Birthday week! (Week 15)

What’s up Monday!

Happy Monday to everyone. I know its the start of most people’s work week, but its one of my days off so I’m allowed to be happy about it.

Lets see, what did I do today. Well, I woke up and watched some of the Yukon Vet and called in Gucci’s prescriptions. Then I went and picked up his prescriptions and swung by the vet that was hiring and gave them a piece of paper that I forgot to turn in with my resume. I hope that they don’t hold it against me. Then I went over to my parents house and visited with Gucci.


He grazed while I cleaned out his food trough. He’s been leaving the big green pellets (alfalfa and grass) behind and eating his senior. So I cleaned out his feeder so that I could keep track of what he’s eating and what he isn’t. I’m mostly concerned that he gets his cushings medicine, because if he doesn’t get it he won’t eat and then I have to paste him, which isn’t fun for anyone. Then I mucked out his paddock for poppa.

I helped poppa install a program on his computer. Man, it took forever! It should have just been a quick install, but because his computer is so old its slow. We decided to do it on the old computer rather than the laptop because he has all his history on that computer and programs (like Microsoft Office) on his computer and not his laptop.

Mom and I went shopping for fabric after I was done with poppa. We got some very nice feeling velveteen at one store. I couldn’t find a patter in the right color so I wanted to go to another fabric store in town. I didn’t get what I originally wanted because they didn’t have it, but I did get something in the right color and in a fairly cool pattern. I think that it’ll go well together.


I’m making this for Darkshore, specifically Fiks’ knighting. Black velveteen and green are the colors in his garb, so I wanted to make something that will sort of match. I didn’t get anything for the belt, I’m just going to wear my amtgard belt over it.

I spent my night watching Doctor Who and looking and Fiks’ Dungeon Master book for Dungeons and Dragons. I think I found a race I want to play, but I don’t know what class I want to be yet.

Tuesday was okay. I didn’t want to wake up so I was lazy and put on more Doctor Who. I also found out that I didn’t even place in the rose coloring contest, so that sucked. Fiks and I think that the photo didn’t do it justice. I got dressed and went into work and listened to my podcasts. I was listing to one, Beautiful Anonymous which had this guy who had a girlfriend who was depressed, anxious, and suicidal and how helpless he feels that he can’t help her and all the stress it puts on him. Made me think about my bad days and how hard it must have been on Fiks. Needless to say it put me in a funk for the rest of the day, even with a quick kiss from Fiks.

When I got home I checked the mail for my movie that I ordered and it has come in! I don’t know when I’m going to watch it. Probably tomorrow while Fiks is at work. He’s not huge into musicals like me, and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack at least once a week. Yup, I finally got The Greatest Showman movie.


Wednesday Fiks stayed home sick. So it put a slight flaw in my master plan, but that’s okay. Instead of watching The Greatest Showman I’m going to be cutting out my dress pattern with my mom. So that’ll be good.

But I went to the grocery store and listened to The Magic Tavern again. I had this guy approach me asking for money, I told him I didn’t have any. Then he said if he gave me a list would I buy it for him then. I said no, again. Pushy little bugger. But the rest of the grocery store went fine.

Then I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci and everyone, sat down with my mom and poppa for a little bit. And the dog.


Sherlock isn’t doing too well. He has a cancerous growth on the side of his mouth that just keeps growing and it smells foul. I don’t know how much longer the poor guy has. He’s clearly not feeling good.

I went outside and helped poppa with something, and then I let Gucci out for his graze while I put a new bale of shavings down in his stall and gave him some lunch all-in-one. I made up his breakfast and dinner buckets while I was out there, and he just kept grazing. I wanted to take a photo with him, but he was being uncooperative so I didn’t get a good one of me and him.


When he was done grazing I gave him a carrot and he followed me into his stall and then he dived into his all in one. I went back inside and looked for mom. That’s when we came up with the plan of cutting fabric while she’s waiting for the dog’s grooming appointment. Its in the same town, I don’t know where exactly though. While we were talking my sisters cat Lincoln came up for a pet. My parents are cat sitting while she’s out of town for the week.


My mom came over and helped me with my darkshore dress. We cut out the skirt for the dress, went and got more fabric for the secondary skirt, and then my mom had to leave. I was comfortable cutting more of the skirt out, but when it comes to my velveteen… I don’t wanna! I’m scared!

Its so pretty and soft… And the exact yardage, so no room for screwing up. I think that’s what scares me most.

On Thursday while I was getting dressed for work I got a phone call from the vet that I dropped off my resume at. They really liked my resume and I’m doing a working interview next Wednesday. I thanked Bill the Nun since she’s the one who found me the job. I just hope it goes well and that they like me in person enough to give me a job.

I went to work and there was another security guard there already. I was so confused. And I couldn’t punch in. The other security guard said that they were there to cover my shift, and I was more confused. I texted my boss and asked what was going on, and they said I had requested the time off. They showed me the time off slips and everything. Well I had gone and mixed up the dates. I put 4-11-13 down instead of 5-11-13. Woopsie. Needless to say my boss was a little tiffed with me.

But the shift went fine. I did have to tell someone to leave the property because he’s got a restraining order against him. I think I talked about him last week. At the end of the shift they were talking about something positive happening to them, and they asked me and I said I got to come to work with you guys. I really like the people at this branch.

Friday was Gucci’s birthday. He turned 21 today. But celebrating had to wait until I got off work. Which went fine. I listened to my podcasts, ate a healthy lunch of salad. Then I went over to my parents and unloaded the feed that I picked up yesterday. But not before giving Gucci his birthday present!

He wasn’t impressed with poppa and mines singing. We quickly unloaded the truck and then I said bye to everyone, gave Gucci a goodbye carrot and headed home. I kind of quickly changed and packed and off we went! To jack in the box down the street where Fiks was denied a chocolate milkshake.

On the road we went, and then we got sidetracked, well when I say we I mean he, and on a quest for Korean pear juice. Apparently it’s meant to help with hangovers. We’ll find out. But we came across some cool things, like this fruit…

And all these abalone…

And we found pocky and strawberry kit kat’s…

After some more driving we went across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco…

We arrived at Bill the nuns house at 10ish, so not too bad. We said hi to the cats, ate some very late dinner, jumped in the hot tub and then went to bed. This is duds.

Saturday started off with the cat, Jones, staring at us from the windowsill at the butt crack of dawn. This is Jones.

It’s also my brother’s birthday, so I texted him happy birthday since we’ll see him tomorrow. Then we had waffles. Then we got ready and went to the park.

Crimson wood was a gracious host for the kingdom event. I took a lot of photos. Some of them we used to help call calls. Instant replay is what it was called. I’ll probably post a link to the photos next week.

Bill the nun hosted a little party after the park day. She had like 10 other amtgarders over. Half of us stayed inside and watched the Sharks playoff game, the other half sat outside and talked. I was in the watching the sharks group.

In the morning I rolled over and opened my eyes and saw Jones was stalking us again.

We hung out for a little while and then worked our way home for my brother’s birthday. We stopped for lunch at In-N-Out burger. Traffic was mostly okay coming home, hit a few spots of traffic though.

We went over to my brother’s house for his birthday. We had fish tacos, yum. Then my brother opened up his presents, with help from his daughter of course And his wife opened her present…And then my brother started playing with his daughter…

And that was it.

Just keep swimming!

Or have a week! Which do you guys prefer?

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