Lame horses

You know, when you’ve been ill for 3 days and unable to keep anything down, going into work is really difficult. But I made it in anyways. So point for me I guess. 

My morning started off with riding Jack. My energy level was not up for riding the slug bug. He takes a lot to get him going and to keep him going. 

After Jack I got out Mini and Dude, who were both lame. I then got out Coco and lunged her. It’s like she forgot how to canter. She’d trot as fast as her legs would go, but would not canter for me today. It was frustrating to say the least. 

After Coco I got out Marley. Marley was a pretty good boy for being… Well, Marley. He catered both ways and trotted for me fairly quiet and sane. It was nice. 

I then did buckets and pills. Then I was asked to do Butters. We went in the round pen and she would not go until she rolled. Which is something that I’m getting used to. I don’t event bother trying to make her work until she’s rolled. But once she rolled we trotted around for a little bit. 

Then I was done at the barn for the day. I picked up some feed for Gucci and dropped that off. Picked up a few things from the grocery store that I forgot to tell Fiks to get last night. And yeah, that’s been my day. 

Just keep swimming! 

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