Busy Day…

I think that I’m going to start calling my boyfriend by his amtgard name so I don’t keep typing out my boyfriend. I know its kind of lazy, and word saving, but I’m going to do it. It might give his identity away, but probably most of those who are reading already know who he is. So I’m going to start saying Fiks. Fiks Fiks Fiks Fiks.

I know that I need to lose weight, and that it isn’t an over night process. But damn it, I was doing good and then I went and worked out and was more hungry than I usual am and more than likely undid all the good I had done by working out. I made pasta for dinner last night so that I would have energy to ride horses today. But last night I was looking into buying bigger pants last night. Which was upsetting and mortifying. I can’t believe that I have gained so much weight. Like I need to figure out what to do with the clothes I don’t wear or fit into anymore. I might go and get a container like what I have my yarn in and then it could live in the closet. Keep out the shirts that fit or that I like to wear and then just go from there. Hopefully that will work.

I’ve been in a funk for a few days now. I’m bored. I don’t want to color, I don’t want to read, or watch movies, or play games. I don’t want to do anything. I’m not sure if its part of losing my grandma, or if it’s because of other things that happened over the weekend. I’m not sure if its my medicine either. The new stuff has seemed to increase my mood. I’m not as bad as I used to be, and I seem to have a little more energy, but I haven’t had the weight loss thing yet. But I know it takes time.

Anyway, on to today.

So I started my day off with Diamond. There was a pre-written list and a few horses weren’t on it. I thought it was because they had just come back from a horse show that they went to over the weekend. Diamond was a fairly good boy in the cross ties, just stood there and let me groom him. He didn’t require a lunge today so I just got on him and started working. He wasn’t the best that he has ever been. He was reluctant to go straight, which also partially falls onto me, I should be able to make him go in a straight line. He just would bulge out in a few places constantly. He didn’t want to go in frame, I had a hard time with this today. I did the trick of asking him to canter to wake him up a little bit more and that seemed to do the job.

I later found out that Diamond went to the horse show (oops), which explained why he was being a little bit of a butt head I think. But apparently he did good at the horse show, so that’s good to hear.


I also came across this really cute saddle pad while tacking up Diamond. Too bad that it is the size for ponies.


Next was Sherman. He didn’t go to the show and so he needed a lunge before I rode him today.  He was a good horse in the crossties and while I was tacking him up. He always seem to be a good boy then. We moved to the ring after we were all ready to go and we started off with the lunge. He took off like he always does, but this time he tripped and almost fell on his face, so he kind of reeled himself in to be a sane boy.

My asthma was acting up while I was riding, so it felt like we would do a lap or two of work and then we would need to do one of walking so that I could catch my breath. It sucks. Well, partial asthma partial just being out of shape. I didn’t realize that missing riding for a week would screw me up so much. But he was good and went around in frame and was very forgiving of me having to stop and walk so much.


Once I put Sherman away I moved onto Ella, who had been to the horse show and didn’t require a lot of work today. I did lunge her before I rode her today, but it was just a quick light lunge to take the edge off. Well, that was my intention at least. I don’t think it really did the job. She was still forward when I got on her and we started working. But she went into frame fairly easy which was nice change, I didn’t feel like I had to fight her for it. She wasn’t as forgiving as Sherman was when it came to letting me catch my breath. We also had a discussion on how I don’t have to let her canter both ways, and that we can trot instead. She behaved after that, so I let her canter a lap as her reward.


Once I was done with Ella I moved onto Dude, who was his usual chatty self when we were leaving his barn. He wanted to stop and say hi to the yearling in the stall opposite him, which is a no, so he tried to bite me. Not the greatest way to start off our time together. I don’t know why, but I didn’t do a really good groom on him for some reason. I think I might have just been getting tired and wanting to be done. I tacked him up and we went to the ring, where he tried to bite me again. Git. Then I got on him and we started walking around. We moved around some jumps and went over the poles that I had been riding all of the other horses over. Otherwise it was just a nice quiet ride.


Once I was done with Dude I then did the buckets for the horses, which made them all excited and happy. Except when they thought it wasn’t enough food for them, or they made me miss the bucket and spill it out on the ground instead. Silly greedy horses.

After I was done with work I decided to go to my parents house to check on Gucci and his eye. His eye is doing better by the way, which is nice. Still a little oozy but not nearly as bad and not swollen and needing a wet towel applied to it anymore. My dad suggested working on the trailer today, to make sure that everything was working right and that we didn’t need to add any air to the tires. So the trailer project began.

We did hit a few snags initially. Like not finding the trailer hitch (poppa had hidden it away), and then not finding the electrical hookup (again, hidden by poppa). But we found them so it all worked out. Then my mom started swiping away the cobwebs that had formed and discovered that I had forgotten to clean out the hay manger from the last time that I had used it, so it was my job to clean it out. “Yes mom, I know I’m a dumb ass.”

It took at least a good 30 minutes of scrubbing, spraying with Lysol and just hard work to get it all cleaned out. While we were working on the trailer Gucci got all excited and started being a goofball, running back and forth from his turn out to his stall, spinning and bucking. We let him out for a little bit, but he started to cause too much trouble so I ended up putting him back in his stall.

Once everything was clean, we took the trailer for a little haul down the street and back, making sure that everything was okay, then we parked it for the day. Poppa and I worked on screwing down the ramp mat that had started to become undone. Now its all fixed and we just have to figure out what day is best to move him.


That’s pretty much it for today. I’m off to take a shower because I stink.

Just keep swimming!



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