Little steps forward…

So after yesterday’s blog entry I did a few things around the apartment… after finishing my book. Just the little things that had been piling up because neither of us really wanted to deal with it. Well, that’s my reasoning behind it, I’m not sure what his was. But anyway, things got done. The garbage […]

Hair and Horses

Ever just want a day to yourself? Away from the rest of the world? No phone calls, no texts accept from those whom you love? Little to no tech? That’s been me today. And the day has been unsuccessful. I got 2 phone calls from work over stuff, and have been having a texting conversation […]

Horses of course 

Another Wednesday has come and is mostly gone. Today I got to work an extra day at my riding job, so I was horsing around ūüôā Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun. But its okay, I have a really bad sunburn on my neck and shoulders for it. Maybe puns are my coping technique… People […]

Over the weekend…

Late Happy 4th of July everyone! Or for people over in England… So wow. Its already July. Crazy. Over half of the year is gone. And I’ve made tiny steps towards improving myself, so I guess that is a good thing. It might not have been all the steps that I’ve wanted to do, where […]

New month, new me

So I’ve decided to start working out this month, and to start working on my diet. I found a workout program on Imgur¬†like 6¬†months ago that I am going to give a try. I figure if I say that I am going to do it on here, I’ll feel more accountable and less prone to […]