Moo’s in the morning.

Hi everyone,

I haven’t really done much today besides spend my time either with Gucci or with my nose in my book. So kind of a lazy Wednesday. But I feel like it was kind of needed. I needed to recharge my mental and internal batteries to get through the next few days.

I woke up and went to see Gucci this morning. He hadn’t eaten over night and I still hadn’t heard from my vet on what to do. So I changed out his feed in his bucket with what he ate yesterday and tried to get him to eat a little bit this morning. I basically stood around holding the bucket while he shoved his muzzle in it and would either take a few bites or swirl it around with his nose. After waiting for half an hour to see if he would eat any more than I few bites I decided to head home. I can’t force feed him and me standing around wanting him to eat does neither of us very good. But I stopped on my way down the road and said hi to the cows this morning.

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So when I got home I stuck my nose in my book for a good hour or so. I’ll probably finish off the book tonight. I started reading “It had to be them.” Its a romance novel, a popcorn read. Its going to help me reach my number’s for the reading challenge because its going to be such a good, quick read.

While I was reading I finally got a phone call from the vet. We discussed what was going on (Gucci’s total lack of appetite), and how to get him to eat. We talked about cutting back on his cushings medicine to half his dose or cutting back completely on it for a few days. We also talked about trying to give him some new hay (alfalfa), and to give him some banamine in case he’s starting to get sick and isn’t showing a fever yet.

So I swung by the vet and picked up a tube of banamine paste and some of his Isoxoprene which he has been out of for a while. I talked with one of the other vets there who know Gucci and we talked about trying something new for his navicular disease. It’s a shot that he would get twice, once every 6 months and then as needed. But it costs $400. Expensive shot for someone who isn’t working or competing. But it would probably cost as much as his other medicine that I pay for during the same amount of time. Its something to think about.

I swung by the feed store and picked up a couple flakes of alfalfa to see if he would eat it. And I picked up a couple bales of shavings to give him a fluffy bed in his stall rather than the hay that he isn’t eating. So I went and I gave him his new flake of hay and put down the new bales of shavings, hoping that he would eat while I was away for the afternoon. He was distracted by the deer or the cows or something over on someone’s else’ property next door. Nosey horse.

I had a doctors appointment this afternoon and so I went and I did that. It went fairly well. They are doing a free flu shot clinic next week. So I might be running over to my doctors office and get my flu shot next week.

I went back over to Gucci this afternoon and saw that he hadn’t eaten anything I had given him when I was over there earlier. I tried moving his hay to where he was hanging out and he started to eat his hay. Yay! We also scrubbed out his water trough to see if that would help him out.


So that’s it for the day.

I’m currently watching the debate and trying to explode over the stupidity of it all… sigh… I will not get into politics here. This is not what this blog is for. All I’ll say is go and vote.

Just keep swimming!



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