I think I found it…(Week 13)

Happy Monday,

This morning Gucci had an appointment with the farrier, so I woke up early and went over to my parents house. I hung out with my mom for a bit, then I let Gucci graze for a while and walked him around before the farrier showed up. Came across this pretty rose because Gucci tried to eat it.


The farrier was really happy with his feet, and we did the same kind of shoes this time. He seems happy in them, so why change it, right?


I think he got overwhelmed at one point. He had three people working on him at once. The farrier, the assistant, and an apprentice.


See? He’s got pretty new hooves. Oh, and he broke a bell boot over the weekend, so he’s only wearing the one right now. Goofball.

I hung out at my parents for a while, gave Gucci his lunch, made up his breakfast and dinner buckets and took off. They had something they had to get ready for and didn’t really need me hanging around. I decided to go to Best Buy on my way home, and I kind of went a little crazy. I’ve seen 4 of the movies that I bought. One is meant to be good (Coco) and then I just took a leap on Table 19, because it has Anna Kendrick in it. I really enjoy her in movies.

I watched Pitch Perfect 3 and Table 19. Table 19 was cute. It had the boy from The Grand Budapest Hotel in it too. I did some coloring at night while watching A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix.

Tuesday I woke up with a bad migraine, so I didn’t go into work. I took my medication and when Fiks came home he was awesome and made me a cup of tea, for the caffeine. It worked for a while, which was nice. While I was coloring he decided to whip out the camera and play with it. I hid for most of the photos but he did get a nice one of me.

After dinner we went and got ice-cream. Fiks got me laughing by driving like a T-Rex.

He got lavender and green tea. I got salted Caramel and orange sherbet.

Wednesday I went to the grocery store and got our stuff for the week. Instead of music I listened to Hello from the Magic Tavern, its a podcast set in the world of Foon. I went to my parents when I was done and got Gucci out for a little while to let him graze.

Mom had to run an errand before I could leave, so she did that and I hung out with Poppa for a while. And gave Gucci a fresh bale of shavings.

After mom got back we took off so I could come home and drop off my grocery’s before we went dress shopping. But because we left so early we hit up Costco. Wait, let me rephrase that, we got lost, and then we found Costco. After chasing my sister around Costco, we got some lunch there. I forgot how huge their slices of pizza are, so I only ate about half of it, saving the other half for later was my goal.

We then set off for the dress shop, BoLee Bridal. We also had a little adventure finding the dress shop. But we did find it and were greeted warmly. They had a form for me to fill out and my lady asked what kind of dresses I liked. A-Line’s or not super poofy ball gowns.

So she made a selection and the first dress I tried on I really liked. Like none of the others compared to how I liked this dress. I’m going going to share much about it, since I know Fiks reads this blog, or people would tell him. All I’m going to say is its by Stella York.

Thursday was fine. I went to work okay and listened to podcasts. Oh, there was one difficult member at the bank right when I started. She was just rude and talking over the teller who was trying to help her. After I got off work we did dinner at my sister’s place, and everyone was there. So it was kind of awkward for me, but I did get to sit next to my niece who just kept stuffing her face full of fruit. It was cute.

Friday went okay. I worked at the bank and nothing really happened. I talked with Fiks and bill the nun to hep me get through my day. I had this crow cawing at me while I was eating my lunch.

I came home after work and we decided to go to sushi for dinner. Jumped on the bandwagon as it were. I had numerous people on Facebook having sushi that night. We talked wedding stuff, like doing a photo session with Gucci for our save the dates, trying to pick out a location from there and discussing the face that we needed to do it soon for my family in Europe to save up since they need more time. We also filled out the paperwork for our venue and turned it in.

Saturday went fine. It was mostly a quiet day filled with golfers because it was nice and warm and sunny. I sat and read my books. Oh, they do have us logging cars coming in again, so I wasn’t totally bored out of my skull. I had a lot of people stop for me actually, and most of them did it on there own, so that was nice. I discussed with one of the residents how nice it would be if we had a stop sign back or if we could control the gate to stop people from speeding through.

Then I came home and did some coloring. There was a coloring contest for one of the awards in Amtgard; The order of the Rose. We had a blank template that we needed to color in and submit. It took me numerous tries but I finally got one that I really liked and submitted it before I went to bed. I used colored pens (some with glitter in them) and colored pencils. I watched the new series of Unfortunate Events while I was coloring.

Happy Easter!

Sunday was Easter, but I still had to work. It was cold when I first got to work, had a massive fog bank, so big that I couldn’t see the beach from the top of the hill, or the trees. But I talked with my cousin in Europe for most of the morning. She sent me this cute picture of my nephew and a dog. Super cute.

Work went fine. I got bored towards the end of it and started bugging Fiks and Bill the nun for entertainment. I think I got bored because I ran out of podcasts to listen to. I did listen to some music instead. Then I was off work and onto my parents to pick up Fiks to go and feed Smoke.


He would not cooperate for a photo. All he wanted was food. He also had some kind of wound under his cheek that I’m going to have to inform his owner about when they get home tomorrow.

We then went back to my parents and did family Easter dinner with one of my poppa’s friends. We had ham, snow peas, roastie potatoes, and yams. I even had a little champagne. It was a good time. Oh, and we had cherry pie for desert!


After dinner I went and put on Gucci’s blanket for the night, and Fiks came with me. He decided to try to annoy Gucci, and I think it worked. He looks so perturbed by his finger.


And that was it.

Have a week!

horse GIF-source

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