A lot of text (Week 14)

Happy Monday!

Lazy Monday. Well, mostly lazy morning Monday. I watched Monk to wake up after I woke up. Then I went over to my parents house to see Gucci and do some cleaning. He wasn’t very cooperative for a photo today.


I let him out to graze and he didn’t really want to graze, so we walked around for a while and he followed me. That’s why there’s no halter on in this picture. Normally there would be if we were going for a walk. But it was just so peaceful having him walk next to me of his own choice for a while. We did stop and graze a little bit.

I then put him away and scrubbed his dinner and breakfast buckets. Then when poppa came home we cleaned out his water bucket, which was gross. His water was black, I can’t even remember the last time we cleaned it out. I need to be better on that. Then we cleaned out a tub which had a ring around it.

Poppa pealed me a blood orange (one of my favorites!) for lunch, and then cut some ham left over from dinner last night to bring home. But first I swung by work and requested next weekend off for Crown Quals at Crimson Wood. It’ll be a chance for me to mess around with my new camera before Darkshore, where I am taking photos of people on the Iron Throne.

Tuesday went okay mostly. I spent the morning trying to wake up and watching Doctor Who. Work went fine, it was mostly slow then it was slammed for the last 15 minutes, and we had one member stay for 20 minutes past closing. She was trying to argue her car payment due date with the manager.

I was talking with Bill the Nun and Laoric at work. Laoric wants to start a new Dungeons and Dragons role playing group and have it at our place. It’ll be easier now since we have a second sofa. It’ll be a couple of weeks before we start gaming, but I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve missed it.


I asked Bill the nun to come down and take some photos of Fiks, Gucci and I for our save the date cards. She said yes. We started talking what kind of photos we wanted and she went onto Pinterest and found some cute ideas I want to do/try. Hopefully the weatherman will be wrong and it won’t be raining all day on Saturday so we can take the photos.

I went to bed and tried to sleep but I couldn’t. So I decided to get up and work on this. Its like my brain won’t shut off, its just teaming with ideas and errands that I need to do before Saturday, and tomorrow is the only day I can really do it. Like I need to get my eyebrows done, and then I’d like to go and get a manicure for my fingernails so they look pretty in the photos. So yeah, I have a feeling that Wednesday will be busy. I just hope that I can get to sleep.

So I wasn’t able to get to sleep until 530-6 in the morning. I read, I took a bath, I listened to my audio book, I watched 2 movies. I just could not sleep. But at least I got some. Slept from 530/6-10, so I got 4 1/2, 4, hours. I’ve been yawning off and on all day because of it. But I managed to go to the grocery store and do our shopping. I picked mom up from her nail lady. We went and got Gucci a new halter and lead rope for his birthday, along with a new pair of bell boots that match for Saturday.

After we unloaded Gucci’s hay and put it in its new place we got him out and let him graze for a few minutes while I got the clippers ready to trim him up for Saturday. I trimmed his whiskers, under his chin, cleaned up the feathers that were growing on his legs. Not actual feathers, its just what they are called when hair on the legs get super long. Its not my best job, but its better than nothing.

I went and got my eye brows waxed so they are now clean and under control. After that I went and got my nails done. I was going to get a french manicure but I didn’t want to wear acrylic nails, and I couldn’t pick what color glitter to go with so I just went with a clear polish. They’re all nice and shiny now.

Thursday rolled around with Bill the nun sending me a text for a job at a local vet. I don’t know why she was looking for a vet job in my area, but I’m grateful that she was. I’ll print out my resume and drop it off tomorrow.

I spend the rest of my morning watching Doctor Who. I finished the 9th Doctor’s season and I’m on 10th, my favorite, with David Tennant playing the Doctor. happy doctor who GIF-source

Well, my favorite of the new series. I’ll always be a Sylvester McCoy kind of gal. Maybe I just have a thing for Scottish Actors… Wait, I know that I have a thing for Scottish actors.

I went into the bank and thought its started off slow it was okay. Well mostly. We did have a person who had a restraining order against him come into the bank. Apparently he’s not allowed within 100 yards of any of the branches of the bank. He used the ATM, which he wasn’t meant to, came in saying that the ATM ate his card. The manager asked him to leave, and this is where I came in. I’ve been kicking myself and my lack of action all afternoon. They explained to him that he needed to leave and that the police will be called. I should have escorted him from the building at that point. I don’t know why I didn’t. I think that I was trying to gather more information on why he wasn’t allowed in the branch. So he left under his own will after a few more times of saying the police are going to be called. The branch still called the police after he left, gave them his description and direction of travel. They couldn’t find him by the time the police arrived.

The rest of the day went fine. It was just dragging on for me, even though I was listening to podcasts. It just wouldn’t speed up. The bank was slow for most of the time I was there. We did have a few rushes, like we always do. But yeah, the rest of the day went fine.

I spent most of the night creating our wedding website and registry’s. Fiks spent the night reading the new Dungeons and Dragons book he got.

I didn’t sleep Thursday night/Friday morning. I finally fell asleep around I wanna say 530-6 and then was up by 8. Needless to say I’m exhausted again today. I was really tempted to get the chair to sit on at the bank, but I was strong and managed to stand for all my time there. I spent most of my day talking with Bill the nun and Fiks.

Saturday was okay at work. There was a gold tournament all weekend, so I had a lot of people coming in to watch golf. I don’t get it. I find the game boring and watching it boring, but to each his own.


I was excited for most of the day because Bill the nun and her fiance were coming down to take save the date photos of Fiks, Gucci and I. So I got off work and went to my parents house and got Gucci ready for the shoot. He had decided to roll in the mud and coat his neck and mane, and his tail was knotted too. But the shoot went fairly well. We got some cute photos out of it, and some funny ones.

Afterwards we went to sushi where Bill the nun ordered a roll called Monkey Brains. It was avocado, crab meat, spicy tuna, and it was all deep fried. I didn’t have any, but the portions were huge! Like cut an avocado into 1/4’s and that’s how big the pieces were. I just had my tuna roll and a chicken teriyaki roll because I was hungry.

Sunday was fine, it just dragged on and on. More people came in to watch the golfing. I read my book and listened to my podcasts. One had me really excited because it had Alan Alda on it and he’s making a podcast too. So I’m super excited about that. Then I went over to my parents for dinner. And that’s pretty much it.

Have a week!

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