Sharks, cupcakes, bras

2 things:

1. I’m getting really tired of waking up in the middle of the night obsessing over things.

2. GO SAN JOSE SHARKS!!! We’re going to the Stanley Cup for the first time in team history!

SJ Sharkie!!

And I’ve got to give credit to the St Louis Blues. They really came back in the 3rd period, scoring 2 goals. But we were just on point last night, which was awesome. I bet SJ Sharkie was never so happy to win a game before.

For the past couple of days I’ve been struggling with a lot of negative thoughts going on in my head. I’ve been doing my best to ignore them, but sometimes they can just get upsetting. Thankfully I go to the doctor tomorrow so we can either change or increase my medicine. I can also talk to her about the massive weight gain I’ve had since being on the medication. I’ve gained 15lbs in one month. The only difference is the medicine.


Day 6

My 5 senses right now.

Hearing: I hear the birds outside chirping and the crash of the waves from the ocean. I hear the filter from Stormfly’s tank running and the water flowing through it. I also just started a free audio book called The Adventures of Tom Stranger: Interdimensional Insurance Agent. So I’m hearing Adam Baldwin swearing up a storm and being hilarious.

Smell: All I can smell is the cupcakes I made….
2016-05-25 17.23.48

Touch: I feel the heaviness of the hoodie I am wearing on my body. The cool wood from the stool my feet are resting on underneath the computer. The neutral feeling of the keyboard as I type away.

Taste: I have a stale taste in my mouth from my medication. It won’t go away until I eat something or brush my teeth.

Sight: I’m looking at the computer as I type this. I have my giant Hydro Flask water bottle off to my right. My Kindle Fire is sitting in front of me along with a PS4 remote and a rubber duckie with hearts printed on it. My stuffed animal of a Red Panda is off to my left. And so is a very full bookshelf. A few posters and signs are sitting behind the computer on the wall.

Back to everyday life…

So today has just been wired. Like nothing weird has happened. I’m just being weird. I’ve been being super indecisive until last-minute and impulsive again. Dropping $10 on nail polish, not so bad. Dropping $125 on bra’s that are the wrong size, bad.

2016-05-26 16.06.58

Now I have to take them back and hope they’ll take them. I never put them on. I compared them to the size of t he bra I have which currently fits. One size too small. So I went back, and the exchange was easy enough and not embarrassing. Apparently it happens all the time. So the exchange: Good. Coming home with a 4th bra: Bad.

2016-05-26 16.04.57

What on earth is wrong with me today?! Because I totally need bra’s that make my breasts more pronounced and bigger…

giphy (3)

I’ve been playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 most of the day. And there is just one level that I can’t beat and it is frustrating me beyond no end. It’s with the zoo pack. Have the special guest check out 5 animal displays. Seems easy enough. Nope. I’ve done it with no rides. I’ve done it with rides. I just can’t beat it and I need to to open up the next world. Grrr…

Sorry there isn’t a lot today. I was totally into not doing this today. I think it’s just part of the mood I’m in. I don’t give a phuck.




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