An Expensive Day

Hey everyone,

So today has kind of been an expensive day, and I hadn’t even left the property to do it. I had the vet come out and check Gucci over, taking X-rays of his feet and such. Trying to figure out why he’s been so lame and why his appetite has been so poor.

First we did his feet with the shoes on. We cleaned off his hooves and then asked him to stand on some blocks so that the vet wouldn’t catch the gravel/ground in the images. We did lateral x-rays of both feet to check that none of his bones had rotated or had done something equally as horrible (my huge fear was that his coffin bone had rotated and had punctured through the sole of his foot and that it would be unfixable so we’d have to put him down). But his coffin bone was fine, his feet actually looked pretty good in the x-rays.

The vet said that she wanted more toe off and a bigger angle on his shoe to help him out a bit more. He also has white line disease, which sucks because with his current style of sneaker shoe, I have a really hard time treating it. I have a really hard time seeing too since I only get a little hole to check out his entire foot with. Makes it difficult for me to check or take care of anything regarding his hoof minus just picking out that little hole.

She noticed that his knee was swollen and that Gucci was unable to flex it to the proper point. She figured this out by doing a flexion test, he couldn’t get the back of his foot up to his elbow, which he is meant to be able to do. So we took an xray of his knee as well. He has some arthritis in his knees that are acting up and making them all swollen. Poor guy.

We then moved on to taking photos of his navicular bone.


His navicular bone is still degenerating, and was worse than the images from 2013. But that’s kind of expected when your horse has navicular disease. Sorry, I didn’t get to see the images of that, so no images to share with you.

We also tested him for ulcers to see if that would explain his lack of appetite, and he came back positive for hind gut ulcers. So now he has to go on a medication for that. But thankfully he didn’t come back positive with stomach ulcers. The medication for the stomach ulcers is $900 a month, and he’d need a full months treatment if that was the case. But for his hind gut ulcers he just needs a medicine that is around $100 a month, expensive, but a lot cheaper than the alternative.

And that’s been it for today. I came back home to grab my clothes for the next couple of days for work (horses and security), and I fed Stormfly some lunch.

Oh, Fiks also announced Darkshore XX today and did a little teaser to its theme. I’m super excited. We are working on getting some fundraiser stuff in so we can start crafting ASAP so its all ready in time.

I didn’t really do too much yesterday, it was just raining and so I stayed inside with the fire and play Final Fantasy XV for a few hours. I finally got to the chocobo forest and did the mission so that I could start riding them. Yay.

This is not me racing the chocobo’s but its still pretty cool.

Alright, that’s it for the day,

Just keep swimming!


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