Catch Up

Hey everyone.

I’m back!

I know that I was quiet there for a little over a week, but it’s really hard to do blogs from my phone for some reason. I think I just don’t like doing it with the small screen and everything.

But lets do a quick catch up.

First, the books.

I am still reading A Gathering of Shadows, but I finished off The Rook. I’ve read and finished The Ciphers of Muirwood, How to train your dragon 5 & 6, I also started a new series called the Burbon Street Boys. The series is just for some light easy reading.I’m finding A Gathering of Shadows, while an excellent book, a little heavy for me right now. But as much of it as I’ve read, I still recommend it.


Gucci has been doing okay. He got new shoes last week, and then threw two of them. Thankfully I was able to recover both of them for the farrier so he didn’t charge me for needing to put new shoes on.

He’s still eating kinda funny. He’s eating roughly a flake of hay a day (he used to eat 2), and 2 buckets of grain a day. And they aren’t full buckets. I’m not really sure how I’m going to put all the weight back on him. His new medicine from Platinum Performance showed up, and while it has a scent to it, which I was worried about him being okay with, he’s still eating it. But you can’t change or add to his food, he just throws it on the ground or around in his bucket and just leaves it there and eats all the hay. It’d be fine if he didn’t need to get his medicine now twice a day.


(Note: Not a current photo of him)


We finally announced our theme for Darkshore. You ready?

Click to build up anticipation











Here’s the link to the page with all of the information

Darkshore XX: Labyrinth

I’d love to see everyone there!

And that’s basically been it, just been working otherwise.

Short and sweet. Back to reading… or maybe a nap.

Just keep swimming!


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