Molasses Lips…

Happy Friday.

I don’t know what I did wrong last night minus sleep funny, but I woke up with my neck killing me and it has been all of the day. It especially bugs me when I do something like yawn or cough or sneeze. It sucks. I’m probably going to have to take a muscle relaxant just to sleep tonight.

But on to other things.

I went and saw Gucci this morning and saw that he had eaten most of his hay, and that he had eaten a few pellets from his bucket which made me happy. I made up his medicine to give him and then I broke the syringe pulling the plunger back so I could create space to get the medicine in. So he didn’t get his medicine this morning. Between this morning and the last of medicine from yesterday (on doctor’s orders) he was kind of lethargic. He had me slightly worried, and I spent most of my day debating whether or not I needed to make an appointment with the vet.


After seeing Gucci I went to work, and I managed to do it without taking my anti-anxiety medication, which is a plus. I spent my first part of my morning driving around and checking out the neighborhood. It was nice seeing people who were happy to see me driving around and have them waving back at me. But there was nothing going on, no one causing trouble so I went to my little booth after my patrol and started logging in the traffic and people coming in.

I also was bad and started to read a new book called Venom and Vanilla. So far its good. Its about a woman, a baker, who got became deathly ill with a virus and gets turned into some kind of supernatural. I haven’t figured out what yet. I’m hoping to soon though. It helped me get through my day, and shifting my mindset a little bit.

After work I made my way through traffic and swung by the vet’s office to get a new syringe, and then made my way towards Gucci. Traffic is so dumb, I hate it. But so does everyone. When I pulled in I didn’t see Gucci initially, so I was slightly worried that he had gotten sick throughout the day, but then he came trotting up to the stall. I mixed his medicine and got it in the syringe, but I ended up squirting some of the medicine all over myself. Typical. It had to be the day I decided to be good and wear my white under shirt. So now it has molasses stains all over it.

Molasses lips 

I gave him two types of hay, is grass/alfalfa mix and his alfalfa flake. I want to give him options to eat since he’s being so picky. At least he’s eating. I must have given him a double flake this morning because he still had a fair amount left over, but I wanted to give him a full flake to eat over night.  I’m going to have to go back later tonight to put on his blanket, because it was way too warm for me to put it on when I was there.

His buddy Smoke, was throwing a fit when I was spending time with Gucci and giving him food, so I ended up feeding Smoke and giving him his dinner early too.


I also got stared down by a cow on my way down. I noticed him lying down on my way up, and I was hoping that’d he still by lying down when I came back down. And he was. Happily chewing his cud.

I think that’s it for today, I’m not sure what else to really talk about.

Just keep swimming!


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