Little steps forward…

So after yesterday’s blog entry I did a few things around the apartment… after finishing my book. Just the little things that had been piling up because neither of us really wanted to deal with it. Well, that’s my reasoning behind it, I’m not sure what his was. But anyway, things got done. The garbage got taken out. The big annoying pile got moved to a less annoying spot so it can be dealt with later. I moved my riding stuff so it isn’t in the center of the room anymore, and I put away my tail crafting stuff. You know, stuff like that. Little productive things that may seem like small steps, but are hard when you are down. Little steps in the right direction.

When I looked at stuffed and felt overwhelmed by the task of doing it, I just kind of took a step backwards and tried to rethink on how to tackle it. If it still felt overwhelming after rethinking it, or not being able to rethink it at all, I just left it be. The plan is to get help with doing these overwhelming tasks. Because if I can get help, then they won’t be as bad.

I also got some advice on hair dye’s from some of my friends. They were talking about using pravana vivids for when I want to dye my hair wild and crazy colors. Its something that I will definitely look into and think about the next time I’m going to dye my hair. I have been using Splat dye for the past couple of times. One of my friends said she used Splat to dye her hair purple and after it washed out it turned pink. Not one of the colors that I am looking for. But her hair is way lighter than mine (blonde vs brunette), so mine might take and hold it in differently then hers.

After my boyfriend came home and we did a bit more cleaning up (he was awesome and cleaned up in the bathroom) we decided to go out and get stuff for Stormfly, but before that we swung by the park to say hi to everyone at fighter practice (amtgard). It was nice because a few people were up from out-of-town (Stereotype), and so we were able to talk to him about what he did for his bid for Darkshore, the one he ran this year. I was also out in sunshine so I decided to try to take a few photos of my hair.

2016-07-07 19.20.09

After swinging by the park we went and got stuff for Stormfly. Stuff to help maintain his coat/scales/fins, stuff for the water, and stuff for the 2 live plants that we have in his tank that are okay but aren’t doing as fantastic as he is. So we are trying to work on that, because the plants are meant to be good for him for some fishy reason. And I mean for more than hiding in, which he sometimes likes to do. He likes to hide in the silk plants we have more than anything else.

2016-07-08 16.35.12

After that we went to get some food for dinner and we found this amazing Chinese place that did bow and dim sum and :: starts to uncontrollably drool :: Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, also the portions were huge. We ordered 2 different kinds of bow, chicken and pork. The pork buns were as big as the palm of my hand, and tall. These bow were easily bigger than my fist when I come to think of it. No wonder I got full on one of each and a few pot stickers and soup. Like I said, eyes were bigger than our stomachs.


I’m sure you’ve all heard or read by now about the shooting in Dallas that has injured 12 officers and taken 5 officers lives. I can’t believe this is what the world is coming to. Attacking police officers while they are working a protest. Prayers to everyone involved. Prayers and sympathy to all of the officers and all of the officer’s friends and families involved in this. I have worked deadly officer shootings, its horrible. Its affects so many people that you never see.

Some people on the internet says that prayers don’t help. That God let this happen despite everything. I find it astounding how people find it so difficult to be kind. To say something positive after something so horrible. Its like they are just negative and have their own agenda to spread the hate. I’m not saying you should all pray and believe in God. That is your own choice. But being kind in these troubling times costs you nothing. Sending a positive thought to those involved costs you nothing. A prayer costs you nothing.

The police were there to protect the people protesting against them. They did nothing wrong minus their jobs. They were there to make sure that nothing happened, no one got hurt or killed. And it cost 5 of them their lives. I get it, not everyone loves cops. The media mostly plays the bad stories about the bad officers, not the good ones. But there are good cops out there. So don’t lose hope.

Officers do a hard, ungrateful job. They see people at their worst. They have people who hate them for just doing their jobs. And they lose their lives over it. In the USA alone, there is an officer killed roughly every 2 days. 2 days people! Yet they rarely make the news unless it’s a mass shooting like this. Yet officers still suit up and go out and do their jobs.

Okay, I’m done with that. I’m not even sure that I should post it, that it will get read. But hey, this is my blog. This is where I get to vent my voice and my opinions, so yeah. If the world could stop blowing up, that would be great. I’m not sure what the answer is, and I wish that I did so that I could stop all the madness going on right now. I just want everything to be peaceful, but I have a feeling its going to get worse before it gets any better.

giphy (12)

So today has been rough for me. I had a hard time getting to sleep last night over the events of what happened in Dallas. I was afraid of having nightmares and flashbacks to when I worked 2 officer’s killed in the line of duty. It made me afraid for my friends who are officers. I also had some adult things that I had to do today, difficult things for me to do. But I did them. So yay to me I guess. Even though I didn’t get the answers I wanted, but there was a high chance of that happening so I was sort of prepared.

I’m not really sure what I want to do with my day. I’m avoiding most of the internet just because its so upsetting to me right now. I just don’t want to see the hate and the anger that is going on on most social media outlets. (Facebook, Imgur, ect.)

I wound up watching some junk TV (Ghost Adventures, Mysteries at the Mueseum) and passing out on the sofa for a little while. I feel a little bit better now that I have had a nap. Maybe that is what was needed today. Have a good time for a recharge before I work over the weekend. We have a lot of people showing up at amtgard tomorrow, so its kind of sad that I am going to miss it. But maybe they’ll hang out long enough afterwards so that I can see them.

Alright, I think that is it for the day.

Stay safe, everyone.
Just keep swimming

giphy (6)


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