Michael Jung 

So far today I’ve had more people stop than not. That’s a nice change. I’m waiting for the Kentucky Rolex show jumping phase to start in… 13 minutes. I hope the live streaming is better today than it was yesterday. That I get to watch the whole thing without restarting it every 10 or so minutes. 

I’ve been trying to stay awake. Getting up early sucks balls. I shouldn’t complain though. I actually slept last night.  I’ve been listening to podcasts and reading a book on my kindle. 

You remember me talking about the pretty flowers at my parents house? I realized I never posted the photo. So here it is. 

So I’m trying to be naughty and watch the show jumping phase of the Kentucky Rolex and it keeps booting me out like it did yesterday. So annoying. Right now the feed has cut out so I can’t see anything of what’s going on. 

Gah! Of course the feed cuts out on the top 3. But Michael Jung (Germany) won and made history by winning the event three times in a row on the same horse. Zara Tindal (UK) came in third which is awesome. Europe podium finish this year.

Michael Jung everyone. 

And I just found a photo of Zara Tindle. 

Just keep swimming 

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