Horses and dresses 

Boy, I didn’t want to get bed this morning . It was so warm and comfortable, and I had budding anxiety about going into work today. But I was a good girl and got out of bed and went anyway. 

I went around trying to take blankets off only to find that they stopped blanketing this week. So I started my day off with Tess. We did a nice lunge and then I poured some medicine on her hoof. 

Coco was next, and she was a little coocoo. To the right she was fine, but I asked her to go to the left and I think it was too much for her thoroughbred brain. So we took a time out while the jumping lesson was happening. 

Coco and I tried again a and the timeout was just what she needed. Her brain had reset and she was sane and pretty calm when we got back to work. 

After her I worked diamond who was a good boy. He got his bucks and kicks out on the lunge line and was perfect under saddle. Which was nice. 

After him I felt with my fear and anxiety and got out Dude. I’m still having problems feeling confident when it comes to him. I guess that fall shook me more than I realized. 

Once I was done with Dude, which went okay, I helped my boss by tacking up a horse for her and leaving him in the crossties so he’d be ready once she was done with Odyssey. Ody was being a bit of a butt head and spooking at the jumps. 

After that I was done, and I went over to my parents and said hi to Gucci. Mom is helping me work on my dress today, since we can’t do it tomorrow now. Working in it tomorrow was the original plan. But she has to take the dog to the special vet and is going with a friend, so GOK when they’ll be back. 

That’s it for today

Just keep swimming! 

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