Horses, anime, and tails

Its turned into a horse kind of morning.

I learned something I didn’t know. I had heard about a race horse from the 1970’s called Ruffian. A mare who set records and won every race that she ever entered. And then tragedy fell and she broke her leg on the track during a race. But I found an article which went in more in-depth about the mare. Stuff that I found fascinating.


I also found a that I could watch live the cross-country phase of the Kentucky Rolex. It’s a 3 Day event with horses that test the bond of horse and rider and their endurance. Horses and riders come from all around the world to compete at this show. The first day starts out with a dressage exam. You can think of it a the version of horse ballet. It’s beautiful to watch. Here is one of the best videos of what I’m talking about. They talk about the moves and what is going on and required. But this is all about being precise.

Cross country is the second day. Horse and rider go across a multi mile course which tests the horses’ endurance, speed, and agility. There are hills and long distances to gallop over between fences and you have to do this all within a certain time frame so that you don’t get penalty points. The fences can be wide and are usually solid (they won’t necessarily fall apart if a horse crashes into in to them or gets caught up on them). Jumps can be ditches, over picnic tables, hedges. They can go into a fence on a hill and have a 6-8 foot drop on the landing side, either onto more grass or into water and then go to the next fence.

So today its raining, which is kind of usual for this event. And here’s drone footage of the course and its cool because it gives you heights, names, and descriptions of  the jumps.

I always end up rooting for the riders from England. But I also support the American riders. There is a rider from Scotland there this year and he did his soundness exam for his horse wearing his kilt and his highland socks.


The third day is show jumping. You go from being balls to the walls and aggressive to the fences to slowing down and being more precise again. Your horse has to be more aware of his legs and hooves, because these fences fall apart at the slightest nudge.


After watching my fill of the Rolex I found a website that lets you watch anime for free. Its called I ended up watching Vampire Hunter D. I haven’t seen it in ages. It’s a good anime, if you haven’t watched it you should. But the website seems to have a lot of anime, movies and series. I’ll definitely keep this in my watching database.

We went and saw Gucci who is steadily showing improvement. It’s not the leaps and bounds that I hoped for, but as long as he’s doing a little better each day its good. We fed him dinner and came up with a new menu since he is being so bloody picky when it comes to food. I was going to take him for a walk but it was super windy at my parents place.

I’m getting ready to work on the tails tonight. We stopped by a local craft store and picked up some cord for the boning. There was only enough to make 2 tails instead of 3. But that’s okay. I only wanted to make 2 before Darkshore anyway.

The red, silver, and black are for me. The green and yellows are for my client. It shouldn’t take too long once I get going.

Oh yeah. Go see The Jungle Book. Its awesome.

And Go Sharks! Sharks eat Preditors! Nom Nom Nom!

sharks v preditors

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