Goodbye Sherlock (Week 16)

Hey there,

My Monday wasn’t as happy as usual. I woke up with it raining, which is fine, I like the rain. Then I watched The Greatest Showman, finally, and was working on amtgard photos when I got a frantic call from my mom. Sherlock’s cancer tumor in his mouth exploded and was bleeding everywhere. So there’d be no sewing or cutting of fabric today.

I kept working on my amtgard photos until Sherlocks appointment and drove down to meet my parents and Sherlock at the vet. They were kind enough to give us more time with him so we took him for a drive along the beach and through town for a while. Then it was time.

Fiks wanted to be there for him, so we waited for him to show up before we went into the vets. They had the room all ready for us, and we all sat down and gave Sherlock pets until the vet showed up. He gave him a shot to get him drunk and more relaxed.

We gave him more pets as the drugs kicked in, and then the vet came in with the final shot. Sherlock lied his head down and passed away peacefully. We stayed for 5-10 minutes to say our goodbyes and get our last pets in.

Fiks and I stood around and talked about what we wanted to do tonight. We were going to go see a movie and do dinner, but we decided against it. We got some food take away style and came home to watch the San Jose Sharks game. And oh boy, did they kick some ass. 8-1. Damn. In hockey that’s a high scoring game.

Tuesday was okay. I flopped on the sofa and watched some more Doctor Who. Then I went into work. Right off the bat I had a difficult person to deal with who was pissed off at the people in the bank, but came in to use the coin machine and bitch about the people at the bank. I thought that I was going to have to kick her out. But she calmed down after a teller was nice to her and left the bank. The rest of the day went fine. Oh! I met a puppy bull mastiff today, she’s 6 months old and she is huge.


The rest of the shift went fine, I listened to my podcasts and just hung around. Mom invited Fiks and I over for dinner, so I headed to my parents house after work. It was faster to go the back way through the mountains than it was to take the freeway or the city streets. A little bit crazy in my opinion. But it worked out, only took me 25 minutes to get from point A to point B.

I got out of the truck and Gucci was waiting for me at the gate. But I didn’t have any treats so he wasn’t super happy to see me, but he let me give him some pets and cuddles anyway.


Mom had gotten a giant chicken pot pie from Costco. I wish I had taken a photo of it. But it was good, and we had cucumber and snow peas in soy sauce with it. We sat and talked for a little while and then came home so that I could take my nighttime medicine. Fiks approved the photos that I had gone through yesterday so I spent the evening uploading them to Facebook.

Wednesday I had my interview at the vet’s office. So I woke up kind of early to get ready for it.


I got there on time and I petted a puppy to start off my day. She was super sweet and cute. She knew how to sit and how to shake. Then my interviewer came out and introduced herself and then we met other people around the clinic as we did our tour. And man, is it a big vet clinic. Well, it is to me. I’m used to going to the vet where Gucci’s vet works out of and its just one room. Anyway, after the tour I got to sit down at the front and watch how they worked. Its a lot of computer input, which I think I’ll be good at. And phone answering, which I’m sure I’ll be fine with but I haven’t had to answer a phone except my cell in a long time. One of the receptionists let me play around in the program and gave me the basics of how to do it and what to do. I had a really good time there, I hope that I get it. They said that they’d call on Friday and let me know. So… fingers crossed.

After I was done I was meant to pick mom up from her nails. But since my interview went long the lady who does her nails took her home, so I just went straight there, thinking that she was locked out of the house. Got there and nope, she was inside making a sandwich.

After hanging with her I went and said hi to Gucci, and gave him a fresh bale of shavings for the week. I was still dressed up so I didn’t kick them around like I normally do. I left him to kick them around, and what did he go and do, pee in them. Such a boy/horse. Then mom reminded me that I was meant to get hay, so I ran to the feed store in town and got a bale of alf alfa, and then I hit up the grocery store on the way home. I didn’t listen to anything because I didn’t have my headset with me. I then went back to my parents and my mom helped me unload the bale of hay and stick it in the room. Then I came home.

Nothing super exciting on my end happened on Thursday. I woke up, sent someone a photo out of the ones we took, and watched Doctor Who. Then I went to work where nothing really happened. I helped a man with coins at the coin machine. A lot of people came in for the coin machine today, it was… Weird. Like you usually get 1-3 people using it, sometimes no one uses it. But today I had 8 people use it. I stayed at work extra long because one of the tellers didn’t balance at first, then they went and did his drawer again and he balanced.

Fiks had one of his amtgard meetings, so I watched TV and ate pizza. I watched The Incredible Dr Pol while the netting happened and talked wedding stuff with Bill the Nun. She got her venue contract today and had a “holy shit, we’re getting married” moment.

Friday was fine at the bank. It was busy, but fine. Lots of people for the coin machines. I talked with Fiks and Bill the nun for most of the day. And I listened to my podcasts. I didn’t get a call from the vet though. I’m still hoping to get one. But I’m doubting it at this point, and I can’t call and ask because I can’t remember the lady’s name.

So my sister asked me to pick up a dresser from Pier 1. It wouldn’t fit in her car. I said fine and went over after I got off work. It’s in the same complex that I work in, so isn’t out of the way. I go in and I say I have a order to pick up. So the lady goes and looks for it. While I’m standing around I saw this cute cheese platter.

So the lady comes back and asks me if I brought someone with me. I explained it was just me and my pickup. She says it’s too heavy to lift, and that she won’t lift it. I ask if I can see it. So she takes me to the back and shows me the box. Doesn’t look that bad, I can lift an edge up by myself. I ask if they have a dolly, she says yes but she won’t lift it. We hunt down the manager, who says that they’ll load it for me. The woman still insists that she won’t load it, fine, but the other woman will. Yay. So I go to the back, get it loaded up, and off I go.

I got to feed Gucci dinner and have 4 deer run across the driveway in front of me. And their running away winds up Gucci. So he’s all squealing and kicking when I get out of the truck. He’s charging the gate and slamming into it. Just being a hyper pain in the butt. So I give him some alfalfa to calm him down. I put on his blanket and go in the house to get his bucket. Well it needed his medicine put in it, so it took a little longer than normal. I walk out and he’s all snorty and kicking again. I explained to him that he won’t get his dinner unless he calms down. I stand mood change.

Saturday went okay. Fiks left to go to a bell event down where we hold Darkshore and Feast of Mars, so he’s a couple of hours away and probably spending the night. I found a old photo of me and my friend Pansy, whom no longer talks to me thanks to his wife. He was a great friend. So that kind of put me in a funk for the rest of the day.

Then I had to kick a homeless guy out of the golf course/neighborhood, and I did a stupid thing and put him in the truck with me. I mean, nothing happened, but man did he stink. He was trying to get to the beach and somehow wound up in my neighborhood. I took him to the bus stop and let him out there. Then I saw him walking down the freeway on ramp. I felt bad but… nothing I can really do. He wanted me to take him to the beach, I informed him that I’m not allowed to leave the property and the bus stop was the only place I could take him.

I came home to an empty, well, almost empty house. Nightfury came swimming up to the top of his tank when he saw that I was home. So I fed him dinner a little early. I took a shower and grabbed one of Fiks’ t-shirts to wear for the rest of the day. Does anyone else do that? Wear your fiance/boyfriend/girlfriend’s shirt while they are away? It just makes me feel close to them even thought they are far away. Or away from the night.

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with myself tonight. So far I’m watching Doctor Pol. We realized that our DVR is full, so I’ll probably try to make a dent in it. I watched some Big Bang Theory and worked on our gift registries and did some research for our honeymoon on places we want to go and how much its going to cost.

I didn’t sleep really good Saturday night. I’m so used to sleeping with Fiks next to me that it was weird not to have him there. But I found out that he didn’t sleep good last night either, but he was awake bull shitting, drinking, and smoking cigars. So he was having a good time at least.

Sunday went fine. I sat and read my book and listened to podcasts. Talked with Fiks and Bill the nun in the afternoon. Then when I was done with work I went over to my parents for dinner. It was steak, potatoes, and salad. Nom nom nom.

Have a week!


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