I had a hard time getting to sleep last night, which made waking up more difficult and getting to work on time a real challenge. But I did it. 

I’ve been naughty and watching the Kentucky Rolex cross country phase on my kindle. I get to watch for 5-9 minutes at a time. I don’t really know who I’m rooting for, I didn’t really pay attention this year. Mostly want the horses and riders to get around safely.

I did wind up rooting for Zara Tinley and high Kingdom when I saw them start. They are for Great Britain and they came in under time.  And of course everyone is keeping eyes on Michael Jung of Germany. He’s won the past 2 years and won the grand slam last year. 

The standings as of the end of cross country and dressage. 

I texted my horse boss to remind her I won’t be here Thursday. I have a feeling I should have taken this Tuesday off, but I’m doing that next week. 

Besides the darkshore nerves kicking in, there isn’t much else to report. 

Just keep swimming! 

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