Odyssey, you’re meant to eat your breakfast, not wear it.

Today wasn’t too bad at work. It was me and the other girl most of the morning. My first horse of the day was Marley. He was a little wild and crazy. Oh, and I found and itchy spot on him which sets his nose a quiver. 

After him I did Coco. She was alright. She reminds me of a foal, not totally coordinated with her limbs. Ex-racehorse trait I guess, or just an uncoordinated horse. 

Next came mini, who did nothing exciting. I moved onto Butters who I was foolish and groomed before I worked her. Foolish because she just rolled in the arena. At least it was dirt and not mud, so it was easy to groom off her after we were done. 

I wiped out walking up cinder blocks into the feed room, in front of everyone. My butt is sore and my pride is a bit bruised. But I was able to laugh it off. I must be hanging around my boyfriend too much, catching his uncoordinatedness. 😉 love you Fiks. ❤ 

I saw Gucci once I was done. Groomed him in his stall since he is still shedding out his winter coat. Fur going everywhere basically. Spoiled him with some cookies and kisses. 

I colored this while in my anxiety group class last night. We talked about the different types of triggers and what kind of anxiety is out there in the world. And we just touched on some of them. I actually participated in class, which was nice. 

Alright, off to take a shower… Or work on Darkshore stuff… 

Just keep swimming! 

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