So I’m waiting for the final day of the  Kentucky Rolex Show Jumping to start. But as I wait I was able to watch the winning round from yesterday’s cross country.

Super amazing ride. That horse is super fit. Yesterday horses were fading around minute 9 and didn’t have a lot left when they got towards the finish. Fischerrocana still had gas approaching the last fences. Germany’s horses are always some of the best and usually the ones you have to worry about in competition. But the USA owned the rest of the top 10. So yay!

My boyfriend is sitting on the sofa and watching @midnight. And dying. Its amazing to see him laugh that hard. We see some of our favorite actors and actresses on this show. And people that we only hear from podcasts, like Paul F. Tompkins. Later on he shifted to playing Fallout 4 

As I was watching the Rolex, I discovered that if Michael Jung ends up winning this competition he’s going to have won The Roxlex Grand Slam. The first since Pippa Funnel in 2003. To win the Grand Slam you have to go to England and win the Badminton Horse Trails  and The Burghley horse trials.


I also started to work on the tail. And I showed her the colors and she approved. So yay. I worked on it for about an hour last night. I’ll work on it throughout the day so hopefully it will be done by tonight. Then I can focus on getting my new tail done after classes before darkshore.


Congratulations to Michael Jung for winning! But I was wrong about the Grand Slam. He has to win a Burghley to get the Grand Slam. It’ll be interesting to watch.

Off to continue with normal Sunday activities.

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