Slow Sunday

Hi everyone, happy Sunday.

My day started out kind of rough. I woke up still with really bad back pain, so I called out sick and crawled back into bed and slept for a couple more hours. When I woke my boyfriend told me I should go get my back looked at since it stopped me from going into work today. After a quick search we found an urgent care open 45 minutes away from where we live. I called and doubled checked that they were open and on the road we were. After a quick stop for some breakfast of doughnuts first though.

We made it to the urgent care okay, and after I got all checked we watched the 49ers game (yes, I know we lost), and I read my book, not fully invested in the game. After about 45 minutes it was my turn. So I went back with the nurse and got weighed and did my vital signs, then was taken to a room to await the doctor.

During her exam the doctor came to the conclusion that I had strained some muscles in my back and that I was having spasms. So I was given some pain pills and muscle relaxers and sent on my merry way home. We stayed at home for a little while and then went over to my parents place for dinner. We said hi to Gucci who was loving the heat of the day. He’s weird like that, the hotter it gets the more hyper he gets. He’s been that way ever since I bought him, silly boy.

For dinner it was steak, rice, and salad. And for dessert we had some of my poppa’s recipe of cherry pie. It was good, and I love it. Poppa doesn’t make it very often any more, so it was a nice surprise and a nice treat with the heat.

I think that I am going to be done with this blog on that note. We haven’t really done anything else today.

Just keep swimming!




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