Happy drizzly Monday. 

Easter went well, we played games and tossed eggs. Ate together as a family. I even got to hold my niece for the first time, and see her. It was pretty cool. 

Then we went and saw Beauty and the Beast. Good movie, with new songs. Fiks and I wonder if the new songs are from the play that they did or if they were new for the movie. 

Then this morning I went over to my parents place. I said hi to Gucci and mom offered to help me dye my hair. So I said yes. We got ready and then went to work on dying my hair. 

Different color then I normally do. I usually do the raspberry red. This looks more like a wine red. And oh my god it makes a mess. I thought the raspberry was bad. This color looks like I hit a major arterie while killing someone. I used the recommended shampoo and cleaner for the dye to help it hold its color. 

My tattoo is healing up good. It’s in the itchy peeling phase so it doesn’t look pretty right now. But it’s a week old today! Yay. I haven’t had any problems with it healing otherwise. 

I haven’t really done anything else. Just having a lazy day. So lazy that I’m wearing my glasses instead of my contacts. Giving my eyes a break for the day. 

Just keep swimming! 

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