All the videos… and cupcakes

So remember that container I got to hold all my yarn,and how I couldn’t get it to fit under the bed? Well it found a nice new home in my closet. Not the best spot, but it’s out of the way and everything is contained. All I have to do is remove my Galls bag to get access to it.

Its 430 am and I woke up obsessing again. Gah. I’m getting really frustrated over this. I was, am, concerned about my weight. I am the heaviest I have ever been and I don’t like the way I look or how I feel most of the days. And last night became really difficult, a lot of negative thoughts. It’s sad because I was feeling happy with myself most of the day and then one comment, one thought, derails the whole day.

So going out and getting stuff for Stormfly and having Sushi for dinner became a challenge. The pressure in my head grew, the thoughts gaining speed and becoming more negative the longer we were out. I did breathing work to try to keep myself calm, it’s always scary when this happens to me. I ended up taking some medicine just to take the edge off. That ended up helping for the rest of the night.

When we got home my boyfriend started to work on fixing Stormfly’s water and I started coloring.


Okay, so the day 5 challenge is 10 songs I’m in love with right now. So here goes. Keep in mind these are in no particular order.

  1. Dark Lord Funk

    I just love this parody of Uptown Funk and this is my favorite video of it.
  2. Halestorm – I am the fire.
    I love every song Halestorm has put out basically. This is my current ‘go to’ from them tho. I would love to see them live. I came across Halestorm through Pandora.
  3. Disturbed – The Sound of Silence

    I think that this is an amazing cover, and I’ve been listenting to Disturbed for years. I first heard them on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack for Down with the Sickness.
  4. Lindsay Sterling featuring Lzzy Hale – Shatter me
    I love both of these two. You might reconize Lzzy from Halestorm. I was first introduced to Lindsay Sterling through the Piano Guys Mission Impossible music video
  5. Shakira/Zootopia – Try everything
    I loved the movie and I think that the song is just such a positive message.
  6. I wanna be like you – The Jungle Book
    My boyfriend and I have been singing this ever since we saw the new movie. And here is the Piano Guy’s version of the song.
  7. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

    I’m mostly in love with the dancing in this video. But the song is beautiful as well.
  8. Walk the Moon – Shut up and Dance

    This song always makes me smile and gets me dancing in my own way. Even as I sit here in the chair typing this I can’t help but to dance.
  9. Lava

    This is the animated short from Inside Out. My boyfriend and I will sing part of this to each other randomly. Mostly we’ll sing “I lava you”
  10. P!nk – Just like Fire

    I’m still getting sued to this song, but I still really enjoy it. But here is one of my favorite P!nk Songs – Try

    I love the dancing in this video. It’s breathtaking. I also love the lyrics, the really resonate with me.

Back to everyday life…

So I still feel like I’m having a really hard day. I am super forgetful and easily distracted today. And frustrated. I tried to change how the videos list and i couldn’t get it to work. I tried to use the computer today and for some reason it won’t work, so I’m on my laptop, which is old and slow.

I spent the day over at my parents house making cupcakes :o) We baked marble cupcakes and then I made frosting in the colors of the San Jose Sharks: White, orange, teal and black. The orange is going to be salted caramel frosting, the white and teal will be  just normal frosting and then I’ll do black lines up the white for the coloring. GO SHARKS! I’ve also been sporting one of my Shark shirts and my Sharks tail.


We had a few hang ups in the baking. Like not having enough eggs to start. The cupcakes ended up taking 40 minutes instead of the 20. But we did make the giant cupcakes so its okay. Or our whipping cream was bad when we were ready to make the frosting. So then having to run out again to get more whipping cream. But at least we had enough butter and powdered sugar.

I also watched Pitch Perfect between cooking the cupcakes and making the frosting. I totally blame my cousin for introducing me to this movie and proving that I’d like it.


Okay, so the cupcakes didn’t come out exactly as planned. But hey, they came out. They’ll taste good. They’re team colors. It’s all good.


Okay, that’s all for now.

LETS GO SHARKS!!! (Can you tell I’m exited?SJ Blues)


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