Darkshore XX day 2

So last night we did the early bird tournament, iron man style. It’s where people fight for 30 minutes and whoever has the most wins, wins. And the winner was Belias, so he won the Ludo plush for the first battle game. 

After that we wandered around and talked to people. And then we decided to out up the castle. It took a few tries, but once we got going it took us about an hour to get the whole thing up. I don’t think that’s too bad. Here it is in the morning. 

And here’s the backside of one of the towers. 

The first battle game went well. It was stealing Toby from Sara. We ran the game 3 times and the goblins won by winning the game in 6:30 the final round. Bill the nun who is playing Sara has the worm relic, which makes the person immune to control. 

The next game was ‘she said down’. It was humans versus goblins again, and there were 5 flags, up went to the humans, down went the to goblins. It was a pretty even game, but the goblins ended up winning that game too. And Jereth made an appearance in the game too. 

Pretty good, huh? 

After that was the obilett game, where they had to run around a maze, collect cards, and return them to base. All while avoiding the cleaners (siege), Hoggle, Ludo and his rocks. We were worried about the sides but it seemed to hold up pretty well. 

I needed to have some time to myself so I went and lied down in our tent for a while. When I finally decided to play no one was playing anymore. Bloody typical. 

Just keep swimming! 

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