2 day catch up 

Today I went into security job work. They are having a garden tour going on here, so lots of guests. I didn’t go into any of the houses on the tour, but I hope they’re gardens are fantastic. I really do.

We got a new new chair at work which has a higher seat, so people can see me now. Yay. And I can see out. Double yay. 

So yesterday my ride along turned into a sit along. They hired someone to do the ride along while I was at darkshore. Which sucks. So the job is mostly office work. No idea how much it pays and probably no benefits. So I’d have to keep the security job. 

I don’t know what to do. Do I take the new job and get money and saving it for the wedding, or do I go to school? I want to do both but I don’t think that’s possible. Which sucks. 

Then last night I find out that my fiancé has been throwing me under the bus. Playfully of course. But whenever someone asks for details he goes ‘she’s been ill since I proposed, so it hasn’t come up.’ Sneaky git. 

For me it hasn’t come up. Or I haven’t brought it up. I love him. I do. And I do love the fact we’re engaged. I just don’t have as many friends to tell as he does. Or maybe it’s because I don’t like making myself the center of attention. A little of colum A a little of colum B. 

Just keep swimming! 

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