(Week 36)

Hey everyone,

Happy Monday! I’m still sick, but that’s okay, I feel like I’m getting better. Especially after all the sleep I got last night. Just still  have the cough and the blocked/runny up nose.

But after I woke up and watched some TV I went over to my parents house and said Hi to Gucci and then went inside to say hi to my parents. My mom was up, poppa was asleep. They had termite inspectors come this morning to see how they were doing on prepping the house. Apparently they’re coming back on Friday to check again. I got Gucci out and brushed him then hopped on him and walked about for a little while.

Tuesday rolled around and I rolled out of bed and onto the sofa to watch TV while I woke up. Then I went into work, which went fine. No problems there.

Wednesday I woke up and went to the grocery store like I usually do, then I went over to my parents to say hi to Gucci for a little while. I was asked to work at the bank, so I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him on Wednesday like I usually do. I came home, changed, and went to work. It was another nice chill day.

Thursday was basically a repeat of Tuesday. Sleeping on the sofa until it was time to go to work, which was fine.

Friday went okay. I had a nice day at the bank.

Saturday was fine. After work I went to the county fair with Fiks, Hawk, and Raf. We watched the horse show for a while. I got to see racing Alaskan pigs for the first time, that was adorable. I didn’t have the best view, but I did get to see them. Then we watched some more of the horse show. During that I started to get hungry so we went and got some food for me (garlic pretzel) and got Fiks some beer and Hawk a snow cone. Then we started to look at the other animals. We looked at chickens and ducks. Then the goats and cows, then the pigs and sheep. I started to get tired during the pigs so Fiks and I decided to call it a night and came home so I could get up for work tomorrow.

I didn’t want to get up for work. Shock. Oh, and it was 47 degrees when I was up and doing my patrol. Needless to say I was cold and wore my jacket during my first patrol. Then I sat and read my book. Went back out on patrol and then came back and read more of my book and started a new one.

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