I’m so excited… 

Blog on a Wednesday, weird huh? Makes up for Monday I guess. 

Fiks and I woke up early today and got a good start on the day. We started off with by packing for Darkshore. I’ve got most of my stuff packed. Fiks is already done. Boys huh? 

We did a few things around the apartment and then we settled down and had a nice cuppa tea. As we were loading up his car I got a phone call from the vet I turned my resume in with gave me a phone call. They wanted to offer me a ride along to see if I work well with the job. Of course I said yes and set it up for next Friday. I’m super excited about it. 

I told my parents about it and they seemed happy for me. We loaded up the truck with what we brought in the car. I think its going to take multiple loads to get everything brought over. 

Gucci threw a shoe last night, so I had to put and easy boot on his hoof. The farrier is going to come on Friday for him. My farrier was at the Kentucky Rolex last week. I watched the horse the was there with, they did fairly well. Didn’t place in the top 10 or anything, but they did good at their first 4**** event. 

We also did a final dress fitting after all the mods we did to it. And it fit perfectly. I won’t show you the whole thing, but here’s a preview… 

Just keep swimming! 

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