Fiks’ week off… (Week 25)

Hi from Monday!

I slept really well last night, only waking up once. I got out of bed and moved to the sofa and turned on Futurama. Then Fiks woke up and came out and we had our breakfast together.

Its nice having him home and being able to do things together, like breakfast. We just sat around and watched TV until it was time to head down the mountain into town. But first we swung by the bank to pick up some cash.

After the bank we headed down the mountain and stopped in the little village that my parents live on the outskirts of for an appointment. We made our appointment and then went to my parents house. We went over and said hi to Gucci when we got there. He still had his blanket on so I took it off.

We went inside to say hi to Poppa and Lumi, then Mom came downstairs so we said hi to her. We went and grabbed some cookies and carrots and went outside and grabbed Gucci and took him for his walk. He was moving a little stiff today, so we walked at his pace.

We then went to the field and let him graze for a little while. Fiks ran around and took pictures of things in the field while I stayed with Gucci. After a while we took Gucci back and put him back in his stall. I put on his fly mask before we left him alone.

Fiks loves doing this trick with him, even if he does get slobber all over his face. We then went inside and split a sandwich and sat down and watched some TV with Mom. Afterwards we went and pasted Gucci who did really good for me today. We went back inside and said goodbye to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi and headed out to do some BBQ hunting.

We started by going to the old OSH store, which is still OSH, but the O stands for Outdoor instead of Orchard. We checked out a couple BBQ’s there, but didn’t find one that Fiks wanted there. Then we went to Costco and ended up buying some kitchen mats and a bed set. We left before we could do anymore damage. Then we came back home and hit the local hardware store and Fiks found the one he wanted. So we bought it and loaded it up into the truck.

Fiks started working on putting his BBQ together and I came inside and watched vet shows on Nat Geo Wild. I felt tired and a little fried after going to Costco, I just didn’t realize how bad it was until later. I ran down and checked on Fiks building a couple of times and asked if he needed help, he said he didn’t.

After it was put together we ran back down the mountain into town and swung by OSH again to pick up some BBQ accessories. Then we swung by the grocery store to pick up some steads to cook and some seasonings, then we swung by Fiks’ work to pick up a HydroFlask that had been shipped to the station. Then we came home and Fiks worked on the BBQ and I made some corn bread and some broccoli. Then Fiks came up and started to work on the steaks and then he started to BBQ them. They turned out really nice. We watched Family Guy while eating dinner. I wasn’t able to finish mine, but that’s normal when we have steaks that are big. After a couple of episodes of Family Guy I went to bed.

I didn’t sleep the greatest last night. I woke up a lot. I woke up and moved out to the sofa and worked on the computer for a little while, doing something to try to help my sister out. Then I went back to bed and was able to fall back to sleep.

I woke up and had a bowl of cereal while watching Futurama. The milk tasted weird, I realized that it was bad after I ate it and my tummy was upset. I then put it on Face/Off, the makeup challenge show on SyFy. I fell asleep during one o the episodes, woke up when Fiks finally came out from the bedroom.

By that time it was time for me to get ready to go to my parents house to take care of Gucci. I stayed a little longer at home to stay with Fiks, I kind of regret not getting the week off with him. I kissed him goodbye while he was making bacon and headed over to my parents house.

I got there and I didn’t see Gucci straight away. So I went to his stall and he was out sunning himself with his blanket on. I took his blanket off so he could sun himself some more.

I went inside and said hi to Mom, and asked where Lumi was because he didn’t meet me at the door. Poppa had taken him to the groomers and had just gotten home a little before I came over. So I went and said hi to him and then Mom and I sat down and watched some TV for a little while. Then I made up Gucci’s medicine and Mom and I went out to paste the boy. While I had the syringe in his mouth Mom decided that was the best time to snap some wood in half. So he almost knocked me down, spun, and almost ran Mom over. I stayed there for 5 minutes petting him and calming him down from his scary snorts.

Then we went back inside and made sandwiches. We sat down and watched some Doctor Pol and then I went to work. I got there with plenty of time to spare and sat and read my book 41 and listened to music. When it was time I got dressed and went inside and started my shift. It went fine, which was nice. It wasn’t too busy, but like a slow steady. Fiks and I talked some D&D stuff for my new character, I’ll have to work on her when I get home.

I got home and we talked some more D&D, like which faction I belong to and my story. I also updated my characters name. Then I went and got cleaned up and we did left overs for dinner. While I was eating my dinner of steak nachos, Fiks was working on Union Jack’s water and making sure the levels were all good. I worked on my character some more while we watched YouTube videos. I got my signature weapon and Fiks told me how to play some of her moves. I’m really excited to play her.

I slept okay last night, only waking up once or twice, but unlike Tuesday night I didn’t need to take a pill to get back to sleep. I woke up with Fiks’ alarm and then spent my time getting out of bed. I got a little ready and then I woke Fiks up and then I continued to get dressed. When he was dressed and ready we headed down the mountain into town to get to the grocery store.

It was nice having Fiks with me for once. He told me just to do what I normally do, he was there to push the cart and play Harry Potter. Well, he did help pick out some steaks for dinner one night this week. And he was nice and bagged the groceries for me while I was paying for them.

We went over to my parents house and Poppa and Lumi met us at the door. I grabbed a couple of carrots out of the bag I had bought, ran and pet Lumi and then went over and gave Gucci his carrots. He was excited to see us. Not so much to give us a whinny, because he already had breakfast, but he was tossing his head around. Poppa let Lumi free and him and Fiks played/chased Lumi around on the driveway. I stayed with Gucci and petting him as we watched the 3 of them be goofballs.

We took our cold stuff inside and Fiks and Poppa put them in the fridge and since there was no space for me to help I went and said hi to Mom who was having her cup of coffee. We all sat down and watched the news and Fiks and I petted the dog. Poppa made Fiks a cup of coffee while I made us some toast for breakfast. We continued to watch the news and then Mom went upstairs to get dressed and I made Gucci’s medicine. Fiks went out and helped me give it to him. He was a little shy after what happened yesterday, but who can blame the poor guy.

Fiks and I left shortly after giving Gucci his medicine. We grabbed our cold stuff, I gave Poppa some blood oranges to peal and keep in the fridge for me, hopefully they are good. We went down to Costco again and they were doing their senior hour so we couldn’t get in just yet. So we ran to a friends house and picked up some amtgard stuff that they were storing. Then we went back to Costco and Fiks ran in and I stayed with the stuff. I just don’t trust most people any more. But nothing happened and we made our way home. Oh, before coming home we stopped by the hardware store and Fiks picked up a bucket to store his BBQ things in.

We brought the groceries in and placed the cold stuff in the fridge and then we went and checked under the patio to put the storage unit, it looked like it would fit perfectly. So I backed the truck up to the back yard and unloaded the storage unit and stuff that went with it.

Once we were done with that I parked the truck and we came inside. It was almost international movie night, so I checked in with my cousin and made sure we were still on since we hadn’t talked in a couple of days. She was making dinner and we were popping popcorn when she called. We all sat down and said hi and started the movie after a couple of minutes talking.

Fiks and I both love Wall-E. Our first dance song was from Wall-E. My cousin and her family love it too, so I was just excited all around. I had my cousin, I had my husband, and we were all watching one of our favorite movies. My cousin and I chatted back and forth like normal, adding Fiks’ comments when he said something I thought was relevant/interesting/funny.

After the movie was done I put on a National Geographic special on Big Sur in California. It was really good. Lots of otters. If you have Disney+, you should watch it. Then I put on a Nat Geo series on Yellowstone and fell asleep in the beginning. I woke up with Fiks playing with the speakers on his computer and then with the sound system. He figured out what he wanted to know, so that’s good.

We are currently watching Spiderman Into The Spiderverse. I know Fiks really enjoys this movie.

I ❤ Spider Gwen in this.

Side note: I just bought a pony for my character in D&D to carry most of my stuff. Oh, and his tack. I’m excited.

We spent the afternoon being lazy. We watched Back to the Future while Fiks was working on special items for the other characters. We decided to cook the pork loin on the BBQ for dinner tonight, but we still did rice and broccoli. I did some coloring this afternoon too.

After dinner I headed into the bathroom and the floor was wet. Well my sink was leaking. Pretty bad. Like all my stuff in the cabinet got wet, so we pulled it out and then I put it into a new paper bag. We called the landlord and asked what we should do. He told us how to turn off the water and it took a good effort on Fiks’ part, but we got it turned off. The landlord will come up tomorrow and fix it.

After Back to the Future we watch Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Arc. I haven’t seen that movie in forever. So that was nice to watch it. I started to color another picture. I went to go get cleaned up and then I came back out to kiss Fiks good night. I saw how far along the movie was and saw that it was close to the end, so I sat on the sofa and finished the movie. Then I kissed Fiks goodnight and went to bed.

I did okay sleep wise last night, only waking up once. And then I woke up this morning and had my bowl of cereal (which tasted normal, yay!) and turned on Furutama. I fell asleep for a little while then I put it on Doctor Pol until Fiks came out of the bedroom. I finished the episode then I went and got dressed and had to kiss Fiks goodbye.

I stopped by the feed store and got a couple of bags of feed. Their credit card machine wasn’t working right, but thankfully I had enough cash on me to pay for it. After it was loaded I went over to my parents house and gave Gucci his hello cookies and went inside.

I went inside and looked for Mom, but she was gone. Poppa was gone in the big truck and I thought that he had Lumi with him. Well apparently my Sister came and took the dog for a walk on the beach with a friend. Since there was no one there I just pasted Gucci (who was a little grumpy with me) and came back home.

The landlord and Fiks were working on the sink that had sprung a leak yesterday. It was the original faucet from when the apartment was first built. So at least he got his money’s worth out of it. He ran off to get a new faucet and a couple other things and I had my sandwich for lunch and Fiks started puttering around.

When it was time I left for work. I got there and got a pretty decent parking spot. I sat and read my book 41 for a while and listened to some music before starting my shift. My shift was… interesting. There was this guy in camo and had a purple skateboard that just kept around the bank. He would loiter for a little while, leave, loiter then leave. So I talked to the other security guard out there and told him about the guy. Apparently he likes stealing cars. So then bank told all employees to make sure that their cars were locked. Then there were 2 more shady people who the bank wanted me to keep an eye out for. So I did. Minus that my shift went fine.

I came home and got cleaned up and then Poppa called and invited us over to my sisters for dinner. So we went over and said hi to my Mom, Sister, and Poppa. Poppa was sitting in the chair with one of the kittens.

Her brother was missing. We searched everywhere for him and couldn’t find him. Mom said that Lumi picked him up in his mouth and that he went missing after that. Lumi was in my Sister’s office for being a brat of a dog. We went outside and looked for her brother, looked in the field, under the cars, under the neighbors patio. No grey kitty. We did dinner (sausage and pasta) for dinner and then I had to come back home to take my medicine. So we said goodbye to everyone and came home. I took my medicine and then we watched some YouTube videos before I went to bed.

I slept okay last night, only waking up once or twice but I was able to get back to sleep. I woke up with my alarm and had a hard time getting going, I was 5 minutes behind on everything I did. I kissed Fiks goodbye, packed my lunch and made my breakfast and headed down to my parents house;

I got there and Gucci was at the gate waiting for me. I gave him his two cookies and checked under his blanket to make sure he wasn’t too hot, and he wasn’t. Then I gave him his breakfast bucket and he seemed happier with me.

I went inside and said hi to Mom, Lumi and Poppa. I sat down and ate my bagel and watched the news for a little while. When it was 10 past, I made up Gucci’s medicine and Poppa and I went and pasted him. He was a good boy for pasting. Then we unloaded the feed I had got yesterday. I went back inside for a while until it was time to go to work.

I got to work fine. Got my parking spot, and then I sat and read my book for a while while listening to music. Then it was time to don my uniform and head into work. Work went find. Didn’t get a lot of podcast listening done because I was talking to the greeters and there was a lot of coin machine usage. But the day was fine, nothing really happened.

I got home and Fiks had the BBQ out and had the steaks ready for cooking. I went and got cleaned up then I made the mashed potatoes (instant). So we had steak and potatoes for dinner and we watched Avatar. I did some more coloring after dinner.

I think I slept okay last night. I only woke up once or twice, I think. I woke up when Fiks woke up at like 530. He said my snoring woke him up, so I feel bad about that. He fell back to sleep on the sofa so I was really quiet getting ready for work when it was time. I made my breakfast and packed my lunch and kissed Fiks goodbye and got to work.

Work was special. I had so many people nearly run into the gate today it was ridiculous. And I got so many glares from the people who didn’t/don’t understand how gates work. But the day was fine otherwise. I listened to my podcasts and music at the end and I read my book.

After work I went to my parents house to say hi to Gucci. I gave him his 2 cookies and got a happy look out of him today, so that was nice.

Lumi almost ran me down when I turned around. Then we went inside. I said hi to Mom and then we went and made Gucci’s medicine. We went outside to paste him and he went out in his paddock, so I kind of had to chase him down. But he did really good minus that. I made up a couple of his buckets, I’ll make more up tomorrow after work when I can get dirty. We went back inside and grabbed stuff for the party Mom was going to and jumped in the truck and I dropped her off at the party and came home.

When I got home from work Fiks put on a Halestorm concert video which made me very happy. It still amazes me how Lzzy can over power every singer in her band/does a duet with. And I just read an article this week on how she has panic attacks and anxiety and depression. And I know I’m not alone on those fronts, my husband has been amazing with that, but I didn’t feel as alone, you know? So we watched the whole concert, which was great.

We continued to watch YouTube videos until it was time for gaming. Then I had Fiks go over my character with me to make sure I knew how to use her skills properly. The game started with my Brother’s character first, since he was the the only one to survive. It made sense. It just took forever for my character to be introduced. And of course she was introduced by breaking into my Brother’s room with his trigger happy character. I left his room and then got shot in the side. Bastard!

I went to bed shortly after. I tried to stay up late but I was just so tired. I woke up at like 145 and came out and Fiks was still on the computer, but gaming was over. He told me what happened to Neive and the rest of the gang and I went back to day. I woke up at 4 again and then just dozed until my alarm went off at 615. I got up and dressed for work and made my breakfast and lunch and then I went off to work.

I got to work okay, and then I spent most of my morning reading and listening to my podcasts. I logged vehicles. I still had people try to sneak in behind others, but no one hit the arm thankfully. The day was just long and dragging for me. I caught myself clock watching numerous times. I listened to some music at the end of the day just to make it go faster.

After work I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci, who seemed happy to see me. I gave him his 2 cookies and some pets and love.

I went inside and said hi to Mom, Poppa, Fiks, and Lumi. Poppa poured me a pink panther as I got a kiss from Fiks. Mom was busy waiting on everything to cook. We tested the roastie potatoes and they were done, just needed some color. Then Fiks and I went outside to make up Gucci’s buckets and he ran into his turnout. I only went into his stall to grab his bucket. When we didn’t go and chase him down and he heard the grain being poured into his buckets he came back into his stall and began supervising. Fiks gave him one bucket for dinner. Then when they were all done we went back inside.

Dinner was almost done, so we just sat around and watched Silence of the Lambs while everything was finishing.

I asked Fiks to run and get my Sister’s birthday card out of the truck for me. Of course that is when my Sister decided to show up. So Fiks was sneaky about bringing it in and then we went and signed it off in another room. I put the card at her place at the table and then I helped Mom with getting stuff for dinner. So we had ham, bread, roasties, and green beans. My Sister opened her card and she liked it, so I think I did good. Her present is running late, so I’ll have to give it to her whenever it shows up.

I made Gucci’s medicine up and then Fiks and I went out to paste him. We still had to chase him down into his turnout, and he did really good. He spat some back out and it landed on Fiks’ shoe, which I found funny. Then we went back in and said goodbye to Mom and my Sister, Poppa had left for church while I was making Gucci’s medicine. Then we came home and I got cleaned up and we started to watch YouTube again.

We took out the garbage and moved the laundry, you know, adult things. Both of us were kind of meh but still had stuff we needed to do. So I got up and started working on Fiks’ birthday cake, and he started working on D&D stuff.

I forgot to take a before photo, so here it is after like 20 seconds of mixing.

About 2 minutes on medium.

I’ve got to make sure that it tastes good and isn’t poisoned. Yes, I did this after pouring the batter into the cake pan. I’m not that bad. Its currently in the oven cooking.

I’ll show you the results next time.

See you next week!

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