Lots of text (Week 33)

Hi everyone from Monday!

My day started off kind of slow. I woke up and moved to the couch and dozed there for a while, before heading off to my parents house. I said hi to Gucci then I went inside to say hi to my parents.

Gucci was good, if a little wild. He was running around and whinnying and slamming into his gate. Crazy boy. He was upset that he didn’t have his lunch hay to munch on, but he did get breakfast on time. He’s so funny some days. I hung out with my parents for a while and then I came home and I was lazy and then I didn’t really do anything. Well, I did bring the laundry up and put the garbage cans away. So I was kind of productive I guess.

On Tuesday I went and got my hair done first thing in the morning. I beat my hairdresser to the appointment, but not by much. Then we dyed hair red and cut like a 1/4″ off, basically my bad/dead ends. I was dressed and ready to go to work, but we got done with enough time for me to come home and have lunch before I went to work.

Work was fine, they weren’t horribly busy and I didn’t have any problems with anyone either. I did my patrols and got my steps in, yay. I got compliments on my hair, which I still had down, so that was nice. I usually wear my hair up and under a baseball cap. Then I went and hit up the feed store to get Gucci’s hay and his senior feed. Then I came home and watched some Law and Order SVU until Fiks came home.

On Wednesday Gucci was meant to get shoes, but Tuesday night my farrier texted me and told me that he had hurt his neck and couldn’t shoe him today. I told him to get better and to let me know when he would be able to shoe Gucci again. He’s not sure when he’ll do Gucci, but he will.

I stayed in bed until 10 and then I got up and went over to my parents house. I said hi to Gucci and he was a lot calmer today. Went into the house and said hi to poppa, and then we went and unloaded the feed, Gucci supervised of course. Then I went and got Gucci’s Adiquan shot ready, after hunting for clean fresh needles. Mom helped me give him his shot, he didn’t even flinch, but I think that was because mom was feeding him carrots. Then I brushed him for a while and then we walked around together.


After I was done at my parents house I went to the feed store. I did this last because Fiks wanted ice cream and ice, and there isn’t any room in their freezer to keep the stuff frozen while I hang out there. I listened to the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack while I shopped, got everything and more than I needed. I was even bad and bought a soda.

Thursday was alright. I didn’t really sleep in, I just flopped on the sofa watching TV until it was time to leave for work at the bank. Work was fine, nothing really happened, which was nice.

Friday went fine as well. It was an unusually slow day at the bank today, didn’t have a lot of people for most of the morning. Not a lot of people using the coin machines either today, until the afternoon. I had a hard time getting my breaks and stuff because the people at the information counter would leave and go do…whatever they were doing and leave the information counter all alone for like 10-30 minutes at a time. Super frustrating with that.

While I was at work I got a call from Poppa inviting me up to a local park where they were doing food trucks for dinner. After debating all the way up the hill towards home I decided to go, even just for a little while. Ended up seeing my brother, sister in law, and my little niece. Then I ran into my parents and they kept me company while I ordered dinner for Fiks and I. I ended up getting 2 frozen Cornish Pasties. Nom.

Saturday was fine. Got to zoom around in the golf cart down to my little booth and then started my patrol. Was informed after the fact that we aren’t meant to hit one of the sensors anymore. One less stop for me. Work went fine, nothing really happened minus my books and podcasts. Fiks had gone to Westmarch Wars so I was home alone. So I watched some TV before heading to bed. He showed up while I was sleeping.

Sunday was another fine day. Although I didn’t get the golf cart this morning, the shack was closed. So I parked my truck by the booth and used the little truck to do my patrols. But it was another chill day, so that was nice.


Have a week!


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