Lets Get Physical (Week 12)

Hey there,

So Monday was my trail day at the feed store down the street. It started at 930 and went until 6. Man, I forgot how physical feed stores are. And all I did was pricing, stocking, helping with ordering, and running lists out to the guys who are the loaders. I didn’t lift any more than 40lbs, but I’m so fat and out of shape that it took my breath away walking around with the bags. So I’m pretty sure that I would lose some weight there, especially if today is a normal day.

But I met the other kitty. His name is Little Lion. All I saw him do today was lie around until the end when I saw him walk towards his food dish which was full.


I also met the managers dog, his name is Bowie. I’m sorry it isn’t a great picture, he was a wiggle worm. Apparently he’s normally calmer than he was today. He’s a terrier blue nose pit bull mix, and he is a sweetheart.


I was outside pricing some dog treats on top of a coup. A coup you may ask yourself, yes, a coup with a real live chicken inside. Apparently she’s one of the store’s mascots. I don’t remember her name, I’m sorry. But she’s cute…. For a chicken…


I got a half hour lunch, and so I just stayed and hung out in the feed store. Well, in the area where they keep the feed bags. I was planning on doing and errand on lunch, but I forgot. And then when I came back I measured and weighed out 5lb bags of assorted feeds and stuff.

The day went fine, they were always giving me something to do. I didn’t get to jump on the registers today, and that’s fine with me. I did shadow people who were on the registers though, and I ran lists out to the guys for loading to help them out.

But yeah, it was fun and its a totally different pace from security work, which is what I’m looking for. And its close to home, a 5 minute walk down the street. So I wouldn’t have to drive to work anymore, which would save on gas and miles on my truck.

Tuesday was meh. I had to kick 4 homeless guys away from the bank because they were making people uncomfortable and stopping them from using the atms. So that sucked. One of the guys clearly wasn’t all there. He said he had an atm card and the machine ate it, but there was no card in the atm. So he had to go too.

I got a call from the feed store. They told me they had a few more interviews and trial days to do before they decided on someone. So my hopes of a new job kind of plummeted.

But I did get to talk to a DJ place about the wedding. He gave us a price for the DJ and for a photo booth. So that was kind of exciting.

Wednesday was wet. Very wet. I woke Fiks up with kisses, much to his annoyance. We then gathered up our recycling and loaded it up in the truck, in the rain, and went to the recycling center. The guy there was kind of a jerk. But we got through it okay. It was just pissing down rain the whole time.

We then went to my parents house and said hi to Gucci.

He’d been out in the rain and had gotten muddy. We then went inside and talked to my parents about wedding stuff. We went over the budget and what we needed help with. My parents were awesome and said they’d help us out, which was nice. I was so anxious and nervous to ask them, Fiks said that I was shaking at one point.

We went to the grocery store and got what we needed for the week. I didn’t listen to anything because I had Fiks with me. And we seemed to get through the store fairly quickly.

We then swung by the Hilton and got some paperwork from them in order to book the weekend for our wedding. We still have to go over it and correct some things. But while we were waiting there was this cute dog being dog sat and was just wondering around happily.

We then quickly rushed home and put groceries away. Fiks saw this guy while we were moving cars around.

Then we rushed downtown to where we had our cake tasting.

The cupcakes were amazing. We picked 6, three each, but we got to taste all of them. Well, Fiks did. One was coffee and one had a nut extract in it so I didn’t have it. But we liked 3 cupcakes enough to put an order in and book them for the wedding. We got 3 to give to my parents to taste and went back to their house. They enjoyed what we had picked for the cupcakes. Before we left we went and saw Gucci and gave him some carrots.

Thursday was a little bit odd. Fiks basically didn’t have any work and was home before 10. We snuggled on the sofa for a bit and then he went back to bed and passed out. I continued to watch Monk. I woke him up when it was time for me to leave for work. I needed him to move his car out of the garage so I could get out.

On my way down the hill I kept seeing Fire Engines and Police vehicles on all the over passes. I didn’t know what was going on. There were two motorcycle units waiting at the bottom of the freeway to escort whatever was going on. I later found out it was for Operation Surf.


But the bank went okay, I didn’t have to kick anyone out of the way, and I was backup for a teller with a difficult customer. I hit up the feed store on my way home and got what I needed for Gucci.

Friday rolled around and I was so, so, so, so tempted to call out sick. I just didn’t want to go into the bank today. But I went and got there okay. I listened to podcasts all day, had lunch, listened to more podcasts. It went okay at the bank, it was just busy.

I also got a phone call from Katie right after I got back from lunch. I didn’t get the job. They needed someone straight away and I had to give my 2 weeks notice to my security job. Well they found someone who could start straight away. It sucked getting the news. I keep getting excited about jobs because I think I’m going to get out of security finally, and then I don’t get it.

After work I went over to my parents house to drop off the feed. Well my poppa had been working on the feed area because one of the tarps that we use as a wall tore in half. So he had pulled all the feed and buckets and everything out, and he came across two big mice. On closer inspection I discovered that it was actually a baby bunny. So that is now bunny corner since the baby wouldn’t move the entire time that we were putting feed away. I just hope that its okay.


So I helped poppa unload the truck and then put everything back where it belonged, unless it lived in bunny corner, then it had to get a new home. Most of the stuff just got moved to the front of the barn.


Saturday went fine. We had a little rain at the golf course during the morning. But nothing really happened. I sat and read my books and listened to some podcasts and then some music. I’m reading the Fever series. I’m really enjoying it.

There is a competition in amtgard to redesign and color one of the awards that is handed out. So I’ve been doing a lot of coloring the past couple of days. I think I have the design then I do something to muddy it up. Like the colors don’t coordinate or the gold isn’t bright enough, stuff like that.

Oh my god. I just found out that a friend passed away. I’m up at 2am on Sunday because.. well, I woke up. I’m on the computer to re-download a book to my kindle and to print out some forms and was on Facebook and some of my friends kept posting sweet things, loving things. And then I saw his name and I…I can’t believe it. I would always dance with this Guy at Darkshore and Feast of Mars, whichever he made it out to. He was a great friend and I will miss him. I can’t believe he’s gone.


I’ll miss dancing with you, Aagard.

I’m not really sure what to say now. Thoughts of Aagard ruled my day. I read books at work. I wasn’t really into work today. Understandably.

Have a week!

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