Migraine Friday…

Hi everyone

giphy (33)

Yay for Friday!

I woke up with a migraine this morning, so I ended calling out sick from work. I stayed in the bedroom for a while, where it was cool, quiet and dark. I stayed in bed reading for a little while. And that is what I’ve done with most of my day is reading. Once either my migraine medicine kicked in or it started to subside, I turned on the TV for a little background noise.

I spent some time coloring today. Something that I haven’t done in a long time but I’ve seemed to pick it back up this week. It mostly started when I couldn’t get to sleep. It’s a cat picture, but I’m going through and using every color in my colored pencil set just to try for a different look. I think its coming out pretty cool. I’ll post a picture of it once its done.

I also decided to straighten my hair today, something I haven’t done in a while. I think it’s because I’ve been having to take a shower every day with working with horses. Sadly, it’s not a red as it used to be, and I think its because most of the dye is coming out in my helmet when I’m riding and sweating. My helmet is slowly turning pink on the inside.

2016-07-29 15.14.15

Kinda gross. Thank god I don’t have to share my helmet with anyone else!

Last night my boyfriend decided to make chocolate chip cookies after we ran out from the batch the previous night. I’ve slowly been munching on them throughout the day. I’m trying to be good and not do distracted eating, but I feel like I am failing. I need to be more mindful of what, when, and where I eat. I know that I eat when I’m bored and when I’m not hungry, which has probably helped the weight gain I’m going through. So I need to be better about it.

I want to thank the people with the kind and supportive words from yesterday. It made me feel better about myself and a bit about the situation. So, thank you. Thanks for caring.

I’m not really sure on what else to say about today. I haven’t done much and I don’t think I’m going to get up to anything too exciting either. Well, I do want to go out to sushi for dinner, but we’ll see how that goes after my boyfriend gets home and see how we are both feeling. I might not be up for going out.

Alright everyone. I think that’s it.

Just keep swimming!

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2 thoughts on “Migraine Friday…

  1. Can you remove the helmet liner to wash? I’ve been trying to not eat out of boredom at work. It’s hard since I sit in an office all day so when I get the urge to grab a snack I drink some green tea instead. At home if I want sweets, it’s a naturally sweet tea ( currently love black peach from stash).


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