back in the meeting by the time I got home. Well I got home and he was still brewing his cup of tea, so I stole a kiss or two from him before sitting down and watching some Grey’s as I cooled down.

He told me that he was being distracted by the TV and the subtitles. So I moved into the bedroom and got cleaned up while listening to more music (Satisfied), and then I watched some Grey’s in bed. I came out a time or two, once was for cookies, the other time was to see if he wanted Chinese for dinner with me. That was a yes, so I ordered our Chinese, he went and got changed out of his garb and off we went.

First we went to the doctors office to pick up some of my medications. One I have run out of completely, the other I have a few left. But the doctors office was closed, so I wasn’t able to get my meds. Won’t be able to get them until Monday. Oh bother.

So we drove to the other side of town and picked up our Chinese dinner, and then we came back home. We dished up our food and then we watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I forgot that the movie was made in 1989, I could have sworn it was 1992. Yes, I’m dating myself but I don’t care. All you know is that I’m a kid of the 80’s. It kept me up a little past my bedtime, but I still managed to read my book for a bit and then fell asleep.

Fiks and his knight chain holding onto his whiskey

I didn’t sleep the greatest last night. I woke up, like fully awake, like 3 times. I had already taken my melatonin after my first wake up, so I didn’t really have the option to take it again. I woke up with my alarm, well, got out of bed with my alarm. And then I got dressed and kissed Fiks goodbye, packed my lunch and made my breakfast and left for work.

Work was okay. I settled in with my podcasts and my book 47, finished that one and started book 48. It wasn’t nearly as busy today, so that was nice. The day went by at a nice pace. I talked with my Cousin, we set up a walk for tomorrow and the movie for Wednesday.

After work I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci, and he was grumpy for some reason. Well I know one reason was because there weren’t any carrots out there for me to give him.

I went inside and said hi to Poppa who told me to hurry up and paste Gucci. Basically no time for pleasantries because we had to get up to my Sister’s for dinner. So we ran and pasted him and he was really good about it, I was pleased with him. We gave him his dinner bucket and hay and water then we ran inside to grab Mom and Lumi. My Sister insisted that he came up to dinner. Sigh.

So I swung by home and got cleaned up and rubbed some lotion on my tattoo because it’s at that itchy peeling stage. Lotion helps cool the itch for me. Next we went over to my Sister’s place and helped with the cooking. Fiks, my Brother, and Poppa all worked on cooking the tri tip. I worked on the kitchen inside, roasting the potatoes and cooking the corn.

When it was time (when the tri tip was done), we went downstairs onto the driveway for dinner. Everything went over really well, and there were brownies for dessert my Sister in law and her daughter made. They were really good, like triple chocolate brownies.

While we were cleaning up Lumi got out of the house without a leash on and started running down the road and chased a car. He started circling the car and barking at it. My Sister and myself kept trying to catch him but couldn’t. Lumi stopped barking and went to go pee and thats where my Sister grabbed him. Poppa showed up with a leash and then my Sister walked him back into the house and locked him in her office.

We helped put the furniture away and helped clean up, then we came home and put our own garbage and recycling out and moved our laundry and put our clothes away. I’ll have to go through my drawers and get rid of my old socks in one bag and underwear in the other because my drawers can’t close. They haven’t closed for a while but now they really can’t close.

And that’s it.

See you next week!

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