Grumpy boy…

So today started off kind of early (tossing and turning from 5am on), but its started in the right direction. I got some snuggles (yay), and then I went and saw Gucci and discovered that he had eaten his hay from last night. Another yay!


He got grumpy at me because I took his blanket off while it was still chilly. But it got really warm today so he can just deal with it. 🙂

So after going and feeding Gucci breakfast I went up to work where I started my day off with Ella. She was pretty good, a little tired though. I didn’t work her too hard, and I worked on my endurance with her. I am plenty strong, my wind/endurance just sucks major balls. Stupid asthma. And being over weight and out of shape. But I’m working on it! Anyway, so I rode Ella around, and I had this really nice grounding moment. There was no other noise minus the pounding of her hooves in the sand and her breathing as we cantered around. And it just kind of helped center me, and I’ve been better for it for most of the day.


Next I worked Diamond, who was also really tired. About this time my boss showed up and explained that Ella and Diamond had been jumping really high yesterday in their lesson. How High? You may be asking. 3’9″-4′. That’s some pretty huge jumps for those out there who don’t understand. So Diamond was good, just slow. My endurance wasn’t nearly as good with him as it had been with Ella, but he was also more of a workout then Ella had been.



The last jump is the one that is around 4′. The first is probably around 2’6″ in the center, then probably 3′ something, then 4′. Pretty big jumps. It makes me miss jumping so much. I’ve jumped Gucci that high, but my trainer at the time didn’t believe in us at all, so we didn’t compete at that height. But it was fun just learning how scopey my big paint horse was.

After Diamond I worked with Dude. We walked around and then trotted on the long sides a couple of times since he is back to being sound. Next week he’ll get to trot a little more, and a little more as time goes on. But he was fairly good and quiet, and he didn’t mind me posting the trot on him. But man, is his trot slow. That’s just how he was trained though.


I did buckets after I was done with Dude and watched part of a lesson and watched one of the older ladies canter around for the first time. Its always fun to see people progress.

Fiks tried to surprise me by meeting me at my work, but we passed each other on the road. So I pulled into the nearest shopping center and texted him, not sure that it was him that I had seen. As I was waiting for a response he pulled up next to me in his little car with a big smile. We were both hungry so we decided to go to a sushi resturant that we hadn’t tried before. Long story short we were both impressed with the food, even if the service was a little slow. But we had fishes to watch to keep us entertained. And they had this adorable tooth pick holder that was a cat, and we got bonus strawberries for desert for free. So good.

And Fiks was goofy with his little umbrella that came with his strawberries.

After that we went looking for a smoking jacket for him for our Halloween costumes. No, I’m not going to tell you yet. We have to wait and see if we can pull it off first.

And that’s been it for the day. I did go and get Gucci a bale of alfalfa to munch on while he’s eating it. Whatever he’ll eat I’ll buy right now. He is so bloody picky and makes me so stressed out sometimes with his antics. So after Fiks gets home we’ll run over to where he’s staying and drop off the bale and feed him dinner.

I think that’s it for the day, sorry it wasn’t more interesting.

Just keep swimming!


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