S’up Saturday

So I know its kind of late for a blog entry, almost 9pm when I start this; and I don’t know how long it will be.

I haven’t really been up to much the past couple of days, just working and trying to recover from the other night. I’ve been really tired and have little to no energy, but I wonder if that is just a mix of the medications and just not having a day off since it happened. I know that I should take better care of myself, especially in light of the circumstances, but I just haven’t had the opportunity.

Thursday I had plans/appointments that I couldn’t miss, and then I had to go and get my medication that had been prescribed to me from the hospital.Then yesterday (Friday) I picked up an extra shift at work. Apparently the weekday guy is going to be out for a while due to him being an idiot and not keeping up to date on things, and that is all that I can really say about it. So my bosses are on me to pick up extra hours. Which I would usually be all ecstatic for, but my boyfriend is on vacation this week and I’m looking forward to spending some time with him. I also told my horse boss that I was pretty much open every day except Friday-Sunday to pick up extra hours. Her daughter is pregnant and is due to pop soon and is looking to get away for that first week and then for a week at a time after that.

But man, I’ve been exhausted since the hospital. Last night I crawled into bed at 830ish and was out pretty quickly. And then today I have just have had little to no energy. Keeping track of my duties at work was harder than it should have been. Keeping up a pleasant facade was difficult. Nothing bad was happening at work, I think it was just from the exhaustion and trying to recover. The day just seemed to drag. I did listen to a few podcasts as usual. I listened to The Nerdist with Gary Oldman, Hollywood Babble-on, and You Must Remember This.

It was the usual kind of day today at work for a Saturday. A lot of people coming in to play golf, and we had a wedding party and a baby shower. The wedding parties always seem to start around 3, and I leave at 4 so I get some of the madness that is involved with that. Directing people on where to go mostly. I had one super grumpy guy who was mad that he had to stop and check in, and that I didn’t know where he was going. I wanted to say I was psycho not psychic to him, but I kept myself in check. I have no idea who he was, but I still wished him a nice day, it didn’t seem to go over well. His problem, not mine.

After work I came home and found my boyfriend passed out on the sofa due to a food coma and work. So I watched an episode of The Simpsons and let him keep sleeping. Sleep is important. I know the past couple of days have been just on hard for him as they have been for me. Since he had stuffed himself full of BBQ after a quick visit at amtgard; apparently it was a really small turn out, we went out to get me some dinner. I had my mind and heart set on Jamba Juice. I got my usual flavor and pretzel, and then we decided to head over to say hi to Gucci.

Gucci was good, he was happy to see us. At least I think he was. He happily came over to the gate and hung out with us for a while, taking in all the attention that we were giving him. I need to give him a new bed one day this week, his shavings are getting low in his stall from poppa picking them out every day. Maybe I’ll do that on Monday or Wednesday, one of the days where I don’t have to work.

We went inside and say hi to my parents, well my mom at first. My poppa was out doing his own thing. We sat down and watched the TV show Dr Pol with mom. For me I was starting to wind down from work and letting the exhaustion catch up to me it felt like. Then my poppa came home and we said hi to him and hung out for a little longer, going over plans for tomorrow and finding out how Gucci was today. Apparently he was good and didn’t get into any share worthy antics.

Okay, so now my eyes are having problems staying open. I’m going to call it a night.

Just keep swimming!

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