Stop, drop, and roll

So I know its late, and this might be a bit of a long post, but here goes.

I started my day off with horses. Its a Thursday, what to do expect me to say? My boss texted me a list of horses to work this morning since she had something she needed to do and was going to be a bit late.

I worked Ella first. She was okay at first. Initially we went to the right because she was predicting going to the left. Not the way that you ant to start a ride, having the horse predict what’s going to happen next. So I changed it up. We did a lap at the walk and then we started trotting. We did some circles and figure 8’s before I decided to change directions and go to the left. And then she came up lame. I should have listened to my gut and stopped riding her at that point, but she seemed to work through it, so I thought that it was just a couple of off or sore steps. I didn’t work her as hard to the left as I had to the right because of her off steps. I made the ride a little short and we finished up on a good note.


Next on the list was Jack, his owner being overly concerned about him not getting out before the storm hits us this weekend. So I tacked him up and we walked down to the arena where I got on and we started walking around. After our warm up lap I asked him to trot and he did this lazy slow ass trot. It was something that you could sit the trot to, but we weren’t covering a lot of ground and it wasn’t super comfortable. I said that I had a feeling that this ride was going to be a bit of a workout. I asked him to go faster, nothing. I squeezed him with my leg, nothing. I spured him, nothing. So I ended up doing an over under and that finally gave me something. We then started trotting more forward and even cantered both ways. So I was pleased more than I would have thought I would have been with the start of the ride.


After Jack I was told to lunge Mini, so I did. I got him out and groomed him, he was a mess. Had a good grooming session though which was nice. We then went to the ring where I made him go around in circles. Both ways.


While I let Mini cool down on the tie rack I went and got his dad, Dude. I tied him on the tie rack next to Mini, not thinking anything of it. They both started to look at each other and then began snorting for a little bit. I literally got between them and broke the eye contact, and made sure that Dude swung his butt the other way so he couldn’t kick his son. After I had tacked him mostly up I put Mini away. My ride with Dude was fairly plain. We did some figure 8’s and some circles, going both ways.


After Dude I did the buckets for the horses and then left for the day. I went to my parents house where my aunt and uncle were, trying to get one last visit in before they left. I also was trying to get ready to move Gucci for later in the day, our friend saying we could bring him over this afternoon so we didn’t have to do it in the rain. Yay.

Once my mom showed up we all went out to lunch at a local Chinese place, where the food was okay. I’ve had better. You could tell that some of the food had been sitting under a heat lamp before we got there. And their soup also seemed kind of oily, so I wasn’t super happy or impressed. But I ate it because I was hungry. On our way home we took my uncle by the college that he went to when he lived here, showing him how much its grown and expanded. We said goodbye at my parents place and they left, saying how it was a nice trip even though it was under sad circumstances.

When they had left we then moved onto loading everything up for moving Gucci. We loaded up his feed bins, a bale of hay, and a couple bale of shavings along with his waterproof blanket. Then I got him out and wrapped his legs for shipping. It took us a couple of tries to load him, but once he got up the ramp he was good. Then we left and made our way over to our friends place.

Once we got there he stood up loud and proud, whinnying out to his friend, Smoke. Smoke whinnied back at him. Then we put him in the stall where he was staying, where after saying Hi to Smoke a little more up close and personal, he rolled.

After his first roll he started being silly when Smoke went to a different part of Smoke’s stall where Gucci couldn’t see him. Once Smoke came back he rolled while being all sweaty, so he just turned into this giant sweaty dirtball. We offered him dinner but he didn’t want any yet. So we left him be after doing everything we could to get him settled, including putting down new shavings in the stall. I just hope that he uses them and they don’t get soaked in the rain.

I might have gone back once or twice to make sure that he was eating. We figured out that he takes a bite or two and then he goes back and says hi to Smoke. Hopefully he’ll settle down as time goes by. And I’ll see him in the morning when I go and feed him breakfast.

Alright everyone, have a good night.

Just keep swimming!


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