A productive day 

You want to know what that is? Well, it’sy resume. I dropped it off at a local vet who is hiring. They are looking for someone to assist the vet with horses and do soundness exams and such. I found out about it at work yesterday, and so I worked on it yesterday and this morning before dropping it off. If the vet likes it he’ll give me a call. I really hope I get a phone call. 

After I dropped off my resume I went to my parents place, planning to work on my dress for Darkshore (6 days away, eeek!) I got distracted by some pretty flowers my mom had grown and by Gucci. 


Anyway, after my mom got ready we worked on the dress. We evened out the front into the fade and we sewed ribbons onto the dress so I have something to hold up the train while I’m walking around. 

My mom’s eye was starting to bug her so we stopped for the day. All we have to do is make the loops and then we’re done. Maybe when it’s done I’ll post a photo of me in it. Otherwise you’ll have to wait for darkshore just like everyone else… Hmmm… Decisions decisions. 

Just keep swimming! 

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