Sew what? (Week 17)

Happy Monday!

I slept better on Sunday night that I did the night before, which was nice. And I think Fiks caught up on his sleep too… hopefully. I woke up and watched some Doctor Who, specifically the last episodes of David Tennant.

giphy (65)

Sigh, I don’t want you to go either!

Anyway, after an episode of Doctor Who I got dressed and went over to my parents house. I said hi to Gucci and took off his sheet and then went inside and said hi to my parents. Then I went back outside and let Gucci out for a graze since he hadn’t had one all weekend.


Monster Paint butt!

Anyway, I hung out with him for a while. Man, is he shedding. I can just grab gobs of hair off of him and brush it away with my hand. Then poppa came out and I helped him muck out Gucci’s stall and then he showed me a box that had broken with horse stuff in it. While we were cleaning out the box Gucci came trotting over with his tail high and a few snorts. We put him back in his stall with some bribery with carrots. Afterwards we cleaned out another tub and switched the content of the boxes. It was mostly polo and standing wraps. So at least now I know where to look if we ever go anywhere… which means I still have to find the keys.

Mom’s rose plant is still going strong.


Mom and I went to the fabric store and picked up some interface for my costume. Then we went to a sandwich shop and got some lunch. We both ordered a chicken cesar salad and mom ordered some garlic fries. The portions were huge. We could have shared the chicken cesar salad and been fine. But the garlic fries were amazing!

After lunch we came up to my house and started to play of the pattern on the black velveteen. I’d been afraid to do it all by myself and for good reason. I would have screwed up and had parts of the pattern going in all different directions which would look very weird. My mom helped me make sure that we were following the grain line on the pattern/fabric.


So once we got all the pieces going the right way we started to cut out the pieces, number 3 having to get cut twice because it requires 4 parts.


We even managed to have some fabric left over, we are thinking of making a little bag to go with the dress. We’ll just have to wait and see how everything else goes. After we were done with the black velvet we moved onto the second skirt, which is grey with a pretty pattern in it.


Tuesday I woke up and watched some Doctor Who. Shock, I know. I also worked on the time sheets that work requested. They have us punch in and out over the phone, but now they still need physical time sheets? Seems dumb to me. And they have to be turned in every Friday. So I have to guess when I’m done with work? Or maybe I’ll just send it in when I’m home. They didn’t specify what time on Friday… I dunno. We’ll see what happens.

The landlord came over and took a look at the leaky faucet/sink in the spare/guest bathroom. Helped him out for a little while before I headed to work. Work went fine. One of the tellers there was awesome and got some new kind of cookies for me to try. They were good.


There is this other teller at work who always wears these heels that I would kill myself in. Today was no different.


Wednesday was busy. I had a doctors appointment first thing in the morning, so I went and did that. But first I stopped by the feed store and picked up some pellets for Gucci. I saw the cat ET. He was very happy and warm on his heating pad.

Then I went over to my parents house, said Hi to Gucci who was very grumpy and/or angry with me for some reason. Then I went inside to say hi to my parents. Then back out to let Gucci our for a graze. After his graze he seemed happier with me. I don’t know what put him in a mood, but he was in one.

After I put Gucci back in his stall we worked on getting my moms sewing machine out of her ‘craft room’. We gathered a few other things and then went to Beverly’s to pick up 2 zippers for my costume. One for my skirt and one for my top. Then we went to Safeway so I could pick up my groceries. Considering it was lunch time it wasn’t too horribly busy and I was able to function without my music or podcasts. I had my mom with me so that helped.

Then we came up to my place, unloaded and put things away. The landlord was still working on the bathroom sink. My mom helped me pin the fabric the right ways and made sure that I was doing everything right, then I started sewing the green skirt. Then I did the grey skirt. My sister came over at one point and she hung out and talked with us for a bit while we were sewing and cutting. We almost got the skirt done, but we didn’t have the right foot to sew on the zipper, so we stopped with the skirt. We’ll work on the top on Monday. Woohoo!

On Thursday the land lord came over again and worked on the sink some more. He gave us clearance to use it, but not to put anything underneath it yet. He’s still got to get the mold off the walls that happened because of the leaky sink. Then he left and then it was my time to leave to go to work.

Work was fine. Nothing really happened. I did have the problem lady that asks for people to give her money or get her stuff. I thought I got to her in time but apparently not, she had suckered someone into getting her food.

Friday went fine at the bank. My feet got super sore though, which is unusual for me. But one of the tellers gave me a rubrics cube to entertain myself with.

I’m not going to admit how long this kept me entertained. It might have been the whole shift and I never got it solved. I would get one side solved and then couldn’t get the other sides. So frustrating.

Saturday was fine at work, mostly did the norm of sat in my booth reading my book and listening to podcasts. I did get a phone call around 2pm that a resident had someone try to break in at 830 that morning. They didn’t see the people, and all I could do was make a note of it. They wouldn’t file a police report, but I’m not sure how much good it would have done anyway since they didn’t see the suspects.

After I got off work I went home and got ready for gaming. We’re playing dungeons and dragons 5th edition. Meet my dragonborn Rouge, K’vluck.

We even played a little bit. Fiks and my characters do not get along and just bicker the whole time so far. It’s been fun.

Sunday was fine, if a little dull. I called my parents a couple of times, and then I called Fiks and was on the phone with him until the end of my shift. But I read my book, listened to my podcasts, and did my patrols. I might have been on my phone a little more than normal.

Then I came home. Well, first I swung by the fabric store down the street and picked up some more fabric for my skirt. But not enough. I only got 1 yard, I clearly needed 2. I mean, I have a skirt made, I just don’t fit into it. Which sucks. So I spent my night seam ripping the skirt that I currently have to see if we can make it fit. So here’s hoping that it does. Or I’ll just get more fabric on Tuesday when the store is open again.

That’s it!

Have a week!

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