The Weekend…

Hey everyone, I know its been a  few days since I did a post. Life has just been busy and gets in the way of me doing this some times. I know that I did a quick one on Friday before the Whose Line is it Anyway show. Oh my god, it was amazing. Our seats were great. They even took and used one of the things that we screamed out. Well, my boyfriend did. He was more general where I was more specific. I said amtgard, he said LARPing. But the show was amazing. If you get a chance to see it, go do it. You won’t regret it.

So Saturday we said goodbye to my grandma. We were able to rent out a little professional boat service which took us out into the bay so we could spread her ashes like she always wanted. There was about 20 of us total, she had out lived a lot of her friends sadly. My dad read an awesome poem that fit the moment perfectly. My brother put her ashes in the water and we all placed roses in the ocean after her. I couldn’t seem to let go of mine. So my boyfriend said his was for both of us and threw it in for me. We saved the one that I held on to, its currently hanging upside down drying out in our bedroom.

After the service we went to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Grammy really enjoyed going there, but its also a place where my aunt likes to go whenever shes in town. She wasn’t really in town much before, I don’t know how often she’ll come to town now. But anyway, so almost everyone from the boat went to the restaurant and had a nice lunch to remember Grammy by (which was the intention).

My boyfriend and I left a little while after we were done to go and take care of Gucci and feed him lunch. It was then when I saw that his right eye was swollen and oozy. I put the fly mask on him and gave him his lunch, unsure as what to do. It didn’t need an emergency vet visit call, but he needed something done. My mom showed up not too long after and we got a wet wash cloth and put it over his eye. It seemed to help, the swelling around his eye went down which was a great thing to see.

Then we came home and just hung out for the rest of the day. I was kind of over people and the whole situation. It was a lot going on for me, and that’s okay. Most of my family understood why I bowed out of the rest of the events. They did dinner that night at my sisters house. Tacos. We stayed home and watched movies and I did some coloring.

I’m not really sure on what else to talk about. I know its been a few days but today I am just in a funk. I didn’t really sleep good last night, having nightmares and then tossing and turning the rest of the evening. I didn’t really care about doing my job at work today, I stopped caring almost half way through, just wanting to go home/the gym.

And then I was good and I went to the gym. All I wanted to do was use the bloody elyptical machine, and they were either all being used or broken. I was so frustrated. But I was good and did a little bit of a work out, which is better than nothing, which is what I have been doing. Little steps in the right direction. I figure if I can go 3 times a week I’ll be happy and I’ll work on getting in better shape and it’ll help with the weight loss. But right now its just one day at a time for that.

I’m going to be done for the day.

Just Keep Swimming!


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