Lack of sleep…(Week 28)

Hi from Monday!

I didn’t sleep super well last night, but I did better than the night before, so at least that’s an improvement. I kissed Fiks goodbye and rolled over and fell back to sleep for a little bit. Then I was woken up by the garbage truck. I moved out to the sofa and had my bowl of cereal. I looked for Futurama, but it wasn’t on, so I watched Grey’s Anatomy again.

I’m only on season 3, but whatever. I thought I was catching up to my Cousin, but she’s now on season 6. I fell asleep on the sofa for a little while and then I woke back up when the next garbage truck came by. Didn’t get back to sleep after that.

I had my doctors appointment which went fine once it started. It was meant to start at 9, so I started the video at 855 and waited for the doctor. And waited. And waited. I was just about to give up (30 minutes later) when my doctor came on the screen. Then it froze, so we restarted it, talked for a little while, then it froze again and just did the rest of the appointment over the phone.

Once I was done with my doctors appointment I went and got dressed and ready to head over to Gucci. He turned around once I got out of the truck and started to approach his gate.

He was quite happy to get his cookies and a carrot. I gave him some pets and love and then I went inside where I was met by Lumi. He wasn’t too crazy until I came inside all the way. Then he wanted to play for a little bit. We played tag for a little while and then I went to find Mom and Poppa. Poppa was in his computer room and Mom was getting ready.

Poppa came into the kitchen with me and made his breakfast and then we sat down and watched some Chopped together. Mom came downstairs when she was ready and then we tried to help Poppa find his sheet rock sanding tools, but we didn’t find them. But we did find and tease Lumi with this…

I know its not Halloween yet, but it was just something fun and funny to do. Mom and I watched more Chopped while Poppa went out and worked the weeds. After a little while I went and got Gucci out and we went for his 3 laps and then we went in the field and visited Poppa and walked around the giant dirt/weed pile. We walked back to his stall, took off his blanket, fly sprayed him and put his fly mask on. I gave him cookies during all of this of course.

I came back inside and made Mom and I lunch (sausages from the BBQ yesterday) while we watched TV. I went and made Gucci’s medicine and I timed it well because Poppa was coming in while I was going out. So we went and pasted him and he did really good for me. Then we went back inside and sat down while Poppa had his lunch, and then I came home so I could do my walk before it became to hot.

I got home and brought in the garbage cans and moved the laundry up and then I made a quick phone call before going on my walk. My walk was good, I listened to Spotify for my music. The first song I listened to was Agony from Into The Woods (the movie)

Made me think of my Cousins Husband, he does a great version of Agony. But then it was Shinedown, Halestorm, Five Finger Death Punch… and others that I didn’t know. But I saw this on my way home. If you can’t made it out its says “Better days coming”

Afterwards I came home and flopped on the sofa for a little while. I talked with my Cousin and said that I wished she lived closer so we could be walking buddies. Well, we’ve figured out how to be walking buddies. We’re going to go for a walk after the movie on Wednesday. We’ll see what happens.

I kept watching Grey’s until I felt it was time to get cleaned up, so I did. I did my deep conditioning for my hair, so now it feels really good. I just kept watching Grey’s until Fiks came home, and then he told me about his day and we decided what to do for dinner. Steak and fries, and we watched Back to the Future III, because why not? We’ve watched the other two.

After the movie I went to bed. I woke up around 11 and came out to fill up my water bottle and Fiks was watching The Floor is Lava, which I’ve never seen. I went back to sleep and then woke up wide awake at 330. And I couldn’t get back to sleep. So I moved out to the living room and turned on Disney+ and put on Mulan. I dozed off and on during Mulan and then when I woke back up and it was the screen saver I went back into bed. I remember falling asleep and Fiks’ alarms went off. I grumbled at that and then I woke up it was 750.

I got out of bed and made myself a bowl of cereal and turned on Grey’s again, and dozed off and on during that. I went through my emails one of the times I was awake and saw a vet job that I wanted to apply for. So I’d work on that after I came home from work. I got dressed for work and headed over to my parents house to take care of Gucci.

I swear that he was happy to see me. I had both ears forward and everything. I gave him his 2 cookies and a carrot and some pets and love before heading into the house. Lumi was going bonkers on the other side of the door as I was putting Gucci’s new boots away. He managed to sit for me while I opened the door, then he went nuts. I tried to play with him but it was a ‘no take, only throw’ day, which means that he wouldn’t hand over the toy(s).

Poppa and I talked for a little bit and then Mom came downstairs and we turned it onto the Hallmark channel for her. So we sat and watched Hallmark for a little while and then Poppa and I went out and pasted Gucci, who was really good for it. I flopped on the sofa after having my sandwich. I just watched TV with Mom until it was time to go.

I got to work okay, I had to do a lap to get a parking spot, but that was fine. I sat and read my book 44 and listened to the radio for music. The day went fine, I didn’t have to deal with any crazies, and it was somewhat busy. The day went by quickly.

I came home and got cleaned up and then I made myself some leftovers dinner and watched Grey’s. I worked on the computer for a little while, working on my resume and cover letter for the vet clinic job I saw. Then Fiks got home and he got cleaned up and made himself dinner, then we watched YouTube videos until it was time for me to go to bed.

I didn’t sleep the greatest last night. I don’t know why. I woke up a couple of times, after the first time never really getting back to sleep. I woke up at 4 when Fiks got up to get some water, and then I guess I fell back to sleep because next thing I know its 615 and Fiks is getting ready for work. So I get dressed really quick and then we have breakfast, get our stuff and head down the mountain.

I got to the grocery store fine. I turned on Spotify, which played me some Halestorm, Theory Of A Deadman, Hinder, and a couple of bands I didn’t know. I got all the things okay, there seemed to be more people than normal, and there was a line for checking out, but it went fairly quickly.

I went to my parents house. First I stopped at the bottom of the driveway to get the garbage cans and I drive up the hill slowly. See Poppa being awesome and mucking out Gucci’s stall, don’t see Gucci anywhere, figure he’s in his stall. Well I park the truck and grab his two cookies and he’s there at the door waiting for me. So I said hello and gave him his cookies.

I went around to the other side of the truck to grab him a couple of carrots to get him back into his stall. He took one and walked with me. Took a bite of the second and kept walking. Stopped about 5 feet away from the gate and was chewing on his carrot for a good 5 minutes. Finally stopped chewing and followed his third one into his stall.

Poppa helped me carry my cold/frozen groceries in and the bag of carrots. I handed them their groceries and put my cold/frozen stuff away. I went in and said hi to Mom and Lumi, who went a little loony, grabbing one of his toys. I sat down and watched the new with Mom for a little while, then Poppa and I went to paste Gucci, who did really good. We made up his buckets and he had his head over the fence supervising us. We went back inside and sat down and we watched some news and some Dr Pol, and then I said goodbye and grabbed my stuff and came home.

I unloaded the groceries and then I got a message inviting me over to her place to play with the kittens. Well, it was more like hold them while she trimmed their nails, which didn’t go very well. Gwen was a wiggle worm and we didn’t even try it with Lance. I came home and got everything ready for the movie with my Cousin.

They hadn’t seen the movie before, so it was interesting getting messages from my Cousin with her reactions to the movie. Then we went for a 20 minute walk, and it seemed to work out pretty well. We did it over the Facebook video chat on messenger. Then we sat down again and watched a couple of episodes of The Making Of Frozen II. After 2 episodes I went and got cleaned up and came back and put on Grey’s Anatomy.

I was lazy and watched Grey’s for the rest of the afternoon. Then I wanted something a bit different and put on Unsolved Mysteries. The new series from Netflix, not the original, which I absolutely adored.

I watched the first episode, saw what time it was and then I figured it was time to start getting dinner ready. I chopped up the broccoli and put them in the pot to steam, and I was stupid and poured the rice into the rice maker way to early. Currently I’m waiting for the oven to get to temperature. Cool, I shoved the pork in a little early, but it turned out fine. So did the broccoli and rice, so go me! Fiks came home late, but was happy to have dinner ready and waiting for him. We’re currently watching The Floor Is Lava! After an episode or 3 I went to bed.

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night, but eventually I got there. I slept okay once I got there. I woke up and I was still fuzzy, so I moved to the sofa and put on some Grey’s and had my bowl of cereal and feel asleep for a episode or two. Then I got dressed and ready for work.

I headed over to my parents house to take care of Gucci, who came walking up to his gate to meet me there. I couldn’t get him to make a happy face at me though, so that was kind of sad.

But he did get super friendly with my camera lens. Afterwards I went over to the house and Lumi was at the door, and I went to go in and it was locked, so I knocked a few times and I heard Mom, so I just waited for her to come and let me in. Guess Poppa locked her in while he went to church. Mom was on the phone with my Other Mother, who was doing fine. They were just talking about the new rules in real estate.

I petted Lumi and then I sat down and Mom put on Dr Pol because she was tired of whatever she was watching before. I think it was the news. I quickly ran outside and pasted Gucci who was a good boy for me. I took of his blanket and then put on his fly mask and went back inside. Then Mom went up and took her shower and I continued to watch Dr Pol.

Poppa came home just a couple minutes later. Then he started to putter around. He went in the garage looking for one tool, found a different tool that he couldn’t find the other day, so he worked on that project. Then he came back in the house and started working on a project in the back yard. Mom made her way downstairs successfully. She came into the living room and finished getting her hair brushed.

Soon it was time for me to leave for work, but I said goodbye to everyone first. I gave Gucci his goodbye cookies and then I hopped in the truck and headed into town. Once I got there I sat and read my book and listened to music om the radio until it was time for me to go in.

My shift went fine, no crazies or grumpies. But we were steady enough to make the day go by quickly. I got to listen to most of my podcasts, so that was nice. I even got to see Fiks, because he had a envelope to pick up from my work. That doesn’t happen often.

I came home from work and got cleaned up then I turned on some Grey’s. I put the new case on my phone, and its a pain in the ass to take apart, so hopefully I won’t have to do that often. I did left over pizza for dinner, and right now I’m just waiting for Fiks to get home. He got home late, but we had enough time to watch some YouTube videos together before I went to bed.

I slept okay last night. I woke up with my alarm and got dressed for work and then I made my breakfast and packed my lunch and off to Gucci I went. He was very excited to see me, because he hadn’t had breakfast yet.

After I gave him breakfast I went inside. Poppa was peddling on his bike and Lumi said hi. I went up to try to wake Mom up but she wouldn’t wake up for me. She wouldn’t wake up for Poppa either. So we went outside and pasted Gucci after he;d had his breakfast for a while, and he was good for his pasting. I went inside and Mom was on the phone to with my Sister. Her cat, Gwen, had a accident in the early morning and passed away. Understandably she was upset and wanted Poppa. So I went and got him for her, and then he got dressed to go up to my sisters house to help her out.

I got to work okay, then I sat and read my book 45 for a while and listened to the radio until it was time for me to go in. The day went fine, my person I get along with really well wasn’t up front today, she was on the teller line. The other woman I get along with fine, we talked off and on, and I listened to my podcasts off and on accordingly. Oh, one of the people who left my Tuesday/Thursday bank came in and used the coin machine. It was nice to see him.

I came home and got cleaned up and then I waited for Fiks to get home. It was another late night for him, so I made myself dinner and watched some Grey’s Anatomy. Fiks got home and made himself dinner, and then I went to bed.

I did okay sleep wise last night, not the best but not the worst. I woke up with my alarm and got ready for work. I kissed Fiks goodbye then I made my breakfast and my lunch and then I went off to work. I got there a little early so that was nice, I didn’t feel rushed. But it was a busy day, even with it being cloudy for most of it. I sat and read my book and listened to my podcasts and logged people in.

After work I went over to say hi to Gucci, and I gave him his hello cookies and some pets and love before heading inside the house.

I went inside and Lumi ran over Poppa to come and greet and bark at me. Poppa had been taking a nap up until that point, so I felt kind of bad about it. And Mom had been taking a nap on the other end of the sofa. I sat down and watched some TV with them before going and making Gucci’s medicine. Then Poppa and I went and pasted him, and he was really good about it. Then I came home.

I was going to go for a walk but I ended up passing out on the sofa for a while. Then I woke up and got cleaned up and waited for Fiks to come home. I saw what time it was and knew that we wouldn’t have for the dinner we planned depending on when Fiks got home, so I ordered pizza instead. He got home 15 minutes before gaming started, and then the pizza showed up a short time later, so that was nice. Then we started gaming.

I went to bed at my normal gaming time, but I had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, so that sucked. I felt sick for most of the day because of it. I really wanted to call out and come home, but I muscled my way through the day. I read my book and listened to my podcasts and logged people in. It picked up in the afternoon, there was a girls tournament practice round going on today.

After work I went over and saw Gucci, who was still grumpy from this morning. But I gave him his cookies and a carrot and tried to give him some love and attention.

I went inside and said hi to Mom, Poppa (who was lying down on the sofa again), and Lumi (who did not run over Poppa this time). Mom was in the kitchen and asked me to start the dishwasher for her because she’s still sore. So I did. Then I made up Gucci’s medicine and Poppa and I pasted him, he was good for it. Then we made up his buckets for the next couple of days, giving him his dinner bucket and his flake of hay. Then I came home shortly aftewards.

Fiks asked if we wanted to cook the steaks tonight, and I said yes. So he pulled the BBQ out while I was driving home. I came home and he was getting cleaned up, so I got cleaned up too. Then we got the steaks out and Fiks prepared them while I got the oven ready for the fries. It took the oven a while to get to temperature, but once it did I threw in the fries and Fiks started cooking the steaks.

I’m thinking of getting a custom model done of Gucci. I went to the Breyer website and found a model I really like. Its a jumping horse, I thought that that would be neat to get custom because (hopefully) it’d show off his belly markings beautifully. And his stockings. Basically all his markings. I just need to find an artist now… and order the model.

Anyway, the steaks came out wonderfully. He did a really good job on them. We watched more of The Floor Is Lava while eating dinner, and then I cleaned up the kitchen. I put away the clean dishes and put in the dirty ones in the dishwasher. I was bad and let it back up, so it was starting to drive me a little crazy. Then I put on Indiana Jones and then Temple of Doom.

And I think that’s it for this week. We still have a few adult things to do, like the laundry and the garbage. But I’m going to go flop and enjoy the movie.

See you next week!

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