Bubbles! (Week 35)

Hey all,

Sorry for missing last week. I didn’t keep up with what I was doing (we’re ignoring the fact that I’m starting this on Friday night), and then this week I’ve been sick. So I’m not sure how long I’m going to last.

So Monday was a holiday here in the states, so Fiks had the day off. So we slept in a little while and then we went over to my parents house (after getting Gucci some carrots), to spend some time with the boy. Well at first I groomed him and then I decided to give him a bath, so we put him back in his stall and got all the stuff out to give him a bath. It took a little while to find a sponge big enough for him, but we did. So we have him a bath, Fiks held him while I soaked him and have him his bath. Bubbles and suds everywhere!


After we gave him his bath and stood around in the sun for half and hour to dry, we put him back in his stall, where he promptly rolled. Sigh. Oh well. Then we came home and flopped around for a little while. This is when I started to not feel well. It just started out with a sore throat, which was a bit annoying but fine. Just figured I’d inhaled some bubbles while giving Gucci his bath.

We decided to go and see Ant Man and the Wasp, so we got up and went out to dinner first (BJ’s Brewhouse), and then to the cinema. It was packed, which surprised us. We ended up with tickets in the first row, so we kinda had to crane our necks to see, and we weren’t center either, so kind had to twist them to. But the movie was good in my opinion, not the best, but not the worst either.

Tuesday I woke up with a cough and a cold. So I moved to the sofa and stayed there for a little while trying to get my energy up to go to work. And I made it in, though I wish I had stayed home for how I was feeling. Oh, and this week Fiks had a funny route where he went in at noon instead of the morning, not coming home until 8 or 9. So I had the nights to myself. It was just me and the sofa and mostly Netflix.

Wednesday I woke up and I was sore, weak, and cold. But I had to get up and go because the farrier was coming for Gucci this morning. So I swung buy the feed store and picked up his hay and senior feed and then zoomed down to my parents. The farrier beat me there, but he hadn’t started yet, so that was okay. My parents brought Gucci out and I stood with him while they went inside. He did okay. Had a really hard time with his right hind again.


I stayed around my parents place for a while, and then I left to go to the grocery store. Did a quick run there because my energy was flagging, then came home, put some of the groceries away, like the cold stuff, and then came and passed out on the sofa for a while watching Sherlock. I left the sofa for food, but not much else.

Thursday came around and I was feeling a little stronger, so I went into work again. Again, I wish that I had stayed home. But first we met with a local florist and had a good meeting with them. We went over a lot and she gave us some great ideas and feedback. She wants me to start a pintrest board of flowers and send it to her so we can get and estimate of what we want done.

Friday went fine, it was chill and I managed to stay standing for the whole shift. I didn’t feel good through all of it, but I stayed and did my duty.  Saturday and Sunday were also pretty chill, which was nice. Well, on Saturday I chased down a tree cutting company and accused him of soliciting, just to find out that he was actually working there. So then I felt like a total bitch.

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