Saturday thru Tuesday

I started this on Saturday night.


I’m not  really sure on what to talk about today.

I’m sitting at the computer while my boyfriend plays Final Fantasy. I watched him play for a little while when I was reading my book. But now I finished it (Wrong place, right time) and I couldn’t seem to get back into A Gathering of Shadows tonight. Well, I guess that this will all be from last night or a few nights ago depending on when I post this.

I feel tired, like I could crawl into bed and just pass out for the evening, but its only 2020, so a little too early for bed for me. Just a little while more.

Oh, so tonight I worked on getting my new dental insurance card because I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday to get a crown put on one of my teeth. Since my insurance has changed I hope that they will still take me, other wise this will suck and be stupidly expensive. Its going to be stupidly expensive anyways.

I know that I haven’t talked about my horse job in a while, and that’s okay. Right? I mean everything is going fine there. I just… I just don’t feel like working there anymore. I don’t feel like working my security job anymore either. I just don’t want to work. I’m not being lazy or selfish by saying that I don’t want to work, I mean I still go and do it, I’m just reluctant to go in.

I really want to go back to school and start working on my vet tech degree, but I have so much to do before I even get there, which sucks. I have math, biology and chemistry to go through just before I can even apply to get into the program. I didn’t need the level of math or any biology or chemistry classes for the degrees that I was going for (Criminal Justice and Liberal Arts and Sciences). But now I wish I did. I wish that I could go back in time and take the classes and just go into the vet tech program instead of doing the law enforcement thing. I made some great friends during the law enforcement thing, so I don’t regret the time at all. But I just wish I did the vet tech thing sooner, you know?

Monday Fiks had the day off from work and we hung out a lot together, yay! We went over to my parents house and helped a little with Gucci. We also watched The Secret Life Of Pets, which was really cute, both of us were laughing. And then we started watching Stranger Things on Netflix. Talk about a genera jump, huh?

We also held a little meeting with our team about Darkshore. We just went over some basic stuff and tried to touch base with everyone on certain things. I think that it went fairly well. We are hoping to hold another meeting some time after SKBC in February. But we have stuff to work on and fine tune until then, so we won’t be sitting around twiddling our thumbs.

So I was bad and I downloaded two new books: Werewolf cop and Titans. I was duped by Werewolf Cop, it is not about a cop who is a werewolf. Even though I read the little blurb about it I thought it was going to be paranormal story with a werewolf. Well, it hasn’t turned out that way yet, but I am still enjoying the book surprisingly. I do like crime stories too, so it worked out. I haven’t started Titans yet, that will be my next book after A Gathering of Shadows.

Today is Tuesday so that means horses. I did not take any photos because I was busy lunging horses. I think I ended up working 6 or 7 horses today. We had to to today’s horses and the ones that they didn’t get to yesterday. I just lunged horses because I did something to my back and it basically hurts all the time right now. I’m hoping that I just pulled something/slept funny. But all of the horses were good today pretty much. No one fell down or off, and there were no other injuries, which is good.

After that I went and saw Gucci who was just hanging out. He’s still super lame, not really sure on what to do to fix that. He’s on 2 grams of bute twice a day right now. I’ve tried him on previcox but it didn’t seem to work and I had to literally shove my arm up his mouth to get the pill to the point where he couldn’t spit it out.

I guess thats it for the day.

Tomorrow I go into the dentist and get a crown put on. So there might or might not be a blog, depends on how I feel afterwards.

Just keep swimming!


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