(Week 39)

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of blog for almost a month, my life kind of went crazy.

But onto today.

So today was Monday and I spent my morning flopped on the sofa watching TV, then I went over to my parents place to say Hi to Gucci. I walked over and gave him a carrot fresh from the grocery store, then went inside and gave my parents there M&M’s jar back. We’d had it at our place for a while.

I let Gucci out to play while I mucked his stall for my parents. And he wandered down to his dirt pile and rolled, and then went galloping off down the straight away and in front of the house. Poppa came out and gave him an apple after seeing him run by one of the windows in the house. I brushed him for a little while, he was super dusty after his roll and I felt like I was just spreading the dust around.

I came home and flopped on the sofa again and then my sister invited me to go pumpkin hunting with her. I said yes so I went over to her place and off we went! With one little detour to the quilting/sewing shop. But the pumpkin patch was fun… for her. I discovered her master plan once we got there. I was there to push around the wheelbarrows full of pumpkins. We ended up with 2 full carts. I got a white pumpkin and I got Fiks a classic orange one, and all the rest belonged to my sister.

Tuesday rolled around and I didn’t want to go to work. Like I had a mini melt down not wanting to go to work. That hasn’t happened in a while. But I still went, and once I was there I was okay. Nothing really happened, didn’t have any problems with anyone which was nice.

After work I came home and started going through the Feast Of Mars photos to edit and upload to Facebook. Over 3,000 to go through. If you think that’s a lot, there was a woman who took over 11,000 photos. So yeah, I didn’t feel too bad. Well, I did, but I didn’t at the same time. Until I had to start going through them, then I felt bad. So many to choose from. And I could tell when I wasn’t into taking photos just from the photos that I had taken at the event.

Wednesday was a fairly nice day. Woke up early enough to flop on the sofa for a while before going to the grocery store. I didn’t feel rushed in the grocery store either, like I sometimes do. I got Gucci out for a little while free style (no halter or lead rope), he just walked right next to me the entire time. Well, until poppa came out, then he had to see what he was up to.


I hung out with Poppa for a while, we even started to watch a movie; Who Is Harry Crumb? Its a John Candy flick, and it was great to see him dying laughing for the first time in a while. I then had to leave to get to my doctors appointment. Which went fine.

Thursday was a little rough for me, I didn’t want to go into work. I wasn’t feeling well and trying to figure out how to get out of it as the time got closer and closer to my shift. But I went in anyway. I started having issues about 30 minutes into my shift. I just wanted to curl up into a little ball and die. The manager asked if I was okay, I said I wasn’t feeling well, so he was nice and brought me a chair and said I didn’t have to do my foot patrols, just stay by the door. So that was nice of him.

Friday went fine, nothing happened at the bank this week, no bad customers. Or passengers as the case may be. The coin machine was used a lot today, so my podcasts got drowned out constantly. And we had the 3 deputy’s come in to the bank at one point. Never did find out what for though.

Have a week!

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