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I’m becoming obsessed with going to Disneyland again. Like I want to go for my birthday, but I know that won’t work. Between both Fiks and my schedules its a no go. He’s not allowed to take any time off in the month of December, basically from Thanksgiving until New Years he has to work. My schedule isn’t nearly as demanding but I don’t want to go to Disneyland without him. Been there, done that. I don’t think that he has been to Disneyland in a long time.


I’ve been working on my wish list on Amazon and I’ve just been wanting to fill it up with Disneyland stuff. Like I want to do the whole experience. I want to do the lanyard’s and the pins and the autographs and… all of it. I haven’t done something like that in such a long time. I was a wee lass last time I did something like that. Being a December baby I just want to be selfish and ask for stuff to help us get to Disneyland for my birthday and Christmas. Well… That and a new pair of half chaps.

I think that the soonest we could go is in January. And I’m worried that Fiks’ time off is going to be during the first week of school, which I am planning on going back to. If that timing is true, that would suck. But apparently in January Disneyland is pretty empty with school starting and vacations being over.

So today I had the vet come out and give Gucci his fall shots and worming. It all went pretty smoothly. Gucci was good and didn’t really care, and only made a little bit of a fuss over the taste of the wormer (apparently it tastes like sour apples, I want to know how my vet knows this. First taste experience perhaps?). Then we just hung out and talked for a little while. We did decided to try putting Gucci on a new medicine called Previcox. It’s meant to be better than Bute and help him be more sound. So I hope that it works. It’d be nice to ride him again and have him feel better. I also got a tranquilizer shot for body clipping him this year. I have to figure out what if any shape I’m going to clip into his butt this time. Batman? Mickey Mouse? A heart? Flames? Who knows. Previously I’ve done the San Francisco Giants/49ers logo. A bow tie. The Superman logo but with a “G” instead.


After the vet left my mom and I went to go get his feed for the next couple of weeks. We are still waiting to figure out what day is best to move him to our friends place while they’re gone. So far its Sunday, but that’s kind of pushing it for my parents. Hopefully Friday or Saturday will work out for us. We got his feed for a couple of weeks. Hay, senior feed, cubes and some shavings to take over to his vacation home so he has a fluffy place to sleep still.

Saturday is Westmarch Crown Quals, and Fiks is running it. I was hoping to go after work, but if that’s the day moving Gucci works then I’ll have to miss it. Maybe I can meet up with people afterwards. But anyway, back on topic.

After dropping my mom off to get her nails done I went home and Poppa and I unloaded the truck and tried to come up with a plan for reloading it and taking stuff over to his vacation home. He then got lunch which he gobbled up and I started to work on the trailer again. I cleaned out most of the old shavings (like 95% of them) and since they were still clean put them down in his stall. He can be very finicky about the smell in the trailer, so new shavings help that and I left the doors open just to help it air out the mustiness that got stirred up today.

I found this awesome link where you can watch David Tennant in Richard II. It’s only streaming until October 23rd if you want to watch it. It was never my favorite play or book, but I am a Tennant fan. The stage layout reminds me of the stage from Starlight Express. I’ve kind of spent my afternoon watching that and browsing through imgur, where I found this really cute positive bunny gif.


Just keep swimming!


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