I need a awesome title…

I know I’ve been quiet the past couple of days. Its been a mix of nothing interesting happening and personal stuff that I’m not wanting to share. I know I made this blog because I wanted to keep track of my progress, to see that I was making steps, but sometimes it involves revealing too much information for my taste. But I’m okay. I’m safe and I have been safe.

Gucci got new shoes on Thursday. Well, new front shoes at least. His hind end is out so bad that the farrier couldn’t get him to pick up his hind feet for him. I have a call into the horse chiropractor, so hopefully I’ll get a callback soon. But the farrier did a great job on his front feet. We’re keeping an eye open for the lost shoe so that we can rotate between them if needed.

Pretty new feet! The black things covering his feet are called bell boots. He wears them because he can over reach with his hind feet and step on his shoes in front and rip them off. I’d rather him rip the bell boots instead of his shoe or foot. It’s not a 100% foolproof plan, but it helps enough.

I also did my nails yesterday. Got them all ready for Sunday.

They are painted with the Mass Effect stripe. Started with a white base coat, did a few layers of that. Then the red stripe was done, followed by the black outline. Yes, I smudged my thumb on my right hand. I guess they weren’t that dry. One of my friends recommended getting some nail tape to help me when I’m doing patterns.

I also was naughty and gave my boyfriend a birthday present early. I gave him Zootopia. Both of us really enjoyed it when we saw it in the cinemas and we’ve been wanting to see it again. It didn’t help that the song Try Everything played twice on my play list yesterday. I think that’s why I broke down and gave it to him early. But its okay, I have more presents to give him on his birthday.

While watching the movie I got a sudden desire to make tails again. My boyfriend suggested that I should try to make a rabbit’s tail. If I do it for FOM I think I’ll make it the yellow teams tail. I just have to figure out how to get wire involved so that it stands up on its own. Hrm… I’ll have to do some more research and see what other people suggest.

Day 21 and 22:

The best thing to happen to me this year. Huh. Outside of getting surgery and the help I’ve needed, I’m not sure anything great has happened to me this year. Yet. It even started off kind of rough. But I’m doing better now then I was then, so I guess that’s a good thing? I still have a job. My boyfriend. My horse. My family. My truck. My friends. I still have things that are important to me. I do my best not to take advantage of them. I think that is going to count as the best thing to happen to me this year.

My dream job. Well, it was becoming a police officer, but now that dream has kind of died. I wanted to work for a small department, I don’t like big cities. I wanted to be a good cop, help people for all the right reasons. I also wanted to be on a SWAT team, mostly wanted to be a sniper, but I kind of also wanted to be able to go anywhere on the team. Be more useful that way. I wanted to be a mounted unit (shock), and a K9 handler. These were all goals throughout a career. They weren’t all meant to happen at once.


But now since that’s done, I want to be a large animal vet tech. I’d still be helping people for the right reasons. And I’d get to work with animals, mainly horses, which has also been a career goal of mine. I’m good with animals, it takes a lot for them to scare me, and I like to think that I am pretty quick on my feet in case something happens and they don’t agree. My general vet knowledge is pretty good, just from books and working with vets so much already. I just don’t know everything yet. But that is what school is for, to expand my education and make me better so that I can get the job and gain more experience.

Back to every day life…

A year ago today my boyfriend took off on a adventure. True, we spent most of the day in airplanes, but that is how traveling goes. We went to my cousins wedding in Europe. I can’t belive its been a year already. It doesn’t feel like it. I guess that time really does fly.


Part of me wishes that we were going back there today. It was such a good time. I got to see so many friends and family that I miss by being in the states. I really wish I lived closer so that I could help my cousin out right now too. I miss so much of what is going on in peoples lives it sucks. But I would probably feel the same way if I lived over there with my friends and family over here. I wish we could just move to one central location and be together.

I woke up feeling anxious today. Its like I have a tight little ball around my heart and another bouncing around in my chest. I’ve been trying to ignore it all day, but it hasn’t left. I might need to take an anxiety pill before I head into work tonight. I’ve done some breathing exercises, and I think that’s helped keep the edge off. I’m going to work on some coloring before I go in. I also have this want to go and see Gucci, because he normally helps calm me down, but I don’t want to get dirty and I’m not sure that I’ll have enough time.

We were bad after amtgard. We went to 7-11 and got ourselves some slurpee’s And while we were there I looked in the Redbox and saw that they had the movie The Good Dinosaur. So far its cute. I still don’t know if its one that I would be interested in owning though. The graphics are amazing. Its like you could totally see them rendering a dinosaur on actual camera footage. Verdict: cute movie, will be added to one of our wish lists on amazon.


I guess thats it for today.

Just keep swimming



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