Over the weekend…

Late Happy 4th of July everyone!


Or for people over in England…

2016-07-03 23.46.12

So wow. Its already July. Crazy. Over half of the year is gone. And I’ve made tiny steps towards improving myself, so I guess that is a good thing. It might not have been all the steps that I’ve wanted to do, where I hoped I’d be right now, but things hardly go according to plan this year. I didn’t plan on getting super sick. I didn’t plan on having to have surgery. Or dropping out of school half way through the semester, but all those things happened. Maybe it just means bigger and better things for this second half of the year.

So you remember how on July 1st I said I’d start a workout program? Right. About that. I’ve only done that one day work out. I know I said that I would do my best to do them, and its true. I’ve been trying to do my best. But between work and anxiety I just haven’t had any energy to work out. But I have been eating better, so that’s good. I’ve been doing healthy shakes for breakfast in the mornings. It keeps me full longer and has improved my energy level in just the few days that I have been doing it.

But I will do the workout’s again. Or maybe I just need to come up with my own program, I’m not sure. But I think that this is at least the right place to start. So today I am starting again at day 1. I’ve already done a lot of cardio from riding and lunging horses today, so I just need to do the rest of it.


But today at work was good. I worked a lot of horses today. One of the horses I rode this morning was a bit of a pill, but we had a good lunge and then we had a good ride. We did a lot of flexing and bending to the left and to the right, and exercises to engage her hind end. I spent the rest of the day just grooming and lunging horses because they had the 3 day weekend off. So I had more horses to work today too.

Meet Festi and Beltha. Two Icelandic horses. They were imported from Iceland so that means that they can’t go back. There is your random trivia fact for the day in case you were looking for one. And they aren’t the typical kind of horse with 4 gaits (walk, trot, canter, gallop). They have 5 gaits (walk, tölt, trot, canter, gallop). So lunging them was fun. And then I worked with a new horse called Mini which I forgot to take photos of. I’ll take a picture of him tomorrow.

But over the weekend I worked at my new place. It was okay. I just got really frustrated with the people who wouldn’t slow down or stop. I really got frustrated over the people who wouldn’t even look at me. Those were the worst. They just speed past with no care in the world and like I’m not there. Its not right. They complain when other people go a little quick, but they can zoom in because they live there. Double standards. I hate them.

Saturday was nice, I got to go to amtgard after work and say hi to people, which I wasn’t expecting. My boyfriend and I went out to dinner with some of our friends at a local pizza place, which was a nice surprise. Sunday after work we had dinner with the same people, a lovely tri-tip roast with corn and salad. We ended up watching John Wick. A brilliant film. If you haven’t seen it you are really missing out on some great action scenes and just a good movie. But as a heads up to animal lovers, the first 20 minutes or so are a little rough.

giphy (4)

For me yesterday was really rough. I was riddled with anxiety that my medication that just took the edge off for me so I wasn’t a crying  wreck. I went and said hello to Gucci, who was mad at me. I hadn’t seen him for 4 days so he was grumpy. He gives me 2 days of missing him and then he gets grumpy/mad at me. If I don’t see him for 4 or 5 days he starts to give my parents problems. Makes it hard for when I go away camping or on vacations. But we said hi to my parents while we were there, and fed Gucci lunch, so he wasn’t totally mad with me when we left.

At home I kept watching Good Eats. They just added a new collection on Netflix and both of us like watching Alton Brown. I was very reluctant to go to work, the anxiety and the fear getting the best of me.

About 15 of us security guards met down at the local police department and had a debrief with them on what the plan was. Each of us was going to be posted at a road closure point. At the big busy intersections there were 2 or 3 security guards, just to counter the traffic congestion. I was dropped off at a street where there only needed to be one person. Great. No one to talk to and I had to pay attention to my surroundings so I couldn’t listen to any podcasts to help me through my shift.

Thankfully it was fairly uneventful. The police decided that there wasn’t enough traffic in order to close the roads down initially, so we just stayed at our posts. I don’t know about the others but I gave directions to people who were lost or had to share the sad news that there was no fireworks show down at the beach, and any that they saw were illegal. I did have a fun interaction. A drunk woman started screaming at me that I was a pig and a dyke (new one for me), that I had my head so far shoved up my own ass something something, that I was an idiot for working the flats and that they couldn’t pay her enough to do my job (its fine, we wouldn’t want you anyway). But the one that bugged me the most was a threat that someone was going to get me, so I needed to watch my back. I knew it was still drunk ramblings, but already feeling paranoid and on guard, that didn’t help me any.

Around 9 o’clock we got the call that the PD no longer needed our assistance and were able to go home. Yay. So I got to go home a lot earlier than I thought I would. But our neighbors were celebrating through the night, setting off fireworks like there was no tomorrow. Some of the bangs were so loud that they shook the windows in our apartment. We could watch the fireworks explode over the building from the living room.

As I am working on this I have Doctor Who on the TV. I’m starting from the 9th Doctor, so the 1st season of the new series. The Doctor is played by Christopher Eccleston, and he did a great job, he’s just not my doctor. But he does have Rose (Billy Piper) and Captian Jack Harkness (Or hottness, whichever)(John Barrowman). But I’m watching one of the creepy episodes, The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances. Its a two part episode. But the creepy things is ‘Are you my mummy?’

giphy (3)

Alright, that’s it for today.

Just keep swiming

Labradors swimming

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