At the end of the day…

Hey everyone,

I know its been a few days since I did an entry. Almost a week. I’m not sure as to why, I just haven’t had a desire or drive to blog. I’ve just been trying to make it through my day with my body and mind in one piece. My mind has been a dark and difficult thing to battle this past week, and it feels like it is taking all I have.

I came home from work a little bit ago, after having a slow and dragging day again. Something about that post just makes me bored so quickly. I wonder if it is because I have to log the time with every entry, which means that I am constantly clock watching. My boyfriend is currently playing fallout 4, trying to get the third and final ending. I’m trying to figure out what to do with myself. I tried listening to some music (Hamilton), I just couldn’t get into it. I thought about listening to Les Miserables, and then I remembered that I had the movie, so I put that on. Well, I have both movies, the non musical and the musical. Its where I first saw and fell for Eddie Redmayne. Which lead me to watching most of his movies.

giphy (26)

I felt a little better  about my job today. I stood outside of my booth and in the road for the good first half of my shift. Almost everyone slowed down for me and checked in. There were of course those who didn’t, which was frustrating. But it made the first half of my day go a little faster, which was nice considering that I didn’t want to be there. There was a baby shower and two weddings going on today, oh, and a 100th year anniversary lunch for some foundation that I can’t remember who. So I was busy until about 1300 then quiet until 1500. Or 1pm and 3pm to my civilian people.

My riding job went good this week, despite me still feeling weak and tired on Tuesday. I didn’t have enough energy to ride all the horses that day, so I ended up lunging them in the circingle rig. Well, everyone except Mini, who ended up being a bit sore to the right so I didn’t work him too hard. I worked with Murphy (who is for sale if anyone is looking for a horse), Sherman (who is becoming one of my favorites), and Ella, who I ride.

Wednesday ended up being a fairly lazy day. I got to have a good lie in and I slept fairly that good. Then I went and saw Gucci and gave him some much needed love and attention. I think both of us needed that. We spent a good time grooming him and getting him all nice and clean. To which he repaid by going out and rolling. What a surprise.

2016-07-20 13.16.00

But who could get and stay mad at that face?

On Thursday I worked my horse job again, which seems like it is going to be a regular thing, which will be nice. The day wasn’t too busy and I had enough energy to make it through all of my rides. I didn’t take any photos because I was busy and just sort of forgot. But I rode Ella, Diamond, Dude and… I think that was it. If there was another horse I can’t remember who it was. I went and saw Gucci again once I was done, which I enjoyed. I didn’t ride him, I just got him out and we groomed him again. I need to get back in the habit of riding and working him, trying to get him back in shape. Maybe once he is in shape I can move him to the stables and ride him where I have an arena.

I’m not really sure on what else to say or to do, so I think I’m just going to finish with this short little blog.

Just keep swimming.

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