4 day catch up

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven’t done a post for a few days. I was busy and just couldn’t seem to find the time.


So Friday I worked at a local Goodwill for 8 hours. I wasn’t really super fond of the shift and I don’t really want to work there again. It was from 11-7 so it kind of made it a day waster. Not enough time to really do anything on either end. I slept in which was nice and then I went into work.

I was there to basically make sure that no one shop lifted anything from the Goodwill. I don’t think that anyone did. None that we caught, anyway. The only interesting thing was when a customer found a jacket/sweatshirt filled with heroin and needles. That was fun. Had to kick the owner of the jacket out of the store. She left saying ”its none of our business, its her business.”

I then came home and packed for Saturday.


Fiks and I got up early and loaded up the car and made our way down to San Luis Obisbo for Crown Qualls for the Kingdom of Westmarch. San Luis Obisbo is about 3 hours away from where we live. We did swing by King City (which is about halfway down) and check out the camp site and took photos. I counted the tables to make sure that we have enough table covers (32 tables, and we have enough table cloth covers to cover 48 tables, so I think that we are okay. They are big tables.) We walked around and talked about where we wanted our signs, where we wanted to put gate and vendor’s row.

We then hopped bag in the car and drove the rest of the way. The park that the event was being held at was off the Madona Inn exit, so we ended up driving past that.

2017-04-22 11.25.55-2.jpg

Here is the link to crown quals if you want to see the photos. I did try and take a photo of everyone doing something, and I did try to take a photo of all the quals, but I think I failed at that.

Photos from Crown Quals. Taken by Canara, Fiks, and Bill the Nun

Posted by Kathryn Rossiter on Monday, April 24, 2017

After Quals we went out to dinner which was good but the service sucked. And there were lots of people at dinner, I think like 15 of us. So it was loud and I was already frazzled from the people from quals and I didn’t sleep good the night before. So I was over people and loud noises and was unable to get away from it.


So saturday night I slept some, which helped with my mood and my ability to deal with people. We hung out for a while and had breakfast before we got on the road and came home again. We went to dinner at my parents when we got home and then we did laundry, and then I passed the f out.


So today is Monday, and I feel a lot better after getting more sleep. More up for doing things and dealing with people. I went up to the feed store to get Gucci some more food since he ran out over the weekend. I mean that he had enough to get through yesterday and breakfast for this morning.

After that and unloaded my dad looked at my from tires and decided that I needed new ones before I went hauling the castle around and did a lot of driving. Which will be happening with Darkshore coming up. I called around and shopped for the best price for tires since I only need two and my parents are being kind enough to pay for them.

I swung by work and did another time off request form for the week of Darkshore off, and then I came home and started to work on the album, and that has been my day.

Just keep swimming!


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